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Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor
In connection, therefore, with this second technique, I would like to take some words out of the Bible, substituting the word "light" for the word "faith." I give you this definition: Light is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. This is perhaps one of the most occult definitions of the light of the world that has yet been given and its true meaning is intended to be revealed in the next two generations. The word "faith" is a good [194] instance of the method of rendering "blind" some of the ancient truths so that their significance may not be prematurely revealed. Light and substance are synonymous terms. Soul and light are equally so, and in this equality of idea - light, substance, soul - you have the key to fusion and to the at-one-ment which Christ expressed so fully for us in His life on Earth.

When, therefore, students and aspirants have made progress in soul contact, they have taken one of the first important steps towards the comprehension of light and its uses. They must however be careful not to confuse the light which they can bring to bear on life, circumstance, events, and on environment with the intuition. The light with which we are concerned expresses itself in the three worlds and reveals form and forms, their reaction and effects, their glamor and attractive appeal, and their power to delude and imprison consciousness. The light concerned is soul light, illuminating the mind and bringing about revelation of the world of forms in which that life is immersed.

The intuition is concerned with nothing whatsoever in the three worlds of human experience but only with the perceptions of the Spiritual Triad and with the world of ideas. The intuition is to the world of meaning what the mind is to the three worlds of experience. It produces understanding just as the light of soul produces knowledge, through the medium of that experience. Knowledge is not a purely mental reaction but is something which is found on all levels and is instinctual in some form in all kingdoms. This is axiomatic. The five senses bring physical plane knowledge; psychic sensitivity brings a knowledge of the astral plane; the mind brings intellectual perception, but all three are aspects of the light of knowledge (coming from the soul) as it informs its vehicles of expression in the vast threefold [195] environment in which it chooses to imprison itself for purposes of development.

On a higher turn of the spiral, the intuition is the expression of the threefold Spiritual Triad, placing it in relation to the higher levels of divine expression; it is a result of the life of the Monad - an energy which carries revelation of divine purpose. It is in the world of this divine revelation that the disciple learns eventually to work and in which the initiate consciously functions. Of this higher experience, the active life of the three worlds is a distorted expression but constitutes also the training ground in which capacity to live the initiate life of intuitional perception and to serve the Plan is slowly developed. These distinctions (in time and space, because all distinctions are part of the great illusion, though necessary and inevitable when the mind controls) must be carefully considered. Disciples will reach a point in their development where they will know whether they are reacting to the light of the soul or to the intuitional perception of the Triad. They will then come to the point where they will realize that intuitive perception - as they call it - is only the reaction of the illumined personality to the identification tendency of the Triad. But these concepts are beyond the grasp of the average man because fusion and identification are by no means the same.

The rules for the Technique of Light have been adequately laid down in the Raja Yoga system of Patanjali, of which the five stages of Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation, Illumination, and Inspiration are illustrative; these, in their turn, must be paralleled by a following of the Five Rules and the Five Commandments. I would ask you to study these. They, in their turn, produce the many results in psychic sensitivity, of which hierarchical contact, illumination, service and discipline are descriptive and, finally, the [196] stage of "isolated unity," which is the paradoxical term used by Patanjali to describe the inner life of the initiate.

Most of what I have said above is well known to all aspirants whether they study the Raja Yoga teaching of India or the life of practical mysticism as laid down by such mystics as Meister Eckhart and the more mentally polarized modern esotericist. These latter went beyond the mystical vision by arriving at fusion. I need not enlarge on this. It is the higher stage of at-one-ment to which all true mystics bear witness.

What does concern us here is how this light is recognized, appropriated and used in order to dispel glamor and render a deeply esoteric service to the world. It might be said that the inner light is like a searchlight, swinging out into the world of glamor and of human struggle from what one Master has called "the pedestal of the soul and the spiritual tower or beacon." These terms convey the idea of altitude and of distance which are so characteristic of the mystical approach. Power to use this light as a dissipating agent only comes when these symbols are dropped and the server begins to regard himself as the light and as the irradiating center. Herein lies the reason for some of the technicalities of the occult science. The esotericist knows that in every atom of his body is to be found a point of light. He knows that the nature of the soul is light. For aeons, he walks by means of the light engendered within his vehicles, by the light within the atomic substance of his body and is, therefore, guided by the light of matter. Later, he discovers the light of the soul. Later still, he learns to fuse and blend soul light and material light. Then he shines forth as a Light bearer, the purified light of matter and the light of the soul being blended and focused. The use of this focused light as it dispels individual glamor teaches the disciples the early stages of the technique which will dispel [197] group glamor and eventually world glamor, and this is the next point with which we will deal.

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