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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
First, the steadily mounting feeling of intense resentment (amounting to hate in the case of some groups and sections of suffering humanity), accompanied by a deep fatigue, a shattered psychological integration as the result of nerve strain, an acute fear of what the future may hold (scientifically developed by the Axis powers), and a numbing of the soul which is the result of death on every hand, loss, separation and the sight of untold pain and suffering.

Secondly, the widespread physical destruction, wrought by the invading and the defending armies - the destruction of great cities with their accompaniments of civilized living, the wholesale wiping out of industrial plants and the mechanics of daily life, the sinking of the ships which distribute the raw products of civilized living and the complete disorganization of all human affairs in every country in the world - directly or indirectly - and the breaking down of the structure of well-established financial relations, plus the disruption of the ordinary means of communication. Add to this the monetary ruin of the masses of the people, and you have a true and not a sensational picture of the world state. Out of this wreckage of all that man has constructed during the centuries and out of the spoliation of all existing culture and civilization, the new world order must be built. And, my brother, it will be built, and you can help prepare for this building of a more stable and beautiful way of life.

This creative process begins always in the realm of intention, is impulsed by trained desire, and will be brought into objective expression by the right direction of thought, the inspiration of right ideals, and the educating of the usually unthinking masses (who are, however, today thinking as never before), so that humanity as a whole will appropriate these ideals. They then can be trusted to take the needed action. In this manner the desired conditions will take form upon the physical levels of daily existence. There are many enlightened thinkers working at this time upon these problems; they are actively molding public opinion; [328] free minds in all countries, or their representatives in the occupied lands, are already laying the foundations of freedom, more surely and soundly than ever before; groups everywhere are organizing for the rebuilding (mentally, psychically and physically) of our world and for the reconstruction of our civilization on saner lines and safer foundations. More intimate and understanding relations are being established between religion, politics and philanthropy, and the part which science, education and economics must play in the future is being brought increasingly into the forefront of human aspiration.

There is therefore no need for discouragement. There is only need for determined right action and sacrificing effort. This must be based on faith in the human spirit, on a conviction that good must ultimately triumph because it always has, and a knowledge that the New Age is dawning and that nothing can frustrate its establishment. To the advent of this new era the destruction itself bears witness, because - again quoting my Master, the Christ - you cannot put new wine in old bottles. To your share in the preparatory work for the future new world I call you; to renewed activity upon the outer plane of life I call you, and again I outline to you three years work, plus two years of activity which will grow out of the three years preparation.

Until May 1943, I suggest sound preparatory undertakings for future world activity. This must be accompanied by sound organization, based on a long range vision of what must be done, and by experimental effort. This is the immediate work for this group and for those whom they may later choose as collaborators. Small groups must grow out of this group later, when it is duly established and functioning.

From May 1943, until November 1944, you should move outward into definite world experience and into a basic cooperation with any similar groups which are engaged in world salvage, primarily along the psychological line, for the psychological rehabilitation of humanity will be the major outstanding need, paralleling that of economic [329] readjustment. These two must receive prior attention by all men and women of goodwill. This group must inspire, promote and strengthen wherever and whenever possible. Such a task can only be undertaken by people who have no religious bias, no political antagonisms and no sense of exclusiveness.

From then until the close of 1945 or the beginning of 1946, the work should consolidate, the men and women of goodwill will swing into increasing usefulness and the potency of their thought and attitude in moulding public opinion should make itself dynamically felt - if you all work as desired. It will be apparent, therefore, how important is the work that you can start now and stabilize during the next eighteen months. The major lines of action you already know, for the goodwill work done in 1936 still remains basic and its processes should be restudied and employed. But I would make the following practical suggestions concerning the group and its planning.

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