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Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor
2. The Technique of Light

We come now to the consideration of the next development and service to be rendered through the medium of another technique.

This theme is so vast and there is so much literature to be found in all the world Scriptures, commentaries and [191] theological dissertations on the subject of Light that the simple truth and a few basic principles are lost to sight in a welter of words.

In my various books I have given much anent this subject and in the book, The Light of the Soul, which I wrote in collaboration with A. A. B., an effort was made to indicate the nature of the light of the soul. The key to this technique is to be found in the words: In that Light shall we see LIGHT. A simple paraphrase of these apparently abstract and symbolic words could be given as follows: When the disciple has found that lighted center within himself and can walk in its radiating light, he is then in a position (or in a state of consciousness, if you prefer) wherein he becomes aware of the light within all forms and atoms. The inner world of reality stands visible to him as light-substance (a different thing to the Reality, revealed by the intuition).

He can then become an efficient cooperator with the Plan because the world of psychic meaning becomes real to him and he knows what should be done to dispel glamor. It might be stated that this process of bringing light into dark places falls naturally into three stages:

  1. The stage wherein the beginner and the aspirant endeavor to eradicate glamor out of their own life by the use of the light of the mind. The light of knowledge is a major dispelling agent in the earlier phases of the task and effectively eliminates the various glamors which veil the truth from the aspirant.
  2. The stage wherein the aspirant and disciple work with the light of the soul. This is the light of wisdom which is the interpreted result of long experience, and this streams forth, blending with the light of knowledge.
  3. The stage wherein the disciple and the initiate work with the light of the intuition. It is through the blended [192] medium of the light of knowledge (personality light) and the light of wisdom (soul light) that the Light is seen, known and appropriated. This light puts out the lesser lights through the pure radiance of its power.

You have therefore the light of knowledge, the light of wisdom and the light of the intuition, and these are three definite stages or aspects of the One Light. They correspond to the physical Sun, the heart of the Sun, and the Central Spiritual Sun. In this last sentence you have the clue and the key to the relation of man to the Logos.

These stages and their corresponding techniques are apt to be misunderstood if the student fails to remember that between them lie no real lines of demarcation but only a constant overlapping, a cyclic development and a process of fusion which is most confusing to beginners. Just as the result of innate reaction to environment produces the apparatus needed to contact that environment, so the unfoldment of the powers which these techniques serve produces modes of contact with soul and spiritual environments. Each of these techniques is related to a new environment; each of them eventually develops power in the initiate or disciple which can be used in the service of humanity and in higher spheres of divine activity; each is related to the other techniques, and each releases the disciple into a conscious relationship with a new environment, new states of awareness and new fields of service. For instance:

  1. The Technique of the Presence, when successfully followed, enables the intuition to flow in and to supersede the activity of the rationalizing mind and to dispel illusion, substituting for that illusion divine ideas, formulated into concepts which we call ideals. The Masters, it should be remembered, only use the mind for two activities: [193]
    1. To reach the minds of Their disciples and attract aspirants through the medium of an instrument similar to the disciple's mind.
    2. To create thought-forms on concrete levels which can embody these divine ideas. The directing Agent, the Angel of the Presence, produces the power to create in this manner, and this we call the result of the intuition - idea or truth, its perception and its reproduction.
  2. The Technique of Light is more closely related to the mind and signifies the method whereby the illumination which flows from the soul (whose nature is light) can irradiate not only ideals but life, circumstances and events, revealing the cause and the meaning of the experience. When the power of the disciple to illumine is grasped, he has taken the first step towards dispelling glamor; and just as the technique of the Presence becomes effective upon the mental plane, so this technique produces powers which can become effective on the astral plane and eventually bring about the dissipation and the disappearance of that plane.
  3. The Technique of Indifference renders ineffective or neutralizes the hold of substance over the life or spirit, functioning in the three worlds, for soul is the evidence of life.
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