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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Relation of the Human to the Hierarchical Center
XII. Relation of the Human to the Hierarchical Center

True telepathic rapport is part of the Supreme Science of Contact and has peculiar and definite reference to humanity. Many different terms might be used in the effort to convey some understanding of this subtle, subjective mode of relationship, and I have used among others the following:

  1. The Science of Contact.
  2. The Science of Impression.
  3. The Science of Invocation and Evocation.
  4. The Science of Relationship.
  5. The Science of Sensitivity.

All these terms convey different aspects of the reaction of form or forms to contact, to impression, to impact, to environment, to the thought context of various minds, to ascending and descending energies, to the invocation of agents and the evocation of their response. The whole planetary system is in reality a vast interlocking, interdependent and interrelated complexity of vehicles communicating or responsive to communication.

The moment that this interrelated and communicating system is studied from the angle of relationships, then the processes of evolution and the goal of the spirit of man (which is in reality the Spirit of the planetary Logos) become of vital and supreme importance, but are at the same time most difficult to comprehend. So immense is the theme that it is profitless for us to do more than deal with two factors: [84]

  1. The Science of Impression in relation to mankind.
  2. The impressing Centers, as they affect the understanding of relationship.

The many modes of contact between the many subhuman and superhuman forms, groupings, and kingdoms are too intricate in their nature to be grasped at this time by students, and - which is more important - the information would be of small use to them. We will, therefore, confine ourselves to the Science of Impression and the Science of Invocation and Evocation only in so far as they affect humanity. These - from the human angle - cover reception of impression and of ideas, and expressions of the consequences of sensitivity at this time and in this particular cycle.

We are to consider, therefore, the relation of the human center to the hierarchical center and the growing responsiveness of humanity to the "Center where the Will of God is known". As I said before, it is not my intention to give here the rules governing telepathic intercourse. Such intercourse is found between man and man and groups and groups. The relationship is slowly and normally developed and requires no hastening. It is developing as the other senses of man and his apparatus of perception have developed. Humanity is, however, outstripping telepathic development in the rapid responsiveness of entire groups, and of human beings en masse, to group impression and to group impartation of ideas. The sudden response of groups and nations to mass ideologies has been both unexpected and difficult to handle wisely and constructively. It was not anticipated by either Shamballa or the Hierarchy that mass impression would develop more quickly than that of individual sensitivity, but it has happened that way. The individual within a group and working within a group is far [85] more correctly sensitive than is the man struggling alone to render himself sensitive to impression.

One of the factors militating against personal telepathic development lies in the fact that the strong, potent and modern ascension of the spirit in man - as a whole - frequently offsets personality reactions, and telepathy is a personality matter depending upon contact between mind and mind. The moment, however, that man tries to be telepathic, he is immediately swept into a vortex of abstract energies which condition him for spiritual impression far more than they fit him for personal relationships telepathically established.

This surprising development freed the supervising Masters for some of Their plans and led Them to abandon the training of individual disciples in telepathic rapport and to recognize the opportunity to train and develop invocative groups. Instead of working in lower mental substance with picked aspirants, They changed the medium of contact to that of the soul and launched the relatively new Science of Invocation and Evocation. The lower mind then became simply an interpreter of impressions with the emphasis upon the group mind, the group purpose and the group will. This developing system of trained invocatives made the mind a positive acting factor and tuned out all tendency to negativity.

This hierarchical decision then necessarily led to the instituting of the processes of group initiation, thus shifting the area of training and the whole of the teaching process and of preparation for initiation on to higher levels. The experiment of giving mankind the Great Invocation was tried and is proving successful, though much yet remains to be done.

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