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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Relation of the Human to the Hierarchical Center
It might be said, therefore, that the four requirements which are needed to aid the disciple to meet the demands of [86] the initiatory process are "the ability to be impressed, the capacity accurately to register the impression, the power to record what has been given, and then to give it word forms in the mind consciousness." On the basis of the information received, the disciple must then properly invoke the needed energies and learn through experience to produce a responsive evocation. My earlier statement on this subject a few pages back was intended to lead up to this teaching and I repeat it here:

"The entire human family is today an amazing receiver of impressions, owing to the myriad types of susceptible mechanisms... It is because of this that the human kingdom (the great middle kingdom whose function it is to mediate between the higher and the lower) is the subject of so much divine impression, conveying the purpose of Sanat Kumara... In these present instructions I am dealing with group possibilities, with groups which can be trained to record, register and be impressed by the Hierarchy. Such a group can be in the position of being able to invoke the Hierarchy with power if it so choose. I am again bringing these things to your attention as aspirants and disciples, but from an angle different to those in my earlier writings. The responsibility of impressionability, of telepathic registration and of invocative appeal is very great."

For the aspirant and particularly for the conscious disciple, the impression to be considered comes from four sources:

  1. From the disciple's own soul.
  2. From the Ashram with which he is to be affiliated.
  3. Directly from the Master.
  4. From the Spiritual Triad, via the antahkarana. [87]

The first two stages cover the period of the first two initiations; the third precedes the third initiation and persists until the disciple is himself a Master; the fourth type of informative impression can be registered after the third initiation and reach the disciple in the Ashram; he then has the task himself of impressing his mind with what he has been told and known within the Ashram; eventually, as a Master of an Ashram, he starts upon one of the major hierarchical tasks of mastering the Science of Impression. There are therefore, two aspects to this work of impression: one deals with the capacity to be impressed; the other with the ability to be an impressing agent. The disciple is not permitted to practice the art of impressing until he himself is among those who receive Triadal impression and therefore impression from Shamballa, within the protective area or aura of the Ashram with which he is affiliated. It must be remembered that this Science of Impression is in reality the science of thought-form-making, thought-form vitalization and thought-form direction; and only a disciple who has passed through the processes of Transfiguration and is no longer the victim of his own personality can be entrusted with so dangerous a cycle of powers. As long as there exists any desire for selfish power, for unspiritual control and for influence over the minds of other human beings or over groups, the disciple cannot be trusted, under the hierarchical rules, with the deliberate creation of thought-forms designed to produce specific effects, and with their dispersal to men and groups. After he has passed the tests of the Transfiguration Initiation he may do so.

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