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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The Great Approaches
Early in this treatise we dealt with the general proposition of the value to psychology of a knowledge of the rays. We have considered the possibility of there being a scientific acceptance of the hypothesis of their existence, even if this recognition is only tendered provisionally. We must not forget that aspirants are increasing all over the world. Perhaps the simplest way to proceed is to state some of the developments [706] which will manifest when the ray of the soul is admitted and recognized and developed. These will be:

1. The solution of the present world conflict. This conflict now amounts in the material sense almost to an impasse. The results of soul contacts on human beings and the effect to be seen in the personality life might be stated to be as follows:

  1. Conflict, turmoil, opposed loyalties, inner warfare and a collision of divergent views.
  2. A sensitivity to ideas. This amounts in the earlier stages to a flexibility of response, amounting almost to instability, and producing constant change of viewpoint. This leads eventually to a sensitivity to the intuition which will enable an individual to distinguish promptly between the unreal and the real.
  3. A process of detachment. This is the difficult and painful process of laying down the lines of demarcation between the soul and the personality. This inevitably produces at first separation and divided interests, leading later to a submergence of personality interests in those of the Plan, and the absorption of personal desire in the aspects of the soul.
  4. A period of creativity, due to the third aspect of the soul which is the creator aspect. This development will produce definite habit changes in the physical plane life of the aspirant. It will lead to the consecration of the disciple to certain types of endeavor summed up in the words "artistic career".

These four effects of soul activity, which are in reality only the pouring in of soul force, through the channel of contact which the man has opened, will give to psychology the four [707] major causes of the present world difficulty. Each of these causes holds latent within itself its own solution. The present conflict, the widespread response to widely different ideologies, the economic pressure leading to material depredation, a most certain creativity of all the arts in the world today, and a new standard of values, are all problems confronting the trained thinker and psychologist. These conditioning effects are all of them to be seen among men today.

2. The emergence of world government. This emergence will be the result of these "five areas of difficulty", and the consequence of a more general understanding of:

  1. The causes of unrest.
  2. The point in evolution reached by humanity.
  3. The crises which must inevitably occur when man, the integrated human being, meets man, the spiritual reality.
  4. The moment of opportunity which is upon us. This is the result of certain astronomical happenings, such as the pouring in of energy from a new sign in the zodiac, and the shift of the earth's pole.

3. The development of the new art. This will be expressive of a sensitive response to ideas. The art of the past expressed largely man's understanding of the beauty of God's created world, whether it was the phenomenal wonder of native or the beauty of the human form. The art of today is as yet almost a childish attempt to express the world of feeling and of inner moods and those emotionally psychological reactions which govern the bulk of the race. They are, however, to the world of feeling - expression what the drawings of the cave man are to the art of Leonardo da Vinci. It is in the realm of words [708] today that this new art is most adequately expressing itself. The art of music will be the next approach nearer to the truth, and to the revelation of the emerging beauty; the art of the painter and of the sculptor will follow later. None of this is the art of expressing ideas creatively, which will be the glory of the Aquarian Age.

4. The understanding of the diseases of mystics, or the physical ills of the highly developed people of the world. These are predominantly psychological in character and may remain submerged in the realm of the mind and of sensitivity or they may work out as physiological effect with a definite psychological basis. These forms of physical disease are the most difficult to handle and are at present little understood. What do modern scientific investigators know of the distinction between those neurotic and psychological troubles which are based on personality integration, or on excessive soul stimulation, and those which are the result of wrong polarization? On these matters we may not here enlarge as the theme is too vast. It can, however, be noted that a recognition of the soul ray (as it makes its presence felt in the personality), will very frequently lead to definite psychological trouble. It might be well to add here a word of warning. We must be careful not to let our desire for soul contact fool us at this time into believing that our present physical difficulties (if there are any) are the result of this soul contact. It would be quite surprising if this were so. They are far more apt to be the result of astral polarization, of physical unwisdom and experimentation, and perhaps of the too rapid integration of the three aspects of the personality.

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