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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On Vibration

Some students make demand that I define what is the meaning of the word "vibration" and state exactly what a vibration is. If I tell you that vibration is an illusion, as sensory perception is known by the soul to be, do you comprehend (limited as all human beings are by the reactions of a series of vehicles, all of them instruments of perception)? If I tell you that vibratory reaction is due to our possessing a mechanism which is responsive to impact, I am answering your question in part, but if this is true, what does it mean to you and from whence comes the impact? If I give you the scientific definition (which you can discover in any good textbook on light, color or sound), I am doing work that you can do yourself, and for that I have no time. In my books are several definitions of vibration, either by inference or defined, and these you might search for, and upon them you might meditate. If I elucidated for you here the relation between the Self and the not-Self, between awareness, that which is aware, and that of which it is aware, I am covering ground which a careful study of the Gita would aid you in comprehending. [372]

Let simplicity be your guide and one-pointed love your major objective. Choose a field of service which has its definite limits (for all disciples are limited and cannot cover a planetary range in their thoughts), and work - mentally and physically - within those limits. The completion of some self-appointed task within the field of karmic limitation and of environment where your destiny has cast you is all that is required of you. What are you accomplishing really at this time? Let your service lie within the field of contact where you find yourself, and reach not out over the entire planet. Is there any greater or more important task than to fulfil your task and carry it to completion in the place where you are and with your chosen comrades?

Believe me when I assure you that I am not seeking to evade answering any questions, but if I can awaken you to the realization of the necessity for "spiritual limitation" (as it is esoterically called when defining the career of a disciple within the limits of his task) and bring to your attention the need for achieving the goal you set yourself when you started to work, I shall have aided you far more than if I had defined vibration or pointed out to you just how much progress, through what process, you or others had made.

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