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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On the Future Schools of Healing

These schools of healing are not to be developed in the near future, not before the close of this century. Only the preparatory work is now being done, and the stage set for future unfoldment. Things do not move so rapidly. There has to be a growing synthesis of the techniques of such schools, which embody:

  1. Psychological adjustments and healing,
  2. Magnetic healing, [373]
  3. The best of the allopathic and homeopathic techniques, with which we must not dispense,
  4. Surgical healing in its modern forms,
  5. Electro-therapeutics,
  6. Water-therapy,
  7. Healing by color and sound, and radiation,
  8. Preventive medicine,
  9. The essential practices of osteopathy and chiropractic,
  10. Scientific neurology and psychiatry,
  11. The cure of obsessions and mental diseases,
  12. The care of the eyes and ears,
  13. Voice culture, which is a definitely healing agency,
  14. Mental and faith healing,
  15. Soul alignment and contact,

and many other processes and procedures which belong to the healing art. Some of the more ancient schools, such as the allopathic, call for a process of elimination in order to arrive at the vital and true contribution which they have to give. Others of a modern and tentative experimental kind must be lifted out of the hands of the fanatics; for until fanaticism with its blindness and lack of intelligent synthesis dies out (as it inevitably will as the sixth ray recedes and the Piscean Age passes out), the new schools cannot exist as they should; there must be a keener understanding of the underlying and fundamental good in all the schools and a better grasp of the principles which underlie the true healing art, before the schools, referred to in Letters on Occult Meditation, can come into being. When, as is the case today, some healer or school lays the entire emphasis upon some patent cure-all and despises all other systems of diet or method, it will not be possible to establish the true schools. [374]

The period is coming in which we will pass through a cycle in which we will garner the fruit of the ages; in which we will skim (if I may so express it) the cream off the milk of human experience; and then, with the best that the past can confer upon us, we will inaugurate those new enterprises which will speed humanity upon its way. Among these new enterprises the healing art will be the foremost, because the most necessary.

We shall find that the work which is engaging our attention will fall into three categories; these will work out sequentially and not simultaneously.

  1. The training in the principles of the healing art, as we
    1. Lay the foundation for later expansion in the New Age.
    2. Seek to preserve that which is good and useful in the shift of the emphasis from the outer external man to the more subtle etheric and vital body.
    3. Study this Treatise on the new healing which will meet with a measure of response, but which will only later enter into its true usefulness and mission.
  2. Later, when a group can function together with impersonality as a unit and with true interplay of love, such a group can then begin to do some definite healing work, taking some case, for instance, of known physical illness, of obsession, or of mental difficulty and - working under soul direction or some initiated chela and in conformity with the teaching outlined in this Treatise - seek to cure and aid. The study of the art of dying is also to attract your attention and later that of the world at large.
  3. Finally, there will come the forming of subsidiary groups to be taught and developed by the members of the pioneer healing groups, under soul instruction, or under [375] that of some initiated chela. These subsidiary groups will work under group direction for the healing of people. This will not be for some years yet, and not until the initiating group (or groups) can work with a measure of success and the group members have an intelligent grasp of the technique and principles involved in healing. The exoteric developments of the New Age healing will grow out of the above.

There is no school in existence today which should be retained. All of them embody some useful truth, principle or idea. I would point out that a synthetic group would still be a separative and separated entity, and no such group is our goal. It is the synthesis of the life and of the knowledge which is desirable, and not a synthesis of people. There will be eventually, let us hope, hundreds and thousands of groups all over the world who will express this new attitude to healing, who will be bound together by their common knowledge and aims, but who will all express this to the best of their ability in their own peculiar field, in their own peculiar way and with their own peculiar terminology. It is the subjective life unity that is of interest to the teachers on the inner side of life, and the production of a network of true healers all over the world.

A fresh start is now being made. We shall and do inherit the wonder of the past acquired knowledges and the use of much of it will persist; all that is needed is the elimination of the undesirable and the misunderstood interpretations of known facts, and the misapplied information, also the cessation of selfish interest, financial exploitation and greed. Modern surgery, modern sanitary methods, and modern medical science are full of wonder and usefulness. [376]

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