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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Problems of Disciples and Mystics
The inference then is that there are two sets of powers latent in his human equipment - the lower one being recoverable if he deem it desirable, the other and higher one to be developed. These two sets of powers are:
  1. The ancient powers and faculties which humanity developed and possessed in past ages which he drove into the background of his consciousness and below the threshold of his current awareness in order to develop the mind and thus become himself a conqueror and a personality.
  2. The higher powers and faculties which are the prerogative of the conscious soul. These are greater powers to which the Christ referred when He promised His [559] disciples that some day they would do greater things than He had done.

It should be remembered, however, that all the psychic powers are the powers, faculties and capacities of the One Soul but that, in time and space, some of them are expressions of the animal consciousness or the animal soul, some of the human soul, and some of the divine soul.

The following tabulation of the developing psychic powers as they blend in consciousness three kingdoms in nature may be of service at this point if careful study is made of the inferred relationships:

Animal Human Divine
1. The four major
The five major
The five transmuted
a. Self-preservation. Creative self-preservation. Immortality.
b. Sex. Sex. Human love. Attraction.
c. Herd instinct. Gregariousness. Group consciousness.
d. Curiosity. Enquiry. Analysis plus
Evolutionary urge.
2. The five senses. The five senses. The five senses.
a. Touch. Touch. Contact. Understanding.
b. Hearing. Hearing. Sound. Response to the Word.
c. Sight. Seeing. Perspective. The mystical vision.
d. Taste (embryonic). Taste. Discrimination. Intuition.
e. Smell (acute). Smell, Emotinal
Spiritual discernement.
3. Lower psychic powers. The human
Higher psychic powers.
a. Clairvoyance. Extension through vision. The mystical vision.
b. Clairaudience. Extension through
Telepathy. Inspiration.
c. Mediumship. Intercourse. Speech. Mediatorship.
d. Materialization. Invention. Creativity.
e. Divination. Foresight. Planning. Prevision.
f. Healing through animal
Healing through science. Healing through
spiritual magic. [560]
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