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Glamor - A World Problem - The Nature of Glamor
At this point I desire to do two things: I seek to outline a little more carefully this discussion or short treatise on glamor, so that our ideas may be clearly formulated and you will have a textbook for future reference which [39] will serve to guide your group and analogous groups in the way of right activity. Secondly, I wish to recapitulate somewhat those things which I have already stated so as to enrich your understanding of the various phases of the world glamor. This world glamor, the analytical mind has to differentiate into distinctive phases, calling them Illusion, Glamor, Maya and that synthetic thought-form, found on the Path of Discipleship, which is called by some schools of esotericism the Dweller on the Threshold.

As you will see from this, my brothers, we have set ourselves a large theme, which must be very carefully handled. My task is a difficult one, because I write for those who are still held by the varying aspects of glamor, and usually by the secondary glamor and maya. Illusion does not yet fully play its part and the Dweller is seldom adequately realized. I would here remind you of a stupendous occult fact and will ask you to endeavor to understand that whereof I speak. The Dweller on the Threshold does not emerge out of the fog of illusion and of glamor until the disciple is nearing the Gates of Life. Only when he can catch dim glimpses of the Portal of Initiation and an occasional flash of light from the Angel of the Presence Who stands waiting beside that door, can he come to grips with the principle of duality, which is embodied for him in the Dweller and the Angel. Do you comprehend that whereof I speak? As yet, my words embody for you symbolically a future condition and event. The day will surely come, however, when you will stand in full awareness between these symbols of the pairs of opposites, with the Angel on the right and the Dweller on the left. May strength then be given to you to drive straight forward between these two opponents, who have for long ages waged warfare in the field of your life, and so may you [40] enter into that Presence where the two are seen as one, and naught is known but life and deity.

In summarizing some of the information I have given to you concerning the four aspects of glamor, I would offer the following tabulation for your careful consideration. [42]


Name Plane Opposite Objective Battleground Technique
Illusion Mental Intuition
Dispelling Path of
World of Ideas
by soul
Glamor Astral Illumination
Dissipation Path of
Holding the
mind steady
in the light
Maya Etheric Inspiration Devitalization Path of
Dweller on
the Threshold
Angel of the
Discrimination Integrated
End of duality.


  1. A dawning sense of maya arose in Lemurian days, but there was no real glamor and illusion.
  2. Glamor arose in early Atlantean times.
  3. Illusion arose among advanced human beings in later Atlantean days and will be a controlling factor in our Aryan race.
  4. The Dweller on the Threshold arrives at full potency at the end of this race, the Aryan, and in the lives of all initiates prior to taking the third initiation.
  5. The subhuman kingdoms in nature are free from glamor and illusion, but are immersed in the world maya.
  6. The Buddha and His 900 arhats struck the first blow at the world glamor when He promulgated His Four Noble Truths. The Christ struck the second blow with His teaching of the nature of individual responsibility and of brotherhood. The next blow will be struck by the New Group of World Servers, acting under the direction of Christ and His disciples, symbolically described as "Christ and His 9000 initiates."
  7. The Four Keynotes to the solution of the problem of glamor are:
    Intuition - Illumination - Inspiration - The Angel of the Presence.
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