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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section II - The General World Picture
I would point out here that the fourth energy, focused in the Jewish problem, is definitely producing cleavage as a part of the divine plan. The Jews are instruments in the working out of the Plan for the production of certain syntheses and to bring humanity to certain realizations and decisions. A close study of this tabulation will bring you much of knowledge. However, it only expresses the present situation in this interim period between the old Piscean age which is passing and the new Aquarian age which is coming in. It depicts this present world cycle. The emphasis of the rays changes in connection with the last two types of energy expressions quite constantly, because they are symbolic (in this day and age) of the personality nature in its physical and emotional forms.

I wonder whether you can grasp the implications of this paragraph. When the mind aspect (the third aspect of the personality) is more fully developed, then the focus of the effort of the Dark Forces will change and the problem of the Jews will disappear. Mankind is not yet handling its problems intelligently. Thus the forces and energies of the creative process are exceedingly active at this time in preparing what I might call the "material of the world" and the substance of all the four kingdoms in nature for the coming changes. As the plowman turns the soil of his field and harrows it, and so brings that which is underneath to eventual fruition, so a similar process is taking place in the world today, and all is preparatory for the sowing and its resultant effects. These effects will constitute the new Aquarian culture and civilization. In this process the Hierarchy is taking a definite and influential part and is working more uniquely and specifically than ever before in the history of the world, under instruction and vital aid from Shamballa. [89]

I. The Shamballa energy.
The divine purpose.
Expression: Sanat Kumara.
Planetary head center.
Conditioning the life of nations.
Politics. Esotericism.
First Ray.
New. Destroys.
II. Hierarchical energy.
Divine love-wisdom.
Expressions: Buddha and Christ.
Planetary heart center.
Conditioning the soul.
Religious. Spiritual.
Second Ray.
Permanent. Builds.
III. Humanity's energy.
Divine intelligence.
Expression: Many people today.
Planetary throat center.
Conditioning the mind.
Third Ray.
IV. The Jewish force.
Producing separation.
Planetary solar plexus.
Conditioning world emotion.
Seventh Ray aspect of Third Ray. Magic.
V. The materialistic forces.
The Matter aspect.
Planetary sacral center.
Conditioning substance.
Fifth Ray aspect of First Ray. Mind. [90]
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