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Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor
The next stage is similar to the preparatory stages in the formula for the dissipation of glamor for the individual. You have therefore the following:

The Preparatory Stages

1. The Act of Naming.

2. The Protective Formula.

The Protective Formula is very simple. The members of the group will say in unison:

"As a soul I work in light and darkness cannot touch me.
I take my stand within the light.
I work and from that point I never move." [230]

As they say this, each person in the group makes the sign of the Cross by touching the center of the forehead, the center of the chest, and each of the two eyes, thus forming the long limbed Cross of the Christ or of divine humanity. The Cross is not, as you well know, simply a Christian symbol. It is the great symbol of light and of consciousness and signifies the vertical light and the horizontal light, the power of attraction and the power of radiation, soul life and service. The Cross as now made in the Catholic Churches, touching the forehead, the heart and the two shoulders is the sign of matter. It signifies in reality the third Aspect. The Cross which the group will make is the Cross of Christ and of the Christ consciousness. Gradually the Cross of Christ (the Cross of the Risen Christ) will supersede the Cross of matter and of the Mother aspect. Its likeness to the swastika is obvious and will be one of the reasons for its disappearance.

3. The Preparatory Stages:

  1. Focusing the dual personality light of matter and of mind.
  2. Meditation on soul contact and the recognition of soul light.
  3. The blending and fusion of the two lesser lights and of soul light. This is carried forward as a group, each member making his contribution and consciously attempting to visualize the process of blending the triple light which each contributes, into one sphere of light.

4. Then the group says in unison, at a signal from the leader: [231]

"The light is one and in that light shall we see light. This is the light that turns the darkness into day."

OM - O M - OM

The processes of individual and group alignment and integration can now be regarded as completed and when it is really correctly accomplished, each meeting thereafter should see a more rapid integration and fusion and a greater brilliance of the sphere of light thus created. The sounding of OM indicates both the fusion and the sphere of action because OM is first of all sounded forth by the group soul (the realized unity of the souls of all the group members) and then as the soul upon the mental plane, and finally as the soul ready to function as light-bearer and distributor of light upon the astral plane. These are all symbolic ways of registering the inner reality and are an attempt to externalize force, for that is what all symbols and symbolic ways of acting are capable of doing; they thus serve to keep the workers at a point of tension. This is an important recognition and should keep the workers from attributing undue power to the form aspect of the simple ritual and aid them in focusing their attention in the world of meaning and of subjective spiritual activity. These three stages are called:

  1. The Act of Naming.
  2. The Act of Protection.
  3. The Act of Focusing the Light.

It will be apparent to you that much depends upon the ability of the group members to visualize clearly as well as to think clearly. Practice naturally tends to perfect both processes. At the close of these three stages, the group members are united as souls insulated against the attractive power of the glamor, and united as souls with mind and brain held steady and positive in the light. Their blended [232] light is looked upon by them as a great searchlight whose beams are to be directed through an act of the will downward from the mental plane on to the glamor existing on the astral plane and which has been brought into relation with the group by the very act of naming it. I am going into detail on this matter because the work is a new venture and I am anxious for you to start it with a clear understanding as to how the task is to be carried out. At the close of this instruction you will find the two long and two short formulas so that they can be seen and grasped apart from their explanatory context. This initial work should take fifteen minutes at first and later not more than five (excluding the ten minutes of silent preparation which precedes the formal work) for the group members will get used to working together and will eventually attain the objectives of the preparatory work with great rapidity.

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