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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Higher Aspects of Relationship
XIV. Higher Aspects of Relationship

The word telepathy has been used primarily to cover the many phases of mental contact and the exchange of thought without the use of the spoken or written word or sign. However, what is thus understood in this modern usage does not cover the higher aspects of "relationship within the Universal Mind." The third aspect, that of intelligence, is involved when interpretation of contact occurs; the second aspect, that of love-wisdom, is the factor which makes the higher impression possible, and this it does whilst that aspect is developing or in process of coming into functioning activity. During this developing process, only straight telepathy is possible and this is of two kinds:

  1. Sympathetic telepathy or immediate understanding, awareness of events, apprehensions of happenings, and identification with personality reactions. This is all connected with the solar plexus activity of the personality and this - when the love nature or second aspect is unfolded or unfolding - becomes the "seed or germ" of the intuitive faculty. The entire process is, therefore, astral-buddhic and involves the lower aspects of the Universal Mind as an agent.
  2. Mental telepathy or the interplay of transmitted thought. Though this is a constant phenomenon among advanced intellectual people, it is still scarcely recognized, its laws and modes of expression are as yet unknown, and the best minds and interpreters on subjective levels still confuse it with solar plexus reactions. It is a relatively new and unexplored [110] science, but the range of its activities is not astral and, therefore, related to the solar plexus center, for the substance in which this science is carried forward is not astral substance but mental substance, and therefore another vehicle is involved and employed, that of the mental body. It is the "seed or germ" of higher contacts and of impressions coming from levels higher than the buddhic or intuitional plane. It is related to the higher aspect of the Universal Mind, to the intelligent Will. In both cases, the lower aspect of love (emotional and sensitive astral response) and the pure love of the soul are involved.

Astral, sympathetic sensitivity is fallible and frequently erroneous in its conjectures and interpretations. The higher telepathy - also a form of sensitivity, and which is as an entering door or concept - becomes eventually infallible; in its earlier stages (where methods of interpretation and of deduction are concerned) it may prove frequently at fault.

Straight mental telepathy is one of the highest demonstrations of the personality; it is in the nature of a bridging faculty, for it is one of the major steps towards the higher impression; it always presupposes a relatively high stage of mental development, and that is one reason why it is not yet regarded as a reputable, proved and provable capacity of the human being. In this case, the mind is truly "the slayer of the Real," and the sources and modes of subjective knowledge still remain in a dark area of the human consciousness. The normal processes of evolution will, however, prove incontrovertibly the existence of faculties which make the higher spiritual and subjective impressions possible, and eventually normal.

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