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Esoteric Astrology - The Science of Triangles - The Triangles and the Centers
There is one triad of cosmic energy that is of supreme importance upon our planet and it is the united influence of its three constellations which will eventually bring about the initiation of the planetary Logos; this will warrant any future planetary expression of His life to be termed a "sacred planet." At present our Earth is not regarded as a sacred planet. Later, when these three energies have produced adequate effect and the needed planetary changes have been produced, the term "sacred" will be deemed correct and appropriate. This statement of course means little to any student at this time. When, however, he is able factually to realize two things, the case will be different. These are:
  • First, that the threefold energies which lie back of the activity of the center at Shamballa concern the planetary Logos; humanity is slowly becoming sensitive to that influence, but only in mass formation and not individually. Only theoretically can a disciple take note of this fact.
  • Second, these influences are playing upon that aspect of human life which we call the Monad; they will, therefore, have a steadily increasing effect upon the Path of Initiation.

These three constellations are Leo - Virgo - Pisces. They are spoken of esoterically as "the Producers of that which knows, the Informers of that which is awakened and the Constructors of the modes of fusing Wisdom. They produce a unity; They shatter that which They have produced only again to produce it in greater beauty and in wider fullness." These words are clear. This triangle is, at this [470] time, an inverted one with the Leo energies in the closest contact with our planetary life. The following triangle will show this more clearly.

Pisces - Virgo - Leo - Humanity

These three are connected definitely and increasingly with the unfoldment of human consciousness in three main aspects.

There is the development of self-consciousness to be fostered and this is the major effect - as well you know - of the force of Leo. The influence of this constellation aids in the manifestation of individual will, individual love, and individual intelligence; it fosters the "ahamkara" or egoistic principle; it produces the emphasis upon the "I am" attitude which is so necessary a stage before the individual can merge himself as a conscious Self-respecting unit in the Whole. But behind this influence and pressing through into manifestation is the force of Virgo (the mother or custodian of the Christ-consciousness) which shatters eventually the synthesis and the lower unity already produced by the Leo energy; it stimulates the soul within the form as well as the soul within each atom in the form, because the genius and uniqueness of Virgo is that it produces the form as well as stimulates the life within that form and, therefore, nourishes and energizes two lives simultaneously. It is a powerful dual energy, a potent expression of the anima mundi or the soul of the world. It was the, recognition of [471] this which made the ancient astrologers merge Virgo-Leo into one sign. Then as the dualism of the human spirit (spirit-matter) became a fact in the consciousness of man, the sign was divided into two signs and the war of the pairs of opposites became a "war with purpose" and is, incidentally, reaching its climax today. This fact will be obvious to all true esotericists.

Another stream of energy it also pushing through and producing effects upon those in the human family who not only respond to the Leo force and are consequently individuals in their own consciousness but are responding also to the steadily expanding Christ-consciousness; of this they are becoming increasingly aware in their own individual experience. This is the higher aspect of the energy of Pisces; it is awareness of the group, of the whole and of the universe. It is the energy of buddhi, the higher aspect of the lower psychic nature; it is the aspect of the mediator in contradistinction to the medium. It is intuitional control instead of the intellectual instead of the intellectual overlordship of Leo and the limitations of Virgo.

These three energies are today playing potently on humanity, producing:

  1. The self-consciousness of man, as he emerges out of the mass.
  2. The recognition of the Christ life and nature, as, the aspirant for the first initiation emerges out of the group of world individuals.
  3. The awareness, universal in nature, of the initiate, as he emerges out of the ranks of the world disciples.

All this is, therefore, brought about at this time by the steady inflow of the energies of Leo-Pisces-Virgo and these lie behind the very rapid unfoldment of the three types of [472] consciousness to be found in varying degrees in humanity today.

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