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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Higher Aspects of Relationship
Certain basic concepts underlie every phase of the Science of Contact, and without them there would be no basis for any effort to master this science. Please grasp this fact. There are three which must always be borne in mind:

1. The medium through which the thought currents or impressions (from no matter what source) must pass in order to make an impact upon the human brain is the planetary etheric body. This is fundamental in its implications. This etheric vehicle makes all relationships possible, because the individual etheric body is an integral part of the vital body of the planet. This vital body is the medium also of all instinctual reactions, such as an animal will evidence when danger is around. The closer that this etheric body is interwoven (if I may use such a word) with the dense physical vehicle, the clearer will be the instinctual reaction - as in the illustration which I have given and which is based upon millennia of such reactions; the greater also will be the sensitivity and the more aptitude will there be for [115] telepathic contact and recognition of the higher impressions. It might also be added that the etheric body of a disciple or even of an advanced person can be so handled and dealt with that it can reject much that might otherwise impinge upon it, pass through it or use it as a channel. This training is automatic; evidence of it can also be seen in the ability which the human mechanism possesses to tune out all contacts and impressions that it may not need, to which it is so accustomed that they do not even register, and all that it deems undesirable or not fit for consideration. The reason that true telepathic contact between minds is not more prevalent is due to the fact that few people think with an adequate clarity or with the energy required; they do not create true, concise or powerful thought-forms or - if they do - these thought-forms are not correctly directed towards the intended objective. When a man is a disciple and deliberately seeks to be impressed by his soul, by the Master or by the Spiritual Triad, the task of the impressing agent is relatively simple; all the disciple has to do is to develop right receptivity, plus an intuitive intelligence which will enable him to make correct interpretations, and to recognize also the source of the communication or impression.

This brings us to the second basic concept:

2. Sensitivity to impression involves the engendering of a magnetic aura upon which the highest impressions can play. This I dealt with (in some measure) in the preceding section. It should be borne in mind that the potency of the magnetic aura which envelops all human beings is to be found at present in four [116] areas of substance; these four areas are close to four major centers. When the individual is strictly low grade and is predominantly animal in nature, then the majority of impacting impressions will reach him automatically through the sacral center; such impacting impressions (as you can well imagine) will be heavy and yet dynamic; they will have reference to all that concerns his physical being, his physical appetites, and his physical comfort or discomfort. There are however, today, relatively few persons in proportion to the planetary population who use the sacral center as the major registering organ. The magnetic aura (when this is the case) is relatively small; all the tendencies of this tiny aura are downward in nature, and all impressions (which cannot possibly come from a higher source than the man himself) work down through the aura of the sacral center. Most of the impressions are therefore purely instinctual in nature and little or no thought is involved; there is evidence, however, of what can be understood as aspiration even if it is not what a true aspirant might regard as spiritual in nature.

The average, though still unthinking, human being works through his astral body and, because he is there polarized, works through his solar plexus center - etherically and primarily. All impressions find entrance into the aura via the area around that part of the etheric vehicle. It is through this major center that the ordinary medium works, receiving impressions and communications from astral entities or from the animated astral forms to be found in the glamors created by humanity.

Forget not, nevertheless, that true aspiration is essentially an astral product or reaction; all [117] aspirants - in the early stages of their slow reorientation - work through the solar plexus center, and thus only gradually focus the lower energies there, prior to their transmutation and elevation to the higher center, the heart center. There are certain disciples who work deliberately upon the astral plane, under instruction from the Master of their Ashram, in order to reach such neophytes and thus to impress them with the knowledge and the subtle information needed for their progress. No Master works in this manner, and the Masters have therefore to use certain of Their disciples in this service. Such disciples direct the desired impression to the solar plexus area of the magnetic aura. This magnetic aura has another point of entry in the region of the throat center, utilizing it as the recipient of higher impressions. This center or area of energy is largely used and vitally activated by those who are the creative workers of the world; they have necessarily made a direct contact with the soul and are therefore wide open to those intuitive ideas which are the source of their creative work. According to the success they have in such creative production, and according to the beauty of their work, will be the impression they thereby convey to other men. Curiously enough, the new and peculiar forms of art which delight some people and which outrage the sense of beauty in others are largely solar plexus creations and are therefore not of a truly high order. In a few of them - a very few - the throat center is involved.

The magnetic aura around the head is that which is truly sensitive to the highest impressions and is the point of entry to the head center. Upon this I need not enlarge; all that I have taught you is [118] related to the awakening of this highest center, prior to the aspirant's becoming a member of the Kingdom of God. The ajna center is not involved and it will remain for several more centuries the agent of directed impression and not the objective of such impressions.

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