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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Results of Contact and Receptivity
In this section of the teaching I am dealing with the nature and results of contact, of receptivity. I am giving no rules for individual development, and would not, if I could. Humanity today is developing receivers of every kind of concept, beginning with the lowest of them all - the masses of men who, through demagogues, the newspapers, the radio, books and lectures, are conditioned by many minds, according to their ray type of receptivity. As true intelligence develops and as love begins to permeate human thinking, these conditioning factors will get increasingly [78] less attractive. This means when the soul becomes of greater life importance and man-made ideas (if such a phrase is permissible) of less importance. There are, in reality, no man-made ideas. There are only ideas as grasped by the intelligentsia and then as "stepped down" by humanity's constant reaction to glamor, to emotional or astral conclusions, and to selfish interpretations.

It must be remembered that the activity of all these "impressing agencies" is felt in a wide and general sense throughout the entire planet and the planetary aura. No kingdom in nature escapes this impact, and it is thus that the purpose of the Lord of the World is carried out. Being, Coherence and Activity are thus blended into one created and creative whole; life, quality and appearance respond unitedly to the imposed intention of the planetary Logos and yet, at the same time, remain creatively free as regards their reaction to these contacted impressions; this reaction is necessarily dependent upon the type and quality of the mechanism which registers the impression. This mechanism has been developed by the life within the form throughout the creative period and - as far as the time element has been involved - the indwelling entity in any kingdom in nature has been free, and the time has been long or short, and the reaction to impression has been rapid or slow, according to the will of the controlling life. In the mineral kingdom, this reaction is very slow, for inertia or tamas controls the spiritual life within the mineral form; in the vegetable kingdom, it is more rapid, and under the invocative appeal of the lives in that kingdom the deva world is invoked and greatly aids and hastens the unfoldment of the vegetable consciousness; this is one reason for its relative sinlessness and extraordinary purity.

The major impression registered in the second kingdom of nature emanates from the angel worlds and from the [79] deva hierarchy. The angels and devas are to the vegetable kingdom what the spiritual Hierarchy is to humanity. This is, of course, a mystery with which you have no concern. But impressions and reactions are to be found in both these kingdoms, and upon such response depends the evolution of the indwelling consciousness.

The animal kingdom has a peculiar relation to the fourth kingdom in nature, and the unfolding of the animal consciousness proceeds along lines paralleling, yet dissimilar to that of the human being who is beginning to respond to the kingdom of souls, the fifth kingdom. It is the karma and destiny of the fourth kingdom to be the impressing agent for the third; the problem is complicated, however, by the fact that the animal kingdom antedates the human and had, therefore, generated a measure of karma - both good and evil - prior to the appearance of mankind. The "impressing process" carried forward by humanity is modified and often negated by two factors:

  1. Human ignorance and selfishness, plus inability to work consciously and intelligently with the embryonic minds within animal forms; this is true except in a few (a very few) cases which involve the domestic animals. When humanity is itself further advanced, its intelligent impression upon the consciousness of the animal kingdom will produce planetary results. At present this is not so. It will only come when the animal kingdom (as a result of human understanding) becomes invocative.
  2. The self-generated karma of the animal kingdom which is largely being worked off in its relation to mankind today. The karmic entity - holding a type of rule within the third kingdom - is a part of the planetary Dweller on the Threshold. [80]

You will note, therefore, the amazing planetary sequence of impression - all of it emanating from the highest possible sources, though stepped down and regulated to the receiving factors; all of it concerned to a greater or less degree (according to the quality of the mechanism of reception) with the will and purpose of Sanat Kumara; all of it, during the aeons, achieving a group potency and a responding sensitivity.

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