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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
1. The Energy of Love-Wisdom. This energy always has an effect upon every type of human being in the world. Its effect is to stimulate the tendency towards goodwill and to produce a mental development which can transmute the knowledge - garnered down the ages - into wisdom. It is wisdom which is needed today. Those who are now attempting to foster goodwill in themselves and others will be stimulated into wise action. You can see, therefore, that the outpouring of this energy is the first and greatest need. It can reach mankind because the Founders of all the world religions (I refer not to their many diversifications) are banded together in [645] unison with the Christ, Their Lord and Master; through Their united and directed effort, these energies will flow. Forget not that Christ represents the energy of love and the Buddha that of wisdom.

2. The Energy of Will or Power. The outpouring of this energy, owing to the "little wills" of the majority of men and the developed strenuous wills of certain present world Leaders, will not have as wide or potent an effect or contact as may the others. Its inflow will, however, serve to bring about a "fixed intention" on the part of many to work ceaselessly for true peace and understanding. These people will therefore aid in the task of implementing goodwill. It will, nevertheless, strengthen the will of the selfish, ambitious and obstinate men who are in positions of power and influence, and produce increased trouble - at least temporarily. The salvation of the world and the production of the needed security will be brought about in the long run by the mass of men everywhere, in all lands; it will be the result of an intensified educational process. Humanity, as yet, does not know how to handle wisely the energy of the will-to-power, and it is largely this that has handicapped the manifestation of the will-to-good. The Shamballa force is too strong for those who are naturally wilful. In the case of certain potent men, this energy reaches them directly, and is not stepped down for them through contact with the Hierarchy of Love; it naturally expresses itself in the political fields and in the realm of governments, through rulers, officials, statesmen and politicians. When the "little wills" of the intelligentsia, of those who serve the public in some capacity or other, and those above all who are working in some connection with the United Nations, become strengthened, stimulated and focused on goodwill, the union of the two energies of Love-Wisdom and of Will can bring about the needed changes in the planetary life. This is not an immediate happening, but it is not a visioning of the impossible.

3. The Energy of Active Intelligence. This third type of energy is the easiest one for modern humanity to receive - which is perhaps a sad commentary upon man's aspirations. [646] The proof of this lies in the fact that much of this type of energy (through the selfish perception and desires of mankind) has been crystallized into money. Human intelligence has served on the side of materialism and not on the side of the spiritual values. Money is the concretized expression of the third type of spiritual energy. This particular expression appeared first in the ancient and equally materialistic system of barter and exchange; then, in later civilizations (predominantly including ours) we have the appearance of money, made first from the products of the mineral kingdom, and then later came paper money, made from the products of the vegetable kingdom. This has culminated in the modern preoccupation with money. There is very deep occult meaning to be found in the statement in the New Testament that "the love of money is the root of all evil". It is largely money and selfishness which lie behind the present disastrous economic situation. Great financiers are in reality those in whom the receipt of money, or of this type of energy, constitutes the line of least resistance, plus the will to make vast fortunes, which cannot be gainsaid. They will to make a fortune; they bring their intelligence to bear upon their goal, and naught can stop them. Many of them are purely selfish; some regard their money as a trust to be used for others and are amazingly generous in a philanthropic and humanitarian sense. These men are receptive to the first type of energy, and frequently all the three types find a channel through them, and the world is greatly benefited; such men are nevertheless very rare. It still remains for the crystallized aspect of this third energy - money - to be used on a large scale for the furtherance of the work of the Hierarchy. It is at this point and in connection with money that the great test of goodwill should demonstrate.

4. The energy which produces order. This is the energy of the seventh ray or power of divinity. At this time, its major expression will come through the relationships and adjustments required between capital and labor, and labor will be primarily involved. This energy is being assimilated in the Ashram of the Master Whom I mentioned above; at the [647] inception of the industrial era He was responsible for the formation of the labor movement - a movement bringing into relation the workers of the world. It is interesting to have in mind that today labor functions internationally; it is a group which learns with rapidity and has in it the seeds of vast good; it is probably the group which will place goodwill in the forefront of human thinking - upon a pinnacle of thought. This Master to Whom I refer belongs to the Ashram of the Master R. He relieves Him of this phase of the work to be done.

5. The energy of right human relations. This energy is a subsidiary expression of the energy of Love-Wisdom - the first of the great outpouring energies. It emanates, therefore, from the subsidiary Ashram for which I am responsible. I have written and taught much about it, and with some success. "Right human relations" is not simply goodwill, as people seem to think; it is a product or result of goodwill and the instigator of constructive changes between individuals, communities and nations. About it I need not write, for you have enough teaching from me to guide you. Your daily actions will be those of goodwill, directed towards the establishing of right human relations if you are rightly oriented within the race of men and towards the spiritual Hierarchy.

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