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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On Ions and Radiation

Scientists have made statements to the effect that the air we breathe contains electrified particles positively or negatively charged, and they are able to produce artificially electrified air; that even an open flame in a fireplace ionizes the air; that with suitable apparatus one may extract either the negative or the positive ions, and that patients exposed to the positively electrified ions developed feelings of fatigue, dizziness and headache, while if exposed to negatively charged ions a feeling of exhilaration was experienced; that positive ions increased the blood pressure and produced general discomfort, and negative ions lowered the pressure and brought a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

The question arises whether the healer's radiation has the effect of ionizing the atmosphere surrounding the patient. I must point out that to answer such a question accurately would necessitate two things: the revelation of one of the mysteries for which mankind is not yet ready, and at the same time the giving of an answer which would be quite inexplicable to you, for there is no terminology adequate to the latent truth. In this truth is embodied the whole story of duality - which is the story of the relation of the negative and positive aspects of the living process. Certain things, however, I can point out:

  1. The negative and positive ions with which the scientist deals are etheric in nature and, therefore, of the physical plane. These unseen particles of substance which can only be traced through their effects and through interference with their activities, are rapidly moving particles in relation to each other and, at the same time, [370] are themselves affected by a greater controlling factor which keeps them so moving.
  2. In dealing with disease, the patient can only truly be helped when the positive radiation of the healer overcomes the negative condition of the patient.
  3. The radiation of the healer has to permeate and overcome the resistance of the patient's disease - not of the patient, who may be mentally and emotionally negative to the healer, and therefore in a position to be helped. This is done through the more powerful radiation of the healer. The magnetism of the healer is then brought into play and, consciously and with intent, he can draw out and disperse those atoms of substance which are the seat and source of the patient's discomfort. A hint is here given of one of the future physical plane modes of dispersing a disease. The power of directing definitely the magnetic currents radiating from a source outside the physical body is not yet realized, but it will embody one of the new modes of healing.

The healing radiation, therefore, naturally affects the atmosphere around the patient. As yet, however, that radiation is uneven and not rightly directed. Some people radiate physical or animal magnetism; others astral or mental magnetism; still others radiate the energy of a fully integrated personality. A few radiate the magnetism of the soul, the major attractive energy in all forms. In the future the true healer must work through the radiation of the entire personality or of the soul. I say "or" advisedly, for there are few as yet who can work with soul energy, but many who could work as integrated personalities if they so desired. And when a man has achieved this power to radiate, what about the patient? How is he to be brought into a condition wherein he will respond accurately to magnetic radiation? If he is an astral type, as are so many, will he be able to respond to the magnetism of a mental healer? Can he be helped by the radiation of such a healer if he is himself a fully integrated human being? If you say to me that Christ healed all types, I would here suggest that I am not considering in this short treatise the laws of healing as they are wielded by a Master of the Wisdom or by an initiate. My book would otherwise be a futile effort. I am writing for interested aspirants and for those who can heal on some level below that of the soul, but who as yet know not how to do it. Later all this will be more fully elucidated. [371]

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