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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology
We come now to one of the most valuable and practical parts of our study upon the effects of the seven rays of energy as they make their presence felt in the human unit, and particularly as they affect the aspirant, disciple and mystic. During the past three decades, much has been written upon the pathology of the mystic and the physiological disturbances accompanying the mystical experience; much has also been investigated in connection with the neurotic characteristics which arc frequently to be found in the spiritually polarized person and the inexplicable conditions which seem to exist - mentally, emotionally and physically - along with deep spiritual knowledge, definite mystical phenomena and high aspiration for divine contact. These conditions are increasing with great rapidity. More and more people are, for instance, becoming clairvoyant and clairaudient, and these reactions to stimulation and these expressions of innate powers are regarded as evidence of mental derangement, of [514] delusions and hallucinations, and sometimes of insanity. Certain nervous complaints, affecting at times the muscular equipment and other parts of the human body, will be found eventually to have their origin in over-stimulation; instead then of being handled (as they now are) by imposed processes of rest, by the use of soporifics, and other forms of treatment, the patient will be taught methods of divorcing himself temporarily from the source of this mystical or spiritual potency; or he may be taught how to deflect these forces which art pouring into and through the various centers to those centers which can more safely handle them, thus producing a more even distribution of energy. He will also be taught how to use them effectively in outer service. Forms of nervous inflammation and neuritis will be regarded as symptoms of the wrong use made of the energy available in the human equipment or of undue emphasis upon it. We shall discover the sources of certain disorders and find that the difficulty lies in the centers which are found near to the particular organ in the body which seems outwardly to be responsible for the trouble. This is noticeably true in connection with certain forms of heart trouble and brain tensions and, of course, all cases of hypertension. It is true likewise in relation to the metabolism of the body which can be seriously thrown out of balance by the over-stimulation of the throat center, with consequent evil effects upon the thyroid gland - that master gland which is related to the transference of the various forces (found in the body) to the head. There are two major centers definitely connected with the fact of transference:
  1. The solar plexus center which is the transferring center for all the forces found below the diaphragm to the centers above the diaphragm. [515]
  2. The throat center, which is the transferring center for all the forces found above the diaphragm into the two head centers.

There are three aspects connected with this whole subject of the diseases and difficulties of the mystical life which it would be well to bear in mind. Those people who are concerned with the education and training of children or with the esoteric training of the world disciples and aspirants should study the matter with care; they should attempt to understand the causes of many of the nervous complaints and pathological conditions found in the advanced people of the world, plus the problems arising out of the premature development of the lower psychic powers as well as the unfoldment of the higher faculties. The problem, therefore, involves people at all stages of unfoldment and they should carefully consider them from the standpoint of energy activity - a thing which has been little done as yet.

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