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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
These energies - along with others at this time far less potent and therefore of only secondary importance - will greatly stimulate the hearts and minds of men. It is the task of the Members of the Hierarchy to distribute these energies (once they are released by the Christ) to the working disciples on the physical plane and to the myriad aspirants in training for discipleship and to the members of the New Group of World Servers. Members of the New Group of World Servers consist of those who are completely dedicated to the service of humanity and to the establishing of right human relations under hierarchical impression; aspirants and quite a few disciples have diversified interests and only serve part time. To all these groups is committed the task of implementing the work and directing the energies for which the Christ is responsible. The objectives of the Hierarchy in this [648] divine act of massed impression and stimulation are briefly three, as follows:
  1. To bring about those conditions which will make the coming of the Christ possible. The blended influence of these energies will bring about what may at first appear to be undesirable results, because the remaining opposition of the Forces of Evil is still active and must be overcome; this may necessitate drastic measures, but great good will eventually appear.
  2. To prepare the minds of men so that they may be ready for the influence of the Avatar about Whom the Scriptures speak. He is called the Avatar of Synthesis and His influence will be spread through the work and the activity of the Christ.

It must be remembered that synthesis is an aspect of the first divine characteristic, the Will, or rather, the Will-to-Good. This energy or influence, which the Christ Himself will wield (and for which He has been long preparing Himself), produces cohesion, a drawing together and a tendency to fusion and union. The separateness of humanity, and its selfishness, had reached such vast proportions, and its effects were so completely dominated by the Forces of Evil, that - in response to the massed inchoate demand of humanity - the Hierarchy called for spiritual interposition. The endless selfish propaganda, in speech or in writing, most of it materialistic, nationalistic and basically untrue and wrongly motivated, became such a clamor that it reached to spheres usually impervious to the sounds of earth; the Avatar of Synthesis was called in to aid.

The main objective and the immediate task of the Christ is to bring to an end the separateness which exists between man and man, family and family, community and community, and nation and nation. This is a simple statement, and one that can be understood easily by the most ignorant; it is simple also in that it provides a practical objective and task [649] for the smallest and the most unimportant of the sons of men; all can cooperate if they will. It is nevertheless a task which has required the mobilizing of the entire planetary Hierarchy, and the assistance also of a great Being Who would normally work on levels of consciousness higher than those on which Christ and His disciples labor.

  1. To stimulate the aspiration in the hearts of men so that human receptivity to the good, the beautiful and the true may be greatly increased. These energies will bring in the new creative era, which will sweep into expression as soon as world tension has subsided; then men will be free to think and to create the new forms for the new ideals; then they will bring into manifestation in words, in color, in music and in sculptured forms the new revelation and the new world which the coming of Christ will inaugurate.

It will be obvious (if you have considered my words with care) that a great spiritual movement is under way - perhaps the greatest of all time, if we except the great spiritual crisis which brought the fourth kingdom into being, the human kingdom. I have mentioned above only three of the most important results for which the Hierarchy hopes. Humanity is deemed to have reached a point in evolution where much can be done, because the minds of men - for the first time on a worldwide scale - are sensitive to spiritual impression; the opportunity of the moment is unique, because minds everywhere are showing themselves superlatively receptive to both good and evil. Men are not today governed so much by blind impulse as by considered thought. There have always been small groups and rare souls who have demonstrated the capacity to respond to spiritual impression. The line of least resistance for the masses is the selfish impulse, and there lies the major point of attack by the Forces of Light.

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