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Esoteric Astrology - The Three Crosses - The Cross of the Hidden Christ
Perhaps the simplicity of the following three symbols may serve somewhat to clarify that which I have tried to impart. [560]

The Mutable Cross of material change and constant movement can be depicted by the swastika. The man is


unconscious of the nature of the four entering energies and interprets little in terms of the soul. The energies make their impact upon him and drive him into material activity. This Cross of the personality dedicates the man who is crucified thereon to material ends in order that he may learn eventually their divine use. It is in the lower aspect of this Cross that the Nazis chose this symbol as theirs; they were expressing, at the dose of the material cycle of human existence, the false and evil use of matter, of which separativeness, cruelty and selfishness is the key. The misuse of substance and the prostitution of matter and form to evil ends is the sin against the Holy Spirit. It might be said that the swastika "drives into danger dire and into evil ways, those whose greed is great and who see no beauty in the dawning light and who know no love of human lives." To those who respond not to the lower aspects and effects of the whirling Cross (as it is sometimes called) "the swastika flings them from itself and far afield until they come to rest upon the Cross of chosen crucifixion," the Fixed Cross of the pledged disciple.

The symbol of the Fixed Cross (as far as humanity is concerned) might be depicted thus: Here you have the [561]

Fixed Cross

Cross of Humanity. On this Cross, the man is illumined and conscious of the effects of the completed cycle (indicated by the circle) of the four energies to which he was subjected upon the Mutable Cross.

The symbol for the Cardinal Cross is more complicated and can be portrayed thus: Here you have the triangle of

Cardinal Cross

manifested Monad, plus the three cycles of four energies, focused and blended in unity; you have also the line of evolution (the evolution of consciousness) going down deep into, and becoming inclusive of matter and at the same time reaching out into the "Spaces of Divinity."

Much that can be said anent the three Crosses has been already covered in scattered form when dealing separately with each of the twelve signs of the zodiac; it need not here be repeated. This Treatise, like The Secret Doctrine, is designed to instigate research and the power to delve and seek, because that process has a definite effect upon the cells of the brain and leads to a needed stimulation. In the study of the Crosses, the true meaning of their influence will only appear as you begin to think in terms of synthesis or of the relation of the four streams of energy, flowing unitedly upon and through any form of divine manifestation. This is by no means an easy thing to do, for the ability to think synthetically is only just beginning to appear in the foremost minds of the race. It can be illustrated, and then only analytically (which ever negates synthesis) by remarking in connection with the Mutable Cross, for instance, that the [562] synthesis of evolution, its problem and its goal all appear in a united, whole presentation when the influences are viewed as follows:

  1. Gemini - the presentation of duality.
  2. Virgo - the presentation of blending life and form.
  3. Sagittarius - the presentation of focused energy
  4. Pisces - the presentation of a blended radiance.

This culminating radiance is the result of the focus of life, intention, and energy into a "radiant point of power." You have been told that in connection with the Mutable Cross at this time the sign Pisces is the most potent and when the work of the Mutable Cross has been accomplished, the acquiescing disciple passes onto the Fixed Cross and prepares for the tests and trials of initiation. This is expressed for us in the occult symbology of the Old Commentary as follows:

"The Light shines forth because the greater light and the lesser light approach and then invoke each other. Their blended lights, though not yet one radiant sun, are merging fast. These blended lights reveal the Lighted Way.

The man beholds himself taking this other Way, the Way of lighted wholes; this leads from form to soul, from dark to light and thus around the Wheel. Retracing thus his steps and backward moving on the Way (the reversed wheel of the zodiac, A.A.B.) he forward moves.

A new light enters in. The Seven Sisters play their part (the Pleiades are in Taurus, the first sign of the Fixed Cross) and then three lights shine forth. And thus one radiant sun appears." [563]

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