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Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor
The theme with which we are dealing - the light of the soul as it dissipates glamor in the three worlds - is the most practical and useful and needed subject for study to be found today: it concerns the astral plane, and the service to be rendered is vital and timely. The ridding of the world of the individual and the world of humanity as a whole of the all-enveloping glamor which holds humanity in thrall is an essential requirement for the race. The new era which will open up before mankind at the close of the war will be distinguished by its mental polarization and consequent freedom from glamor; then illusion will for a time control until the intuition is more fully developed. This illusion will produce vastly different results to those which follow when men live and work in the midst of glamor. The second characteristic of the new era will be the scientific approach to the entire problem of glamor which will then be recognized for what it is and will be scientifically dissipated by the use of the illumined minds of groups, working in unison for just that purpose.

The proposition, therefore, which I am laying before you (who are the aspirants and the disciples of the world) is the possibility of a definite world service. Groups will eventually be formed of those who are working at the dissipation of glamor in their individual lives and who are doing so not so much in order to achieve their own liberation but with the special objective of ridding the astral plane of its significant glamors. They will work untidily on some major phase of world glamor by the power of their individual illumined minds; untidily they will turn "the searchlight of the mind, reflecting the light of the sun but at the same time radiating its own inner light upon the mists and fogs of Earth, for in these mists and fogs all men stumble. [198] Within the lighted sphere of the focused radiant light, reality will issue forth triumphant."

It is interesting to note that the most ancient prayer in the world refers to the three aspects of glamor, and it is for these that the three techniques must be used to make release and progress possible. As you know, this prayer runs as follows (Brihadaranyaki Upanishad 1, 3, 28) :

"Lead us, 0 Lord, from darkness to light;
from the unreal to the real;
from death to immortality."

"Lead us from darkness to light" refers to the mind as it becomes eventually illumined by the light of the intuition; this illumination is brought about by the means of the Technique of the Presence from Whom the light shines. This is the mediating factor producing the Transfiguration of the personality, and a center of radiant light upon the mental plane. This statement is true whether one is speaking of an individual or of that focal point of light which is formed by the mental unity and the clear thinking of advanced humanity. These, through the power of their unified minds, will succeed in ridding the world of some aspects of the Great Illusion.

"Lead us from the unreal to the Real" has specific relation to the astral plane and its all-encompassing glamors. These glamors embody the unreal and present them to the prisoners of the astral plane, leading them to mistake them for the Reality. This imprisonment by glamor can be ended by the activity of the Technique of Light, utilized by those who work - in group formation - for the dissipation of glamor and for the emergence in the consciousness of men of a clear conception and recognition of the nature of Reality.

This particular work of dissipation is our immediate theme. It is of vital importance that those who recognize [199] the open door to the future through which all men must pass should begin to carry forward this work. Only thus can humanity be helped to leave behind the errors, the glamors and the failures of the past. It is this technique which brings freedom from glamor and which can transform human living, and so bring in the new civilization and culture. This dissipation can be carried forward by disciples in all parts of the planet, aided by the world aspirants; it will, however, be primarily the work of those whose ray focus makes astral living the line of least resistance and who have learnt or are learning to dominate it by the power of thought and mental light. These are the sixth ray people in the first instance, aided by aspirants and disciples upon the second and fourth rays.

In time and space, this task will be first of all instituted and controlled in group formation only by aspirants whose soul or personality rays are the sixth or by those whose astral bodies are conditioned by the sixth ray. When they have grasped the nature of the work to be done and "fanatically adopted the technique of light in the service of the race," their work will be completed by second ray disciples, working from the Ashrams of those Masters Who take disciples. The work done by these two groups will be finally revealed (and at a much later date) by those aspirants and disciples who will swing into astral activity when the fourth ray again begins to manifest. Therefore, the work of dissipating glamor is carried forward by those who come out into manifestation along the lines of energy which embody the second, fourth and sixth rays. I emphasize this as disciples frequently undertake tasks for which they are not particularly fitted and whose rays do not aid them in accomplishment and sometimes prevent that accomplishment. [200]

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