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Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor
We come now to the consideration of the formula to be used by those who seek to serve humanity by deliberately breaking up and dispersing the glamors which hold the race in thrall and who know the need to do this in group formation. Certain individual characteristics are essential for the personnel of such groups. First of all there must be an ability to work "without attachment" to results and to use the formula for a given length of time (for instance, once a week for two years or more) without looking for results; they need to realize that they can never know whether they are successful or not, because the glamors they are attempting to dissipate are so widespread and general that effects cannot be grasped by their individual minds. They are too close to the picture; their perspective has necessarily to be that of the immediate foreground. Secondly, they must have an intelligent appreciation of what constitutes a world glamor so that they can occultly "name it" and, by so doing, contact it. They must, thirdly, be accustomed to the work of dispersing glamor in their own lives; the necessity to do this and their success in so doing are factors which indicate their suitability for the task.

They must, finally, love their fellowmen. This they must not do as the sixth ray person loves them, with an isolating devotion, but as the second ray person loves - with an all round appreciation of humanity, an understanding heart, plus a critical mind, which loves steadily in spite of error seen, with a clear sighted perception of the assets and the debits of an individual or a race. The ability to [225] do this is one of the factors which enables the sixth ray aspirant to transfer off the minor sixth ray and find his place upon the major second ray, as must all sixth and fourth ray initiates.

One of the requirements in this group work is a most careful choice of those who are to participate in the work. They must be chosen because they can work together. They must either know each other exceedingly well and be free from personality frictions or they must be relatively unknown to each other as personalities but are drawn to each other as soul-collaborators in this particular work. They must, as far as in them lies, endeavor to work with regularity so that a rhythm can be set up which will lead to a steady rhythmic impact of the light upon the glamor. They must also adhere faithfully to the formula given. This is one of the initial formulas and is most powerful because it is one of the very first to be used in group dissipation of glamor. This whole procedure is entirely new as far as man is concerned, and the work to be done will necessarily prove hard as it involves an interesting situation. The groups who will do this work of piercing the glamors which dim the vision of humanity and of dissipating them will be the first non-initiate groups to work this way upon the physical plane and to work consciously and with fixed intent. Hitherto the work has been carried forward by members of the Hierarchy, and then only with the idea of holding back the glamors until such time as humanity was ready to destroy that which it had created. Glamors have also been pierced before now by massed effort carried forward for a long time and usually without any very real conscious understanding. An illustration of this would be the work done by the Church in a diffused and vague way in piercing the glamor of material desire and material good by substituting the idea of a heavenly substitute. The work that is [226] now planned is dynamic and clear cut, consciously carried forward and specific in its impact. It is a definite method of handling and projecting the energy of light with the objective of destroying the impediments of an emotional-mental nature upon the Path of Return to God.

It is desirable and aids an easier and more concentrated form of work if the group can meet together for the use of the formula. If, however, this proves not possible, then the personnel of the group can arrange to work apart but with the idea of the work being group work firmly realized and with a steady recognition of the members who form the group body. This is necessary both for the "pooling of the light" and also for protection from the glamor to be attacked. This "pooling of the light" is a major requirement and must ever be borne in mind. Whenever possible, the rule should be that the work is done at some definite planned group meeting, even if this entails quite drastic sacrifice on the part of some of the members.

I advise that some glamor which all the group members recognize as a major hindrance to the progress of humanity be one of the first handled by the group. I would also advise that in the early stages of their work, they deal with a glamor affecting aspirants and that they do not attempt to tackle the more widely spread and deeply centered glamors of the race as a whole. Let them develop facility in handling some of the lesser and more easily visualized glamors. Then as time goes on and facility in the work is gained, the group can pass to the more difficult tasks and handle the glamors further removed from their own orbit of difficulties. It is surely needless for me to point out that the group members be but those who are endeavoring to keep their own lives free from glamor. I would also add that if a group member is in the thick of glamor himself and is occupied with wrestling with it, he should abstain [227] from the group work until he has freed himself with the aid of the individual formula.

Those who can face themselves with an open eye and who see the truth as it is, who can face the same facts in connection with humanity, and can stand serene and unafraid in the face of the worst kind of discoveries about themselves and the world of men, are those who will employ this technique with the most success. I would also remind you that the group will need to protect itself from the glamor or glamors which it is attempting to dissipate. Their individual tendency to glamor is the factor which gives them the right to serve in this way but it also lays them open to danger, and for this a protective formula will be necessary.

The formula will, therefore, be divided into three parts:

  1. The Preparatory Stages.
  2. The Use of the Protective Formula.
  3. Group Formula for the Dissipation of Glamor.

The work done by the individual in dealing with his personal problems of glamor will greatly facilitate the preparatory work of the group.

You will note that in outlining to you this work, I make no reference to the type of room, to the position of the group members, to posture assumed, to the use of incense, or to any of the paraphernalia which so many occult groups deem of importance. The set physical rituals are today (from the angle of the Hierarchy) entirely obsolete and of no importance where disciples and advanced aspirants are concerned. They are of value to the little evolved in whom the sense of drama has to be developed and who need external aids, and they do provide a setting which serves to help beginners to keep the theme of their work and their objective in view. The only ritual which is [228] still regarded as of value to the human family as a whole - particularly to the advanced person - is the Masonic Ritual. The reason for this is that it is a pictorial representation of the process of Creation, of the relation between God and man, of the Path of Return and also of those great Initiations through the means of which the liberated initiate passes into the Council Chamber of the Most High. But with the exception of this, the small petty rituals of position and of physical relations in respect to attitude and seating arrangements are regarded as unnecessary and as usurping frequently the attention which should be given to the work in hand.

Those using these formulas are presumed to have acquired some measure of inner polarization and to be able to withdraw themselves to their spiritual center in any place and at any time. This is the center of quiet thought from whence the work is carried on.

All that is needed as a preface to this group work is ten minutes of complete silence in which the group members attempt to set up that magnetic field of positive receptive activity (note here the paradoxes of the occult sciences) which will make the rest of the work possible.

The leader of the group (chosen in rotation so that all the members of the group occupy that position) starts the work by calling the names of the group members and as each name is called, the other group members look directly into the eyes of the one named, who rises and for a minute faces them. Thus a rapport and a relationship is established because the directive magnetic force of each soul is always reached from "eye to eye." This is the occult significance of the words "Can you look me in the eye?" or "They eyed each other" and similar phrases. Then, having established this interlocking relationship, the group sits in silence for ten minutes. This is done in order to withdraw the [229] consciousness from all world and personal affairs and center it upon the work to be done. At the end of that time, the leader names the glamor with which the group is to be occupied. There will be no dissension anent the glamor at the time of the group meeting because the group members - outside the meetings and for a month prior to undertaking the task of dissipating the glamor will have made a study of it, its implications, its historicity and effects - psychological, individual, group and national, and also its widespread influence over humanity as a whole. The experience of the group in this type of work will determine the nature of the glamor to be dealt with. As I earlier pointed out, the inexperienced group of workers will begin by dealing with one of the glamors which hinder aspirants and will pass on from these to handle the more powerful and more widely dispersed glamors which trouble humanity as a whole. This preface to the work is frequently called the Act of Naming, because both the group members and also the glamor are named.

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