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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology
These centers are closely concerned with the endocrine system, which they determine and condition according to the quality and source of the energy which flows through them. With this I have dealt at length in my other books, and so shall not here enlarge upon it beyond calling your attention to the relation between the centers of force in the etheric body, the processes of integration, which bring one center after another into activity, and the eventual control of the soul, after the final at-one-ment of the entire personality.

Only when modern psychologists add to the amazingly interesting knowledge they have of the lower man, an occidental interpretation of the oriental teaching about the centers of force through which the subjective aspects of man - lower, personal and divine - are to be expressed, will they solve the human problem and arrive at an understanding of the technique of unfoldment and of integration which will lead to intelligent comprehension, a wise solution of the difficulties, and a correct interpretation of the peculiarities with which they are so frequently confronted. When to this acceptance can be added a study of the seven major types, the science of psychology will be brought another step nearer its eventual usefulness as a major instrument in the technique of human perfecting. They will be greatly helped also by a study of astrology from the angle of energy contacts, of the [414] lines of least resistance, and as one of the determining influences and characteristics of the type under consideration. I refer not here to the casting of a horoscope with the objective of discovering the future or of determining action. This aspect of astrological interpretation will become less and less useful as men achieve the power to control and to govern their stars and so direct their own lives. I refer to the recognition of the astrological types, of their characteristics and qualities and tendencies.

Bearing in mind the analysis earlier made of the various aspects of the human being, which - during the evolutionary process - are gradually fused into one integrated person, let us remember that the fusion effected and the changes brought about are the result of the steady shift of the consciousness. It becomes increasingly inclusive. We are not dealing here with the form aspect as much as with the conscious realization of the dweller in the body. It is in this region that our problems lie, and it is with this developing consciousness that the psychologist has primarily to deal. From the angle of the omniscient soul, the consciousness is limited, disturbed, exclusive, self-centered, distorted, erratic and, in the early stages, deceived. It is only when the processes of development have been carried forward to a relatively high point and the awareness of duality is beginning to emerge, that the real problems and the major difficulties and dangers are encountered and the man becomes aware of his situation. Before that time, the difficulties are of a different nature and revolve largely around the physical equipment, are concerned with the slowness of the vital reactions and the low grade desires of the animal nature. The human being is, at that stage, largely an animal, and the conscious man is deeply hidden and imprisoned. It is the life principle and urge which dominate and the instinctual nature which controls. The solar plexus is the [415] seat of the consciousness and the head and brain are inactive.

It should also be remembered here (as I have oft pointed out) that the reality which we call the soul is basically an expression of three types of energy - life, love and intelligence. For the reception of these three energies, the triple lower nature has been prepared and the intelligence aspect reflects itself in the mind, the love nature in the emotional desire body, and the life principle in and through the etheric or vital body. As regards the physical body in its more dense expression (for the etheric body is the more subtle aspect or expression of the physical body), the soul anchors itself in two streams of energy at two points of contact: the life stream in the heart and the consciousness stream in the head. This consciousness aspect is itself dual, and that which we call self-consciousness is gradually unfolded and perfected until the ajna center, or the center between the eyebrows, is awakened. The latent group-consciousness, which brings realization of the greater Whole, is quiescent for the greater part of the evolutionary cycle, until the integrative process has proceeded to such a point that the personality is functioning. Then the head center begins to awaken and the man becomes conscious in the larger sense. Head and heart then link up, and the spiritual man appears in fuller expression.

This, I know, is familiar teaching to you but it is of value briefly to recapitulate and get the picture clear. Bearing these premises in mind, we will not deal with the earliest difficulties but will begin with those of modern man, and with those conditions with which we are all too sadly familiar.

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