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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology
The first of these three aspects could be stated as follows: We are passing at this time through a transition period wherein old energies are passing out and new ray influences are coming in. We are transiting into a new sign of the zodiac. Therefore, the impact of the new forces, plus the withdrawal of the old, is apt to produce clearly felt effects upon humanity, as a whole, and upon mystics and aspirants in particular, and cause definite reactions. With these we shall shortly deal when we consider the influence of the rays today and in the Aquarian Age. (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. III and The Destiny of the Nations).

Secondly, the present world problem, the fear and deep anxiety, and the suffering and pain which are so widespread, are producing a mixed and dual result. These two results (with all their intermediate stages) are [516]

  1. The extraversion of the mass consciousness.
  2. A pronounced introversion of the individual.

There is, therefore, a mass effect and an individual effect and these two must be more carefully borne in mind. This process of externalization can be seen working out in all the clamor and in the ardent and oft noisy psychology of the great national movements and experiments, going on today all over the world. Simultaneously, individuals in all these countries and in practically every land are learning a needed (and sometimes enforced) suppression, control of speech and other restraining reactions; they are being turned definitely inward through force of circumstances and in such a powerful manner that - if you could see the play of forces as we on the inner side can see them - you would become aware of these two great movements being carried forward in the three worlds of human endeavor, as if they were opposing currents of force:

  1. The movement, tending towards the extraversion or the externalization of the great energies to which the mass consciousness responds. This is being directed or enforced through the activity of the first ray energy. Much of it, therefore, is to be found in the political field and in the realm of the mass will. In these early stages we are witnessing the evocation of that mass will; it is, as yet, unintelligent, inchoate, fluidic and easily imposed upon by the directed will of a group in any land, which can evidence enough power to engross the mass attention. This can also be sometimes done by a dominant and powerful personality. The net result - from the long range point of view - is the bringing to the surface of the deeply hidden and submerged mass consciousness, a silent, hitherto unexpressed and unoriented force, and yet a potency in the planetary life. [517]
  2. The movement towards the introversion or the "turning inwards" of the intelligent consciousness (not the mass consciousness this time) of all those men and women in the world today whose minds are awakening and who can function actively and creatively on the three levels of human awareness.

It is this dual movement - outward and inward - which is the source of much of the present world crisis. The effect of this "pull" in two directions is having a serious effect upon sensitive individuals. They are pulled in two directions: outward by the pull of the mass consciousness, and by the force of the political, economic and social life of the race; inwards by the pull of the world of higher values, by the kingdom of souls, by the organized work of the spiritual Hierarchy, aided by the age-old religious consciousness.

Psychologists would do well to study their patients from the angle of these two diverging energies. They would thus offset the tendency to cleavage which is one of the major anxieties of the spiritual Workers at this time. In the stress and strain of modern living, men are apt to think that the major task and the most important duty today is to make life more bearable and thus easier for humanity to live. To the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, the major task is so to safeguard mankind that, when this period of transition is over and the forces that are withdrawing their influences have ceased entirely to have an effect upon humanity, there will be fusion and not cleavage to be found in the world. Thus the kingdom of God and the kingdom of men will be fusing rapidly into a dual manifesting expression. The incoming force will then be stabilized and its note clearly heard.

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