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Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor
b. The Dissipation of Group Glamor and of World Glamor

Group work in dissipating world glamor must be handled (as will be obvious to you) by those who are working at the dissipation of glamor in their own lives and have learnt to use the formula just given. The majority of those so working are sixth ray aspirants - those who have sixth ray personalities or whose soul ray is the sixth, plus those on all rays who have powerful sixth ray astral vehicles. These make the most effective workers in the group but are subject to one major difficulty. In spite of aspiration and good intention, they are seldom aware of the glamors which control them. It is exceedingly hard to induce the sixth ray aspirant to admit that he is held [222] by a glamor, particularly when it is glamor of spiritual connotation and of a very high order. In their case, the glamor is enhanced by the energy of devotion which stiffens it and brings in a quality which makes it most difficult to penetrate. Their complete assurance proves a serious obstacle to clear-sighted work because that has all to go before the work of dissipation can be carried forward successfully. First ray people can overcome glamor with relative ease once they become aware of it as a personality limitation. Third ray people are as susceptible to it as are those of the sixth ray and their devious, twisting, planning minds and the rapidity with which they can deceive themselves (and seek often to deceive others) greatly hinders their work of clearing away glamor. Their pronounced tendency to be the victims of glamor is evidenced by the inability of the third ray aspirant and disciple to convey his meaning clearly by speech. He has guarded himself for many lives by devious formulations of thought and of ideas and can seldom convey his meaning clearly. This is why sixth ray people and third ray people almost inevitably prove themselves unable to teach. Both these groups must, therefore, learn to use this formula and they would greatly hasten the process of dissipation if they would force themselves to speak or write their thoughts clearly, if they would never be ambiguous or deal in half thoughts, innuendo or suggestion. They should clearly enunciate the ideas with which they may be dealing.

The seventh ray person is faced with the difficulty of being able to create exceedingly clear-cut thought-forms and the glamors, therefore, which control him are precise and definite and, to him, all compelling. They rapidly crystallize, however, and die their own death. Second ray aspirants are usually fully aware of any glamor which may be seeking to hold them because they have an innate faculty [223] of clear perception. Their problem is to kill out in themselves their rapid response to the magnetic pull of the astral plane and its many and widespread glamors. They are not so frequently responsive to a glamor as to all glamors in a relatively temporary manner but one which is nevertheless exceedingly delaying to their progress. Because of their clear-sightedness, they add to this sensitivity to glamor an ability to suffer about it and to register their responsiveness as a sin and failure and thus delay their liberation from it by a negative attitude of inferiority and distress. They will profit enormously from a constant use of the formula until the time comes when they are aware of the glamor or glamors but are not touched by them. Fifth ray people suffer the least from glamor but are primarily the victims of illusion, and for them the Technique of the Presence is all-important because it brings in a factor which the true fifth ray person is apt to negate and refuse to admit, the fact of the Higher Self. He feels self-sufficient. They respond so easily and with such satisfaction to the power of thought; pride in their mental competence is their besetting sin and they are, therefore, set in their purposes and preoccupied with the world of the concrete and the intellectual. The moment that the Angel of the Presence is a reality to them, their response to illusion weakens and disappears. Their major problem is not so much the negation of the astral body, for they are apt to despise its hold, but they have a major difficulty in recognizing that which the mind is intended to reveal - the divine spiritual Self. Their lower concrete mind interposes itself between them and the vision.

Fourth ray people are peculiarly prone to fall into glamor and thus to produce a condition which is one of extreme difficulty. I might define their problem by saying that they tend to bring their illusions down to the astral plane and there clothe them with glamor and have [224] consequently a double problem upon their hands; they are faced with a unification of glamor and illusion. They are, however, the group of souls which will eventually reveal the true nature of the intuition and this will be the result of their illusory glamorous fight in the world of appearances.

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