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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section II - The General World Picture
Let me now present you with another vital consideration. Looking back over your individual lives, you will be conscious that it was the points of crisis and the cycles of tension which constituted for you the major opportunities and the moments of "moving forward." Of these opportunities you either profited or - by neglecting them - you temporarily failed. This same critical factor (if I might call it so) acts also in the world of men and in groups and masses; today the point of tension for humanity in such a situation, similar to that to be found in the individual life, can be noted. The Hierarchy stands also at a point of extreme and scientific tension - scientific because induced and directed; you can, if you so choose, picture these two great groups as facing each other. The Hierarchy is aware of the need, of the purpose of the dual tension, and desirous of bringing this tension to such a "crisis of precipitation" that the fusion of the two groups will be inevitable, whilst the other group, humanity, unaware generally of the implications of the situation, is suffering, bewildered and full of fear. Between these two groups stands the New Group of World Servers, constituted today of two bodies of people:
  1. Those who are aware of the Plan, are subject to and sensitive to hierarchical impression and dedicated to the task of bringing about the desired fusion or group at-one-ment. These are the consecrated servers of the world who are free from all taint of separativeness, full of love to all men and eager for the [97] spread of understanding goodwill. They correspond to the "consecrated loving heart," mentioned above.
  2. A small minority who have emerged out of the New Group of World Servers and who can (in every country) function in group formation if they choose, and so bring about the fusion for which the New Group of World Servers is working and for which the point of tension in humanity and in the Hierarchy predisposes and has prepared the hearts of men. Their opportunity and responsibility is great, because they know the Plan, they are in touch with the guiding teachers on the inner side - and are sensitive to the higher impression. They correspond to the points of illumination, and so to the "illumined minds," referred to above.

Here is the picture of these esoteric interrelations, and here you can note the position which you could hold, for these groups have a definite opportunity to bring about this world fusion and so precipitate the "crisis of love" to which I have so oft referred. The Great Approach upon the side of humanity is now going on, with the tension induced thereby growing momentarily; this will increase with growing speed and tension until 1942 when either the first stage of fusion will have been made upon earth, resulting in widespread goodwill and world understanding or in postponement - with sad results to the human family and an inevitable break in the tension which will take a form that will cause much real suffering and widespread disaster. This disaster can take many forms, but upon them we will not speculate, except to realize the urgency and the need for immediate action which is demanded at this time.

There are two points to remember in connection with these seed groups, and these are in line with, but also expansions of, analogous conditions in the "seeds" which fructified - after implantation and development - in animal-man, producing the living self-conscious individual and, in [98] their totality, the fourth kingdom in nature. The first point has reference to the quality of the implanted seed, and the second to the method of its implantation.

The quality of the "seed of the sons of God" which was effectual in producing the human family was intellectual, and the self-conscious self-directed man was the result. The fruit of this quality, plus the livingness of the seed itself, can be seen today in the more advanced and cultured thinking people and in those who are in any sense of the word personalities.

The method employed was the gift of mind to the more advanced among the animal-men in a majority of cases, the stimulation of the instinctual faculty in others, whilst a third method was the leaving of a minority to the ordinary course of evolution. These latter today constitute the least developed and the most backward of the races upon the Earth. They are, in fact, a very small number indeed.

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