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Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor
The Technique or Formula

5. Then together and in vocal unison the group says:

"Radiance we are and power. We stand forever with our hands stretched out, linking the heavens and the earth, the inner world of meaning and the subtle world of glamor.

"We reach into the Light and bring it down to meet the need. We reach into the silent Place and bring from thence the gift of understanding. Thus with the light we work and turn the darkness into day."

As they say this, the group visualizes the turning of the great searchlight which they have jointly created by their unified light on to the glamor to be dissipated, holding the light steady [233] and realizing mentally the work of dissipation it is intended to do. This is called the Act of Direction.

6. Then follows a pause for a few minutes in which the group attempts to throw behind the searchlight their united directed and dynamic will or intent; this carries along the projected beam of light the destructive quality of the spiritual will - destructive to all that hinders the manifestation of divinity. This is done by attaining a united point of tension, and the dedication of the individual and group will to the will of God. This is called the Act of Will and is carried on by each member of the group silently and with a deep realization that all are thus accepted and that it is the group will which is being silently focused. Then together they say:

"With power upon its beam, the light is focused on the goal."

7. Then comes the Act of Projection and the saying of the words of power which - again naming the particular glamor which is the subject of attention and thus bringing it consciously into relation with the focused light - begins the task of dissipation.

"The power of our united light prevents the appearance of the glamor of... (naming it). The power of our united light negates the quality of the glamor from affecting men. The power of our united light destroys the life behind the glamor."

These words are very nearly the same as those in the individual formula and gain strength from the experience of the aspirant and from his familiarity with their use. This constitutes an Act of Affirmation [234] which is the second part of the Act of Projection.

8. Then comes an important aspect of the work in which the group members visualize the gradual dissipation and dispersal of the glamor by the penetration of the light into its darkness. They endeavor to see it disintegrating and the reality emerging, doing this by an effort of the creative imagination. Each will do this in his own way and according to his understanding and capacity. This is the Act of Penetration.

9. Now follows five minutes of silence and intensity of purpose while the group waits for the work instituted to go forward. Then follows the group withdrawal of its consciousness from the astral plane and the world of glamor. The group members refocus their attention first of all on the mental plane and then on the soul, relinquishing all thought of the glamor, knowing that the work has been successfully carried forward. They reorganize themselves as a group in relation to the kingdom of souls and to each other. Occultly speaking, the "searchlight of the soul is shut off." This is the Act of Withdrawal.

10. The OM is then sounded in group formation; and then, in order to emphasize that the group work is ended, each member of the group sounds the OM alone, saying:

"So let it be, and help me in my own life to end all glamor and untruth."

It will take aspirants some time to gain facility in this work, but it is surely obvious that in learning what is an [235] entirely new technique of service each step must be mastered and practiced for quite a long time. Every new branch of learning takes some time to become familiar and this one is no exception. But the effort is well worth while both from the individual angle and as an act of service to humanity.

That all the groups may learn to function in the light and that glamor may disappear from all your lives so that you may walk freely in that light and use that light for others is the wish of my heart for you.

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