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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Higher Aspects of Relationship
The next key-thought which is of importance is found in the words:

3. "The Plan is the dynamic substance, providing the content of the reservoir upon which the impressing agent can draw and to which the recipient of the impression must become sensitive."

This sentence requires probably a quite serious readjustment in the thinking of most students. The concept of the Plan as Substance will assuredly be new to them, and new perhaps also to you. It is nevertheless a concept which they must endeavor to grasp. Let me phrase it somewhat differently: The Plan constitutes or is composed of the substance in which the Members of the Hierarchy consistently work. Let us take this important concept and break it up into its component parts for the sake of clarity. I am strongly emphasizing these words because this concept is of an importance almost beyond human comprehension, and because its understanding may revise and revitalize your entire approach to the Plan, and you will therefore be enabled to work in a fresh and in an entirely new manner:

  1. The Plan IS substance. It is essentially substantial energy. And energy is substance and nothing else.
  2. The substance (which is the Plan) is dynamic in nature, and is therefore impregnated with the energy of WILL. [119]
  3. The Plan constitutes a reservoir of energized substance, held in solution by the WILL of Sanat Kumara and embodying His intangible purpose (intangible to us but not intangible to Him).
  4. It is this planetary Substance upon which the "impressing agents" must draw - the Nirmanakayas, the Members of the Hierarchy and the working disciples of the world, plus all spiritual sensitives of a certain degree.
  5. Recipients of the desired impression must become sensitive to this substantial energy.

This entire proposition can be referred back to the originating Thinker Who brought our manifested world into being, and Who sequentially and under the Law of Evolution is bringing to fruition the objective of His thinking. In the larger and wider sense, it is that sumtotal of the ocean of energies in which "we live and move and have our being." This is the sevenfold body of the planetary Logos.

We are not here, however, considering the larger Whole, but we are dealing with a specific and focused area of the planetary consciousness. This is found midway between the highest plane whereon the Council Chamber of the Great Lord is found and the three planes which form the active arena for hierarchical work - the three levels of consciousness of the Spiritual Triad. This "focused area" has been precipitated by the Agents of the divine Will; They know the ultimate purpose of Sanat Kumara and hold it steadfastly in view, making it available to those Masters of the Wisdom Who can act as the "impressing Agents of Sanat Kumara's Will." These are the Manu, the Christ, and the Mahachohan, the Lord of Civilization.

It might be said here that the three Buddhas of Activity are the prime impressing Agents and that the three Great [120] Lords are the "impressed Recipients" at an exceedingly high level; this is the atmic level of awareness, which is the area energized by the divine Will.

When dealing with the fifth Point of Revelation (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II.) I said that it concerned itself with the highest aspect of the Will - with that which produces the highest synthesis, the final synthesis. The planetary Purpose is the eventual synthesis of the initial thought of the planetary Logos, and to this thought we give always the unmeaning name of "GLORY"; this stands for all that we can conceive of the divine purpose; it is, for us, a "blaze of glory." The human mind is at this stage (in time and space) unable to register any aspect of the Purpose; all that we can do is to cooperate with the efforts of the Hierarchy to activate those things and events which will make the manifestation of the Purpose eventually possible. This purpose will constitute the ultimate revelation to the final root-race of men; it therefore lies a very long way ahead of our present point in evolution.

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