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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Higher Aspects of Relationship
This "Supreme Science of Contact" can be - as already explained - broken up into the following phases which are [111] all progressively developed from each other. Forget not the inevitable continuity which is the outstanding characteristic of the evolutionary process.
  1. Astral sensitive awareness. This is based upon the reactions of the solar plexus, and the entire process is carried forward upon the astral plane and with astral substance. This, in its highest form, becomes the factor which later makes intuitive awareness and intuitive sensitivity possible; then the process is carried forward in buddhic substance. Aspirants are, at one stage of their development, strongly astral-buddhic in nature. This should be remembered.
  2. Mental telepathy. This involves naturally two minds or several minds, and the process is carried forward in the substance of the mental plane. It is the factor which makes possible the activity which we call "impression." This impression comes largely from certain aspects of the mental plane, such as:
    1. The soul of the telepathic individual, using the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus - a high form of mental intelligence.
    2. The abstract mind, so called. This aspect of mental substance is largely used by the Hierarchy in order to reach the minds of disciples. It is only within the last few centuries that the Hierarchy has shifted the focus of its living attention on to the buddhic plane and away from the mental plane. This has become possible because the aspirants of the world are now sensitive to contacts which are founded upon an astral-buddhic consciousness but which are strictly carried on within mental [112] substance. This necessarily involves the three aspects of the mind, found therein: the concrete mind, the Son of Mind, and the abstract sensitivity or reaction. This involves (on the physical plane) an activity of the pituitary body (as you can readily see) and also the use of the ajna center.
  3. The occult Science of Impression. This becomes possible when the other two forms of telepathic rapport are present and are developing to a certain point of accuracy. It is dependent also upon the construction of the antahkarana and upon the steady orientation of the aspirant or disciple toward the Spiritual Triad; it also becomes possible when the abstract mind is developed and sensitive, and can thus become the seed or germ of the spiritual Will; this will involve responsiveness to divine purpose. The higher aspect of this abstract mind is the atmic plane. It is useful to realize the substantial nature of these two levels of consciousness. It is within the substance of the atmic plane that the activity is set up which can impress the abstract mind, which then becomes the seat of the consciousness of the spiritual man; at the same time, he remains in active possession and use of his personality and continues to employ the concrete mind; astral sensitivity, however, then begins to fall below the threshold of consciousness and thus joins the great array of instincts and of instinctual reactions of which the human being is possessed and which admit him into the life and conditioned awareness of all that exists in the three worlds, including the three subhuman kingdoms of nature. It is with these sublimated and [113] controlled instincts that those Masters and disciples work whose task it is to oversee the evolution of the forms of life in the subhuman kingdoms.

    The higher forms of mental telepathy, involving the soul and the abstract mind are concerned solely with the divine Plan - as the Hierarchy works it out in the three worlds. The Science of Impression is concerned, therefore, primarily, with the divine Purpose as Shamballa is working it out, and also with those higher aspects of hierarchical work which are not concerned with work in the three worlds. This is a point upon which I would ask you to ponder.

    Today, owing to the curious evolutionary stage reached in the human kingdom, an intermediate aspect of the three above forms of impression has been instituted; it is like an interim period between full human expression and the full expression of the kingdom of souls. This we call:
  4. The Science of Invocation and Evocation. This science can and does use the unintelligent urges and the higher (yet inchoate) longings of the masses of men in an invocative form; it does so in order to bridge the gap existing in consciousness between the life of the ordinary man, the life of the integrated personality and the life of the soul. Through the use of this invocative demand - oft speechless and not consciously expressed - the disciples of the world can focus; they can employ it and thus generate an energy which will be strong enough to make a true impact and a definite impression upon Beings and Lives found on levels higher than those in the three worlds. This impact evokes a reaction from these higher Beings, and then a spiritual and intelligent interplay is set up which is of great value in [114] promoting an added stimulus and an increased vitalization of the normal and usually slow evolutionary process. This is happening today in an acute form and accounts for much that is taking place in the world of human affairs at this time. The spreading stimulation is of a very intense nature. The invocative cry of humanity is not only the voiceless appeal which the hierarchical workers are everywhere mobilizing, but it finds expression also in all the plans and schemes, the formulated platforms, and the many groups and organizations which are dedicated to the betterment of human living.
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