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Esoteric Astrology - The Three Crosses - The Cross of the Hidden Christ
The theme of all three Crosses is fusion and integration. The fusion of the personality into one functioning whole; the fusion of soul and personality consciously; the fusion of the threefold expression of divinity - Monad, ego and personality - so that there is an appearance of the blended energies. The keynote of their influences is the power to include and the full expression simultaneously, in time and space, of the vertical and the horizontal life.

It should be noted that there are seven forms of light, related to the substance of the seven planes. These are stimulated and enhanced by the twelve forms of light of the twelve Creative Hierarchies, related each of them to one or other of the twelve signs of the zodiac. On this I may not enlarge as it concerns the mysteries of the higher initiations. I simply make the statement so that it may be appreciated by you as an occult fact to the proof of which you may not yet have access. A paralleling statement would be that the light of the seven centers in man (when enhanced by the light of the seven planetary centers) and the five kingdoms in nature (7 + 5 = 12), plus the twelve lights of the zodiac will produce a consummation of "light" effectiveness which will make possible the expression of the whole. This, through the medium of humanity. This is a basic statement which means little to you as yet but which will - in the next century - form a seed thought or "key sound" for the next revelation of the Ageless Wisdom.

Until the significance of the three Crosses is understood more fully and synthetically by astrologers and astrological investigators, it is almost impossible to find the needed words which will convey clearly the intended meaning. There has been no real attempt as yet on the part of astrologers (even the most advanced) to arrive at a general or synthetic understanding of the effect of the Crosses [564] upon humanity. All that has as yet been conveyed is the effect of one arm of the Cross upon the subject born in a particular sign. But there is a fusion of energies to be noted when, esoterically speaking, man "stands at the midway point where the four energies meet." The man whose Sun sign is in Gemini, for instance, is subjected to the forces flowing through the Cross as whole, unless he is a very low grade human being; he will be sensitive to the influences of the other three signs when they sweep into power as the lesser zodiac of the year plays its part. Later, when the practical value of esoteric astrology is better understood, men will avail themselves of the three energies of the three other signs of the Cross in which the Sun sign finds a place. This is a future development of the science of esoteric astrology. Putting it into the simplest terms and thereby necessarily limiting significances, a man will endeavor, when in Sagittarius, to practice one-pointedness along some one line; when in Virgo, he will know that opportunity to bring the form more under the influence of the hidden Christ is possible and that, in Pisces, sensitivity to the higher impression is his right and privilege. All these four possibilities, in regard to the advanced initiate are beautifully demonstrated for us in the life of Jesus, the Master on the sixth ray.

  • The Gemini aspect of His life is shown in the perfect fusion of the basic duality found in humanity: the human and the divine.
  • The Virgo aspect came into expression in His twelfth year when He said: "Wist ye not that I must be about My Father's business," thereby indicating the subordination of the form life to the will of the indwelling Christ; this was consummated when "divinity descended upon Him" at the Baptism. [565]
  • The Sagittarian energy enabled Him to say, when confronted with full knowledge of the imminent sacrifice which He would have to make: "I must go up to Jerusalem," and, we read, He then "set His face" and trod the Path of the Savior, leading to the liberation of humanity.
  • The Piscean aspect in its highest expression is demonstrated by His sensitivity to immediate and unbroken contact with His "Father in Heaven"; He was in constant communication with the Monad, thereby proving to the world that He was initiated into states of consciousness of which the third initiation is but the beginning.

All the three Crosses are shewn as functioning simultaneously in His life - a thing hitherto unknown in the perfection which He displayed - a perfection of perfect responsiveness and perfect demonstration of result as well, giving us a manifestation and an example of the fusion of the twelve energies in one divine Personality (expressing Individuality) on the physical plane. Let me briefly complete the demonstration of this truth - the truth that in the initiate of the higher degrees, all the twelve zodiacal energies can focus simultaneously and produce a complete exhibition of divinity, as it is intended eventually to express itself through humanity on this planet. I have given you the expression of the Mutable Cross. We will take the other two, in connection with the Christ and with the Cosmic Christ.

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