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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Five Groups of Souls
The three major types are, as is well known, those of will or power, of love-wisdom and of active intelligence. The following facts must, therefore, be remembered:
  1. That egos of all types individualized upon the moon chain, but that the egos of active intelligence constituted 75% of the total, the remaining 25% being divided between the other two.
  2. That in Lemurian times, the egos of love-wisdom preponderated, and in their turn constituted 75%, with the remaining 25% being the egos of active intelligence. Very few indeed, practically a negligible number, individualized along the line of power or will at that time.
  3. There was a very large influx of individualizing egos in early Atlantean days and they were practically all of the power-will type. It might be stated that 80% of those who entered human evolution at that time were egos who were expressing the will aspect of deity, and that the remaining 20% were along the line of love-wisdom.

These all, with the egos which individualized upon the moon chain and which came in steadily, as the planetary conditions fitted them, until the final, stages of the Atlantean period, [212] constitute the bulk of our modern humanity, plus some rare egos which drift into our planetary evolution for some reason or other, and never become properly adapted to or fitted into our planetary life. They persistently remain abnormalities.

Two happenings of great import will occur before so very long. The door will be opened, for the admittance of rare and peculiar souls who will bring into our world civilization new aspects and rare and new qualities of Deity, though it will not be opened for ordinary individualization. These rare and unexpected types will cause much bewilderment to our psychologists. It should here be pointed out that individualization is a crisis and not an unfoldment. This is of real importance and should be borne in mind in all consideration of this difficult subject. It is the result of development, but such development need not lead to this particular crisis. What causes this crisis in the lives of souls remains as yet hidden in the consciousness of the planetary Logos and is only revealed at initiation. There are as yet characteristics and qualities of the planetary Logos which remain incomprehensible to us.

When the animal kingdom, viewing it from the angle of the whole and not from the angle of species, had reached a particular stage of development, then there was an inrush into the planetary life of the energy of all the seven rays simultaneously. This occurs very rarely and the tremendous stimulation then undergone by the sensitive forms of life (and of these the animal was at that time the most sensitive), produced the emergence of a new form, that of infant humanity. It was the reaction of that kingdom, as expressed through its indwelling life, the animal Being (who is the informing Life of that kingdom in nature), which produced individualization in the more advanced animal-man of the time.

The statements found in occult books that dogs and other [213] animals responded to the divine impulse through an activity of the will or of love, may be symbolic in nature, but are not correct literally, as so many devout occult students may think. Such specific forms of life did not exist in those far off times, particularly upon the moon chain. The consideration of species and of types may not be permitted; it is futile and a waste of time. What really occurred was a reaction throughout the entire animal kingdom to the inpouring of the three major types of energy, which expressed themselves through the usual seven types and thus called forth response from those forms of life which were energized through the medium of the three major centers - heart, head and throat - of the Being who is the informing life. A tremendous surging upward and a going-forth in response ensued, which enabled a new kingdom to emerge.

A creative act is ever the result of inspiration being seized upon, recognized for what it is, and developed by the form side, and understood and fostered by the brain and the heart of man. Some new thing is thus produced. The instinctive creative act of the physical body is not here discussed. In this way, through a response to inspiration, the animal kingdom came into being. First, there was the pouring in of energy, stimulating and inspiring; then there came the recognition of the responding form, resulting in an initiated activity, and then there was the production of that which had not been theretofore. Thus a new kingdom in nature appeared.

This same thing it is that is again happening today in the world. There is a pouring in of spiritual energy, vitalizing, transforming, and rendering humanity creative. Initiatory work becomes possible and a new and higher kingdom can appear upon the earth. But all this is due, as before, to the pouring in of a triple energy in seven ways. The potency of [214] these forces lies behind the disruption of the present time, but a new kingdom in nature will be born.

The interest of this, psychologically speaking, does not lie in the historicity of the facts stated, but in the appearance upon earth today of the higher types at present found amongst men everywhere. Egos of will are relatively and naturally few; egos of love are becoming more frequent in appearance; intelligent egos are widely distributed. There is a balance now being established between the egos of love and of intelligence, and these together must and will inaugurate the new civilization which will be the field for the culture of the kingdom of God on earth. The coming of this kingdom will be as much a precipitation of an inner reality as an unseen factor, such as a germ, working within a human body. This precipitation and culturing of the germ kingdom is slowly happening.

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