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Esoteric Astrology - The Three Crosses - The Cross of the Hidden Christ
1. The Cross of the Hidden Christ

Speaking generally, therefore, the Mutable Cross governs the form or body nature, controls the whole life cycle of the individual soul through the stages of the lower experiences of humanity, the strictly human stages, and the integrating processes of personality development until the man stands forth as an aligned person, slowly reorienting himself to a higher vision, a wider horizontal and vertical grasp of reality and thus becomes the aspirant. This Cross governs the lower triad in manifestation and rules in the three worlds of human evolution. The Fixed Cross governs the soul which is now conscious within the human form and in the three worlds, but controls throughout what is called "the five worlds of human attainment" the three strictly human levels of activity and the two superhuman, i.e., the lower trinity and the Spiritual Triad. It deals with the entire life of soul experience and expression after the Mutable Cross has effectively forced the man on to the Path of Purification and of Discipleship. It is concerned with the integration of soul and personality and their complete blending or fusion. The Cardinal Cross governs the manifestation of the Monad in all its glory and beauty, and this cycle of influence falls into two stages: the one in which the Monad expresses itself upon the six planes of manifestation in "wisdom, strength and beauty" through the medium of the integrated soul and personality. This is a relatively brief stage. Second, the stage wherein - withdrawn and abstracted from those forms of Being - "the ONE proceeds upon the higher Way and passes on to [558] realms unknown e'en to the highest of the Sons of God upon our Earth."

It might be added that the Mutable Cross is the conditioning influence in that great planetary center which we call the human; that the Fixed Cross is paramountly the major controlling set of energies governing, and being transmitted by, the center which we call the planetary Hierarchy; whilst the Cardinal Cross rules and conditions (in a manner unknown to men) that great planetary center to which we give the name Shamballa.

You will see, therefore, how stupendous is my theme. Only those, may I again repeat, who can think in terms of one or other of the three above Wholes, will know whereof I speak; lesser minds will get a general picture or vision of transcendental possibilities which will aid them to an expansion of consciousness, but what I say will remain far-off in the realm of the (temporarily) unattainable.

Will it clarify the subject technically and academically if I point out that

  1. The Mutable Cross is the Cross of the Holy Spirit, of the third Person of the Christian Trinity, as it organizes substance and evokes sensitive response from substance itself.
  2. The Fixed Cross is the Cross of the Son of God, of the second Person of the Trinity, driven through love to incarnate in matter and to be consciously crucified upon the Cross of matter.
  3. The Cardinal Cross is the Cross of the Father, the first aspect of the sacred Trinity, Who sent forth the Holy Spirit (the Breath) because the Mind of God visioned a destiny for matter which had been long in coming. [559] Now that the "time was at hand," the Son fulfiled the law in cooperation with the Holy Spirit and this in response to the fiat of the Father.

These three Crosses are, in their totality of manifestation, related to the three basic energies which brought the solar system into being; they constitute the three major and synthetic expressions of the supernal Will, motivated by love and expressed through activity. Upon these Crosses, the ability to see the Whole, purpose-motive-expression, life-quality-appearance, shifts and changes. Upon the Mutable Cross, the crucified man sees naught of the picture. He suffers, agonizes, desires, strives, is the apparent victim of circumstances, and is distinguished by a veiled vision and inchoate longings. These gradually take shape until he reaches the stage of acquiescence and aspiration. Then he finds himself upon the Fixed Cross and begins to grasp the whole of the purpose of experience upon the Mutable Cross (as far as humanity is concerned) and to realize that there is a hierarchical purpose which can only be grasped by the man who is willing to be crucified upon that Cross. He reaches the stage of responsibility, self-awareness and right direction. His orientation is now "the spiritually vertical which involves the inclusive horizontal." At this stage, the Plan of the Logos begins to take shape in his consciousness. Upon the Cardinal Cross, the purpose and the unified consummations of the two earlier crucifixions become almost blindingly apparent and a vision of the unified intent of the three Persons of the underlying Trinity (each upon His Own Cross) emerges with clarity.

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