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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Results of Contact and Receptivity
The main factor preventing a completely unimpeded sequence of impression from Shamballa straight down into the mineral kingdom, via all the other kingdoms, is the factor of free will, resulting in karmic responsibility. This can be either good or bad. It is interesting to note here that both the good and the bad karma produce conditions which not only have to be worked out, but that they lead to conditions which delay what we - from our limited point of view - might look upon as the liberation of the planet. The generating of good karma necessitates the "living through" of conditions where everything (for the man responsible or for any other form within its limitations) is good, happy, beneficent and useful. The evil karma generated in any kingdom in relation to the "realm where dwelleth the planetary Dweller on the Threshold" stands between the cosmic Door of Initiation and our planetary Logos. This Dweller represents all the mistakes and errors due to wrong reactions, unrecognized contacts, deliberate choices made in defiance of known good, and mass movements and mass activities which are temporarily not progressive in time and space. I realize that where these facts apply to the subhuman kingdoms in nature you are not aware of what I mean, but that does not alter the law or movements which are in no way related to human evolution. In connection with the planetary Logos I would like to add that in that great planetary struggle and His subsequent [81] initiation, we are all implicated - from the atom of substance up to and including all the Lives which form the Council Chamber of the Lord of the World; it is this titanic effort which is made by the sumtotal of all the living processes and entities that compose the manifestation of Sanat Kumara which is responsible for the creative evolutionary processes; it is also responsible for what we call time, with all that that concept involves of events, opportunity, the past, the present and the future, the good and the evil.

The dynamic impression which emanates from Shamballa reaches forth in great cycles and cyclic waves; these are impulsed from extra-planetary sources, as demanded or invoked by the Lord of the World and His Associates; they emanate in response to the "acclaimed will" of Sanat Kumara in the Council Chamber.

This high spiritual and ultimate impression moves outward along the seven rays, viewing them as seven streams of spiritual energy, qualified and colored by the Shamballic impression; this process repeats itself when hierarchical invocation is effective and successfully established.

This again is repeated between the Hierarchy and Humanity in response to human invocation; this is becoming increasingly intelligent, potent and evocative.

The problem of the human kingdom is, however, very great. Humanity is the recipient of so many impacts, so many impressions, so many telepathic and mental currents and so many qualified vibratory impressions from all the seven kingdoms in nature that aeons have elapsed in developing the adequate discriminative sensitivity and in establishing the certitude of the point in evolution from which conscious invocation must arise and upon which the evoked impression must be registered. Unconscious invocation proceeds all the time; when it becomes conscious, it becomes exceedingly powerful. [82]

The entire human family is today an amazing receiver of impressions, owing to its myriad types of susceptible mechanisms. These impressionable instruments are capable of registering tamasic impressions, coming from the subhuman kingdoms, particularly the third and the first; they record rajasic impressions coming from mental sources of all kinds; they are also - to a much less degree - responsive to sattvic or rhythmic impressions. Their response to these high impressions and their registration of truth, light and quality, coming from the highest sources is, however, growing.

It is because of this that the human kingdom (the great middle kingdom whose function it is to mediate between the higher and the lower) is the subject of much divine impression, conveying the Purpose of Sanat Kumara. This you know. I have taught you much along this line in A Treatise on the Seven Rays and also in the earlier Treatise on Cosmic Fire. In these present instructions I am dealing with group possibilities, with groups which can be trained to record, register and be impressed by the Hierarchy. Such a group can be in the position of being able to invoke the Hierarchy with power if it so choose. I am again bringing these things to your attention as aspirants and disciples, but from an angle different to those in my earlier writings. The responsibility of impressionability, of telepathic registration and of invocative appeal is very great; hence what I have written here. [83]

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