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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section II - The General World Picture
In connection with the "seed-groups" which are fusing and blending in humanity at this time, and which - in their totality - constitute the nucleus of the fifth kingdom, the distinguishing quality is the ability to respond intuitionally to higher impression and to present the mind (with which humanity was endowed in the earlier process) to the light of the intuition and hence to illumination. This intuition is a blend of the two divine qualities of buddhi-manas, or intuitive spiritual understanding (involving interpretation and identification) and the higher abstract mind, which is essentially the power to comprehend that which is not concrete or tangible but which is, in reality, an innate recognition of the lower aspects of the divine Plan as it must affect life in the three worlds. Humanity, being still primarily self-conscious and self-centered, regards this Plan as the divine Plan for man, but - as the seed groups grow and develop - the narrowness of this partial view will become increasingly apparent. God's Plan is all-embracing, and His purposes are inclusive of all forms of life and their relationships. This quality of the seed groups is described in current esoteric literature as love-wisdom (the heart nature and the higher [99] mind) , and this is descriptive of the future groups; it is not love, however, as usually understood, or wisdom as man generally defines it. This is free of emotion and of the astralism which is distinctive of the solar plexus life which most people live; love, esoterically and in reality, is perceptive understanding, the ability to recognize that which has produced an existing situation, and a consequent freedom from criticism; it involves that beneficent silence which carries healing in its wings and which is only expressive when the inhibition aspect of silence is absent and the man no longer has to still his lower nature and quiet the voices of his own ideas in order to understand and achieve identification with that which must be loved. Can you follow the beauty of this concept and comprehend the nature of this silent depth of true understanding?

Wisdom is the sublimation of the intellect, but this involves the sublimation of the higher as well as of the lower aspects of the mind. It is a blend of intuition, spiritual perception, cooperation with the plan and spontaneous intellectual appreciation of that which is contacted, and all this is fused and blended with and by the love which I have defined above, plus that esoteric sense which must be unfolded before the second initiation can be taken. I call this especially to your attention. Seek to understand and perceive the subtle evidences of the esoteric sense, and then define it and explain its processes and evidences, invoking as you do so the higher sensibilities.

And now, as to the methods to be employed in creating these groups. The primary method is the presentation of the more advanced ideas (which are stimulating in their effects upon the minds which are receptive) and the presentation of the vision, which is evocative in its influence and produces amazing results. Ponder on this.

The basic method employed, which lay behind the three methods outlined in The Secret Doctrine and referred to above, was the presentation (very dimly and vaguely) of the concept of the self, of the lower integrated self and its correlated inner implications of self-centeredness and [100] self-direction. The presentation made today to self-conscious man and to this self-directed individual is the revelation of the larger Whole of which the individual is a part. To this Whole the self must dedicate its life, love and light. Those are the three gifts which the fourth kingdom in nature has finally and consciously to make to the planet - gifts of definitely directed energies producing peculiar and equally definite relations of forces; they are not the gift of strength, kindness and knowledge, which is man's feeble interpretation of the divine energies with which he will some day salvage the planetary life.

The presentation of this vision to the aspirants and disciples of the world has had a dual effect; first of all, it has produced an immediate responsive cohesion among them which resulted in the appearance of the New Group of World Servers, and secondly, it led to the formation along the line of the seven rays throughout the world of small groups (within the New Group of World Servers) who were dedicated to the production of this innate synthesis and subjective fusion and to the expression of this blended dedicated consciousness. These latter groups, a small minority, correspond to the earlier and first method of mind-implantation in animal man, whilst the New Group of World Servers corresponds to the second method of general stimulation.

In both of these embryonic activities, which will eventually be responsible for producing the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth, the two great necessities are vision, plus living organization. The vision has to be sensed, sought and discovered individually by each group member, and it is this personal knowledge and this personal dedication to the revelation which leads next to the organization of the group life and relation, or to a determined process of correlation with the life and purpose of the Whole. The individual who has for himself seen the vision relates himself to the group which is conscious of this vision along with him, and then follows the relating of this "visioning group" to the kingdom of God as it exists on the subtler planes, in the effort to exteriorize it and make the vision a fact upon the [101] plane of manifestation. It is a process of vision, activity and precipitation.

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