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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
1. Learn to know and trust each other, leaving each other free to work and plan within the group plan; develop the experience of love in your individual lives and in your group relation. Meet regularly for discussion, planning and united meditation - using the same meditation in this group as I have asked you to follow individually. Subordinate your own wishes and ideas to the group decision. Let this be uniquely a group effort.

2. Press forward with the Triangle work in every possible way and in every country open safely to contact. Plan this work along sound business lines, making a small group of you responsible for its functioning and success.

3. Discover, and where possible contact, all groups which are motivated by a true love for humanity, plus a groping after and understanding of the New Age ideals of freedom, cooperation and inclusiveness. I suggest a gradual compilation of a mailing list of such groups, accompanied with samples of their literature and an analysis of their ideas. [330]

4. Gather together all the many proposals that have been formulated by individuals, groups of world thinkers and specialists in the different fields of world endeavor as to the New Order. Find out what is being suggested in the many different nations as to the New World Order - both good and bad. This will involve the reading of books, their digesting and analysis, the forming of a small available library, and the study and accumulation of pamphlets on the subject. By doing this, a thought-form of great potency can be built which will influence the minds of men.

5. Keep in touch with people in all countries - occupied and unoccupied - who can later be swept into constructive activity. Thus this group will be ready to vitalize people and groups everywhere with whom they are in touch - some of which were formed prior to the war and are perforce inactive. The Units of Service in the occupied countries are a case in point. Therefore keep in touch objectively and subjectively with as many people as possible, all over the world.

6. The organizing of the needed financial equipment to carry forward this work must be the task of another group within this larger group of mine.

7. Leaders of spiritual, religious and esoteric groups, as well as educational groups, should be approached in the interests of world unity. A letter should be prepared inviting such leaders into a comradeship of mutual friendship and cooperation - not of coordination or fusion. A "coming together" can thus be planned for united strengthening and advice. Such letters should always be the product of group effort and suggestion, after being formulated by the smaller group assigned to its production.

8. A clear formulation of the objectives for which this group has been formed should be drawn up for general circulation; wise business organization should be applied from the very start; right voluntary help should be enlisted; sound financial policies should be laid down.

9. Definite work, preparatory to any work which future [331] necessity may indicate in Europe or elsewhere, must be undertaken. It is not possible for you to undertake the rehabilitation of the entire planet! There is, however, much that you can do along the line of interpretation of ideals, of unifying and of strengthening other groups. There are also three things possible to this group:

  1. The discovery and aiding of the members of the New Group of World Servers in the occupied countries and elsewhere, giving spiritual and practical material aid.
  2. Work for the rehabilitation and correct handling of the children in the devastated lands. This is an urgent need and has wide promise and great implications for the future world order. Concentration on this is desirable.
  3. Continue with the work of finding and organizing the men and women of goodwill throughout the world. It is they who will constitute the agents of this group and other New Age groups in the future. Work done by you prior to the war is thus to be continued, and along similar lines.

10. Make a close individual study of the Four Freedoms and the Eight Points of the Atlantic Pact, so that the members of this group can soundly envisage the freedoms of the New Age and can therefore think clearly, teach the new ideals correctly, and aid in this main world objective. This understanding is more important than you realize. Out of these suggestions your group plan can take shape. Having made them and having indicated to you the lines of hierarchical desire, I shall say no more. The responsibility is yours, and to you I leave the working out of these ideas. Move rapidly and as a united group with the Triangle work. It is basic in its usefulness and must be widely spread. Move with sureness, and more gradually, with the other aspects of the indicated work.

The strength and usefulness of this group will depend upon the inner union and love with which you work together, offsetting all personality reactions. You will help each other on all levels where help is needed. Let this group [332] work silently and as the Hierarchy works - impersonally behind the scenes. Let them draw upon all available spiritual resources, dedicating all their mental, emotional and material reserves to the work of helping humanity, and let them know (past all questioning) that the Hierarchy stands.

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