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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
It is with all these foregoing factors in mind that we [553] approach the next two great Festivals: the Wesak Festival and Christ's Unique Occasion. One point I must make here, and I make it with great joy: this year 1946 marks the beginning of a cycle in which humanity is more closely involved in the Festivals than ever before and in which they can take a much more important part than ever before. The Wesak Festival has long been kept in many countries and - as time goes on and the instruction of the masses proceeds - the meeting held at the time of the May Full Moon will assume great importance, but its keynote will be changed. What the new keynote will be has not yet been announced, and will not be for 35 years. As I earlier pointed out, its significance, and that of Good Friday, belong to the past and their usefulness is nearly finished. It is the intention of the Buddha and the Christ that in each country there should eventually be someone who will act as Their Representative at the time of the two Festivals, so that the distribution of spiritual energy from the first great Aspect or Ray will be direct from the Buddha (and later Shamballa) to the Christ, and then from the Christ to those disciples in every country who can be over-shadowed, and so act as channels for the direct current of energy.

The same procedure will be followed at the time of the Full Moon of June, except that Shamballa will not be so involved, and with the difference that at the May Festival it will be a first ray disciple who will be over-shadowed, and at the June Festival a second ray disciple will represent the Christ in every land. This can mean either the soul or the personality ray of the disciple.

It has not been possible to organize this development this year, but next year a beginning can be made, even if only three or four countries can work under this inspiration. The effects of this development will be far-reaching, though not immediately apparent to the onlooker.

This year, at the great Festival in the Himalayas at which the Buddha will appear as usual, He has let it be known that His main duty is to bring the initial inflow of the threefold energy which the Invocation invokes and will [554] continue to invoke for many decades. From the Mind of God, Light will flow through Him to the waiting world of men - that human center whose eternal mission is to bring light to all created lives. From the Heart of God, He will bring to the Hierarchy, via the Christ, that deep unending inflow of Love which will make it possible for the Hierarchy to perform its hard task and externalize itself. It is not possible for human beings to realize the sacrifice and the hardship which this emergence will entail, and only a vast inflow of divine love can make it possible.

An effort also will be made to relate Shamballa, "the Center where the Will of God is known," directly to the new group of world servers, via those Ashrams which are working along the lines of outer, practical goodwill. The reception of this energizing will-to-good should produce a definite "stepping-up" or increase of goodwill and enable the Goodwill movement to proceed with greater momentum this coming autumn and winter; it will take the entire summer for the needed assimilation by those engineering this movement all over the world.

The absorption of the Love which flows from the Heart of God to the Hierarchy will necessarily have widespread effects; however, one of the most immediate will affect the Triangles and increase the potency of the network of light and of goodwill, already in existence. You can see, therefore, from all the above, how much closer the Buddha is coming this year to humanity. He now finds it possible to permit human beings to know His specific objective; this has never before been the case. It is the result of war and the efforts of the Hierarchy to bring out in the human being certain ennobling qualities and spiritual reactions which the stress of war could evoke. This year will mark a unique and peculiar opportunity, based on the fact that there has not yet been time for people to slip back into the old ways of thinking or for the setting up of any reactionary structures. This may not be the case next year and therefore it would be wise to take as full advantage as possible of the coming Festivals. Those who have faith and vision are asked [555] to link up (imaginatively, because anything else would scarcely be possible) with the Buddha, then offer themselves as channels for the spiritual potencies which He will bring.

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