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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section II - The General World Picture
Seed groups are in process of being "esoterically anchored" in the field of the world, having in them those who can respond to the subtler forces and who can - through the strength of their clear thought at this stage of the proceedings - produce those conditions (within the present existing world trends and world groups) which will enable the new sciences, the new approaches to divinity, the new education, and the new modes of handling the economic situation and the political problems, to precipitate and further the growth of the Kingdom of God in such a manner that this fifth kingdom in nature may be a tangible, factual and objective occurrence upon the Earth.

In the founding of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom, the process is spoken of in the ancient books and archives in the library of the Hierarchy in the following terms which are (some of them) paraphrased and expanded in The Secret Doctrine:

"Seven men appeared, the prisoners of the Prajapatis and the prisoners also of the earthly Barhishads...Seven men of seven colors...Seven men, each on his own lot and related to the eighth. They spoke and knew each other. They saw and they desired that which then appeared. They sensed the first, the second and the third. They were themselves the fourth, but of the fifth they had as yet no knowledge for they were prisoners of the world and the fifth could not appear. The fires which were forty-nine in number proceeded then to do their work, and the prison bars grew firm as steel...But time persisted and the seven - each on his own lot - began to grow too large for the confining bars."

This parable will be apparent to esotericists. The clue to what I have to say comes later in the same ancient writing, and here I will roughly paraphrase or freely translate it for you.

"The seven - each on his own lot - acquired knowledge. The knowledge was the same, but the soil within [91] the lots differed. Nevertheless, the goal of reaching towards the heavens was the same as in the second (a reference to the vegetable kingdom and its symbolically skyward aspiration)...No further do they reach. Upon the lot of each, nine points of light appear, reflected in the heavens; they brought to seeding point that human seed which has within it that which is not of man. The light produced the germination and thus the new and better forms of life. And yet the form remains and yet its quality is changed. (I can find no better word than 'quality' wherewith to translate the ancient symbol). Some things are lost and disappear and rightly so. Some newer modes of life and what life builds appear, and thus the fifth is seen on earth like to the second and nurtured by the fourth. Within it are the one, the two, the three and then the fifth. And thus the glory of the One is seen."

One meaning is obvious if you study with care the implications and relate it to the kingdoms of nature. There are of course several meanings to these ancient writings.

I have referred above to the five streams of energy and have related them to the five centers. Let me extend the idea somewhat by pointing out that these five energies are related to the centers or the lotuses to which I referred in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, or to the dynamic point within the lotus, through which the central life of the lotus flows; in the case of the first three energies (of Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity) you have the permanent point of life, light and activity in the lotus; in the case of that potent energy connected with the Jews, you have a very temporary inflow of energy, and in the case of the Forces of Materialism, you have a relatively temporary - though apparently permanent - focal point of reactionary energy.

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