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Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor
The whole subject is related to consciousness, to the second aspect, and concerns the forms through which mankind becomes progressively aware. Glamor is caused by the recognition of that which man has himself created and, as has occultly been said, "Man only becomes aware of reality when he has destroyed that which he has himself created." These forms fall into two major groups:
  1. Those forms which are of very ancient origin and which are the result of human activity, human thinking and of human error. They embrace all the forms which the desire nature of man has created down the ages and are the nebulous substance of glamor - nebulous from the physical angle but dense from the angle of the astral plane. They are that which provides the incentive behind all striving and activity upon the outer plane as man attempts to satisfy desire. From these forms the individual aspirant has ever to rid himself, emerging after so doing through that gate which we call the second initiation into a wider consciousness.
  2. Those forms which are being constantly created and ceaselessly produced in response to the aspirational nature of humanity and which provide the enticements which lead the man along towards high personal achievement in the first instance and spiritual achievement later. They have in them the indications of the new and the possible. These likewise (strange as it may seem) constitute a glamor, for they are temporary and illusory and must not be permitted to hide the Real. That Reality will precipitate itself at the right moment once the higher light pours in. They are indicative of the Real and are often mistaken for the Real; they are in conflict with the old thoughts and desires of the past and must eventually give place to the factual presence of the [201] Real. They provide (in times of crisis) the great testing for all aspirants and disciples, evoking the subtlest kind of discrimination; but once that testing has been triumphantly passed, then can the task of dissipating both these types of glamor be given to the disciple and aspirant, with the emphasis upon the immediate need or any particular and current world glamor.

It will be apparent to you, therefore, that groups working consciously at the service of dissipating glamor will have the following characteristics:

  1. They will be composed of sixth ray aspirants and disciples, aided by second ray spiritual workers.
  2. They will be formed of those who:
    1. Are learning or have learnt to dissipate their own individual glamors and can bring understanding to the task.
    2. Are focused upon the mental plane and have, therefore, some measure of mental illumination. They are mastering the Technique of Light.
    3. Are aware of the nature of the glamors which they are attempting to dissipate and can use the illumined mind as a searchlight.
  3. They will count among their numbers those who (occultly speaking) have the following powers in process of rapid development:
    1. The power not only to recognize glamor for what it is, but to discriminate between the various and many types of glamor.
    2. The power to appropriate the light, absorbing it into themselves and then consciously and scientifically project it into the world of glamor. The [202] Masters, the higher initiates and the world disciples do this alone, if need be, and require not the protection of the group or the aid of the light of the group members.
    3. The power to use the light not only through absorption and projection but also by a conscious use of the will, carrying energy upon the beam of projected light. To this they add a persistent and steady focus. This beam, thus projected, has a twofold use: It works explosively and dynamically, much as a strong wind blows away or dissipates a dense fog or as the rays of the sun dry up and absorb the mist. It acts also as a beam along which that which is new and a part of the divine intention can enter. The new ideas and the desired ideals can come in "on the beam," just as the beam directs and brings in the airplanes to a desired landing place.
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