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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
It is interesting to note that when the Hierarchy seeks to meet the need of the masses for better conditions, and to aid in the changing of ecclesiastical and political abuses, men are apt then to withdraw their interest because the task is hard, or to repudiate the statements anent that which is evil because (from their point of view) it is not possible for the Hierarchy to find fault or take a stand against wrong, just as many repudiated the fact that the Hierarchy took its stand, during the war, upon the side of the Forces fighting for the freedom of humanity and refused in any way to endorse those fighting on the side of darkness.

The Hierarchy is a great fighting body today, fighting for the souls of men, fighting all that blocks the expansion of the human consciousness, fighting all that limits human freedom (I said not license) and fighting to remove those factors and barriers which militate against the return of [551] the Christ and the emergence of the Hierarchy as a fully functioning body on earth. There is nothing weak, vacillating, sentimental or neutral in the attitude of the Hierarchy; this must be grasped by humanity, and the strength and insight as well as the love of the Hierarchy must be counted upon.

I have in the above remarks enumerated for you certain of the objectives facing the Hierarchy at this time and involving the personal attention of the Christ; they all have a potent and beneficent effect upon humanity. Let me enumerate them in concise form, because it is essential that there be clear perception of the emerging values on the part of workers of all grades and kinds in the world, for otherwise perception is not possible. To each point enumerated I will append in a few brief words the reason why it is regarded as important:

  1. The Reorganization of the World Religions.
    1. To make way for the World Religion, universal religion.
    2. To return humanity to the simplicity which is in Christ.
    3. To rid the world of theology and ecclesiasticism.
  2. The Gradual Dissolution of Orthodox Judaism.
    1. Because of its presentation of a wrathful Jehovah, caring only for his chosen people. This is a basic evil. The Lord of the World, the God in whom we live and move and have our being, is totally otherwise.
    2. Because of its separativeness.
    3. Because it is so ancient that its teachings are largely obsolete.
    4. Because when the Jews become spiritual they will greatly benefit mankind, for they are found in every land.
  3. Preparation for a New Revelation.
    1. Because where there is no vision the people perish. [552]
    2. Because human expectancy indicates its emerging presence.
    3. Because the new Invocation will inevitably bring it to us.
  4. The Reaction of the Hierarchy to Shamballa.
    1. Produces a direct channel.
    2. Conditions the inflow of power energy.
    3. Relates the will-to-good to goodwill.
    4. Creates new constructive tensions and new ashrams.
  5. A Closer Relation of the Hierarchy to Humanity.
    1. Produces (in the near future) the externalization of certain ashrams.
    2. Leads to the reappearance of the Hierarchy on earth.
    3. Recognizes that man's point of development warrants this.
    4. Presents a nearing opportunity for revelation.
  6. An Effort to avert War.
    1. Because the next war would annihilate the greater part of the human race.
    2. Because, having a religious basis, the hate involved would be greater far than anything hitherto known.
    3. Because Shamballa would be involved, and this has never been the case.

You can see therefore how critical, spiritually, are these times, and how urgent is the task which confronts the Hierarchy and its workers on earth. The war may be over in the physical sense, but great issues are still involved and undetermined and can lead either to peace or to a renewal of those conditions in which wars are generated and which, once generated, cannot be avoided.

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