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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The Great Approaches
From this highest standpoint, the Hierarchy was enabled to make a definite step forward in 1936 as the result of the work done in the last fifty years; having made it, it became necessary to stabilize the position and from the point then reached to lay plans for the next move to be taken on behalf of humanity.

Thus we find the interlude with which we have been almost distressingly familiar. You may have been led to expect some great onward sweep, some clear time of reaping, or some spectacular climax of happenings. When all that occurred was an interim of relative silence and a period wherein nothing seemed to occur, it was natural for the majority to experience a sense of disappointment, a reaction which was almost equivalent, in some cases, to loss of faith, and a feeling [704] of emotional fatigue and mental futility which tried many to the utmost. It is wise to remember that these reactions do not affect the issue and in no way retard the event, though they may make the task of the approaching helpers more difficult and draw almost unnecessarily upon their spiritual resources.

These interludes of apparent silence, of inertia and of inactivity are part of the great preservative and constructive activity of the Hierarchy; they are both individual, group and planetary in nature. Aspirants must learn to work intelligently and understandingly with the law of cycles. They must not forget that they live in a world of seeming and have no real freedom in the world of reality.

In May, 1938, at the time of the full moon, the Council of the Hierarchy to which I have several times referred in the past, convened and the plans for the immediate future were laid down. I would remind you of something we are very apt to forget. The plans for humanity are not laid down, for humanity determines its own destiny. The plans to meet the immediate human emergency and the plans to make possible a closer relationship between humanity and the Hierarchy were established. The problem before the Hierarchy of Masters (speaking in a large and general sense) is to intensify the activity and the consequent potency of that hidden power. By thus bringing it to the fore in human lives, the needed changes in our civilization can be produced. The average man works from the organization angle and having visioned some illuminating idea, he begins to build the outer physical form which will house and express it. The planetary Hierarchy, working under the inspiration of the Divine vision as it is embodied in the Plan, seeks to evoke a response to that Plan in every human heart, and by fostering and fanning that response, to evoke not only a mental understanding but also an [705] aspirational desire. These together will produce finally the emergence of the Plan upon the earth and thus express a conditioning factor in human affairs.

When there are a sufficient number of people who are in conscious touch with their souls, then the sheer weight of their numbers, plus the clarity of their intentions and their widespread distribution over the face of the earth, must necessarily become effective. These people will then bring about changes of such far-reaching importance that the culture of the future will be as far removed from ours today, as ours in its turn is removed from that of the red Indians who roamed for centuries over the American continent and of whose possessions the white race took charge.

This then is the task of the Workers in the field of human affairs: to awaken the soul ray to potency in the life of each human being, beginning with those whose mental equipment and achieved integration would warrant the belief that - once awakened - they would use the new forces at their disposal with a measure of wisdom and planned constructive intention.

The questions we shall first discuss are as follows: What are the psychological advantages of somewhat understanding the nature of the egoic ray? What intelligent use can be made by psychologists of the fact, if the soul ray is determined and recognized?

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