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Glamor - A World Problem - The Nature of Glamor
When an aspirant reaches that point in his evolution wherein the control of the physical nature is an urgent necessity, he recapitulates in his own life this earlier battle with the lowest pairs of opposites, and begins then to discipline his dense physical nature.

Making a broad and sweeping generalization, it might be said that for the human family en masse this dense physical-etheric conflict was fought out in the World War, which was the imposition of a tremendous test and discipline. Remember that our tests and disciplines are self-imposed and grow out of our limitations and our opportunities. The result of this test was the passing on to the Path of Probation of a very large number of human beings, owing to the purging and purification to which they had been subjected. This purificatory process in some measure prepared them for the prolonged conflict upon the astral plane which lies ahead of all aspirants prior to achieving initiation. It is the "Arjuna experience." This is an interesting point upon which to ponder and explains much of mystery and of difficulty in the sequence of human unfoldment. The individual aspirant is apt to think only in terms of himself and of his individual tests and trials. He must learn to think of the mass occurrences and their preparatory effect where humanity is concerned. The World War was a climaxing point in the process of "devitalizing" the world maya. Much force was released and exhausted and much energy expended. Much was consequently clarified.

Many people are occupied today in their individual lives with exactly the same process and conflict. On a tiny scale that which was worked out in the World War is worked out in their lives. They are busy with the problem of maya [89] and hence today we find an increasing emphasis upon the physical cultures, disciplines, and physical training, such as is imposed in the world of sport, in athletic exercises and military training. In spite of all the wrong motives and the terrible and evil effects (speaking again with a wide generalization), the training of the body and the organized physical direction of the youth of the world today in all countries, particularly the military countries in Europe, is preparing the way for millions to pass upon the Path of Purification. Is this a hard truth, my brothers? Humanity is under right direction, e'en if (during a brief interlude) they misunderstand the process and apply wrong motives to right activities.

All these points we shall later take up in greater detail when we come to our third section and begin to study the modes of ending glamor, illusion and maya. At present I am only occupied with giving you a general picture and a slight elaboration of the tabulation to be found on page 41. Study it with care and memorize it if possible, for in its right understanding lies for you much of real usefulness.

I would like to point out in connection with the problem of maya that one of the first steps to its right handling is physical coordination; hence the emphasis laid upon this today in the training of children; hence also our use of a similar process under the term "alignment" when dealing with the work of meditation and the effort to induce increased soul control. Students would do well to bear this in mind and to ponder upon the following phrases:

  1. Physical coordination.
  2. Astral orientation.
  3. Mental direction.
  4. Personality alignment.

These are all attempts to express the process of "right activity [90] upon the Path of Return." This return is the objective of the human family and the culminating goal of the four kingdoms in nature. We could enlarge the concept by expressing the truth in the following manner:

Process Correspondence Obstacle
1. Physical coordination Mineral kingdom Maya.
2. Astral orientation Vegetable kingdom Glamor.
3. Mental direction Animal kingdom Illusion.
4. Personality alignment Human kingdom The Dweller
on the Threshold.
These processes have, therefore, their equivalents in all the kingdoms and lead up to:
  1. The unfoldment of the divine consciousness.
    This starts in the mineral kingdom.
  2. The expression of the soul.
    This is typified in the vegetable kingdom with its uses and beauty.
  3. The manifestation of the Christ.
    This is the recognized goal of the animal kingdom which works towards individualization.
  4. The revelation of the glory of God.
    This is the objective before humanity.
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