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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Appropriation of the Bodies
Finally will come the initiation of the Transfiguration, wherein the light breaks forth, the Touch of Enlightenment is given, and the soul and the personality stand forth as one. This process requires also the aid of the Buddha and the inspiration of the Christ, and it is "occultly guarded" by the Avatar of the physical plane.

In all the above information there is given a hint as to what will take place when human personalities are actively functioning and steadily awakening. The rapid coming of the Avatar Who will found the station of light and power upon the physical plane is dependent upon the rapid unfoldment and appearance of integrated personalities who love and think and seek to serve. There has here been given a new hint upon one of the more esoteric aspects of the work of the New Group of World Servers, and a hint at the same time as to the reason that this Treatise upon the Seven Rays has been written. An understanding of the rays and of the impelling forces in, through, and with which the personality has to work was essential if the work of this third Avatar from cosmic sources, was to be made possible.

We have thus endeavored to outline something of the problems of the personality from the angle of the larger issues. We have, as the occult law dictates, begun with the relation of the form to the soul, with the descent of life and the ascent of the sons of God, and we have carried the thought forward to the fact of the Hierarchy, working under the [283] same law, and its relation to the New Group of World Servers. Information on initiation has hitherto been primarily occupied with the relations of the individual man to the soul and to the Hierarchy. There are here presented some of the group implications. The New Group of World Servers is related to the Hierarchy as body to soul, and they in their turn as a group of souls are similarly related to the human family. Therefore we have:

  1. Soul - Body.
  2. The Fifth Kingdom - The Fourth Kingdom.
  3. The Hierarchy - The New Group of World Servers.
  4. The New Group of World Servers - Humanity.
  5. A Soul - A Personality.

The one unit descends towards the ascending related unit, (speaking in terms of an approach from two directions). This takes place under divine impulsion and human aspiration, and both act equally under:

  1. The Law of Karma.
  2. The Law of Necessity.
  3. The Law of Cycles.
  4. The Law of Attraction.

Let us now return to the level of practical understanding. Although we turn aside to deal with these momentous matters at times, such discussions are not primarily intended for the present generation of readers but for those who are coming into incarnation and who will read with a more accurate understanding than is possible at this time to the average interested aspirant who studies these pages.

Three types of energy, as has been said, meet and blend in the personality, finding their expression through the medium of an outer tangible form which is itself colored, [284] motivated and conditioned by a fourth type of energy - the energy of basic matter. This basic matter is the product of the first solar system, and the energy of which it is composed does not, therefore, belong to our solar system at all, except through an act of appropriation, performed by our planetary Logos at the dawn of the creative activity of God. Seeking to impress, impel and motivate this group of four energies is the energy of the informing, indwelling soul. This fifth type of energy is itself dual in nature, being the transcendent archetype of both mind and emotion, or will and love. These six energies in their turn are animated or impelled by the life of God Himself, thus making the seven energies now in manifestation. This is, of course, well known, as the theory constitutes the very bones of the occult body of truth, and in this statement is formulated the essential structure upon which esotericism is built. I have stated it purely in terms of energy, and not of principles or bodies, so as to bring the Ageless Wisdom into line with modern truth and scientific conclusions.

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