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Second Question



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Question 2


I told you about four planes: sex, love, prayer, meditation.

Sex is a meeting of two bodies -- the most superficial meeting. Love is the meeting of minds -- deeper than sex, but yet not very deep. Prayer is the meeting of beings, but still, two remain two: very deep meeting, in depth, meeting to the depth, but still two remain two. Meditation is the ultimate meeting -- the two disappear. Only one remains.

St. Francis talking to the birds is in prayer. Heart to heart. The birds cannot understand the mind, mind is human; but heart they have. If you can talk with the heart they can understand. The understanding will be of the heart, remember, not of the mind. If you are trying with the mind there will be no communication with the birds, with animals -- no communication, because they don't have the human mind, mind is a human phenomenon. But they have a deep heart, a feeling phenomenon. If you feel for them you can talk. You can talk to the trees, and they will listen. You can talk to the rocks, and they will listen. And if you are really a heart oriented man -- they will answer, because then you can also listen.

If you go and taLk to the trees, and you don't know whether they are listening or not, that shows that you have been talking from the head. You will look foolish to yourself, talking to them. You will watch to see if somebody is listening or not. If somebody passes by, you will stop. You know that this is foolish -- how can birds understand? how can trees understand? But if you are talking from the heart they not only understand, they answer. Heart has a different way of communication,. it is an energy communication which, it is said, many saints in the world -- St. Francis of Assisi is the most famous -- have.

Now it has become a scientific truth; now many researchers all over the world are working and many facts have come up: now they say that plants have very deep sensitivity, deeper than humanity, because human sensitivity is disturbed by the mind, intellect Man has completely forgotten how to feel; even when he says 'I feel', in fact he thinks that he feels.

People come to me and they say: We ale in love. And if I insist: Really, are you in love? they shrug their shoulders and they say: Well, we think we are in love. Now feeling is not direct, it comes through the head; and when it comes through the head it is confused. It is not bubbling from the heart.

But now scientific researchers have come to know that not only birds but plants, and not only plants, even metals, have a sensitivity, and they feel -- and they feel tremendously. And they give messages which you may not be able to catch but now scientists have created instruments which can detect the messages given by them. If they are in fear they start trembling. You may not be able to see the trembling, it is very subtle. With no wind blowing, the detectors show that the plant inside is trembling very much. When they are happy, they are ecstatic, the instruments show that the plants are ecstatic. When they are in pain, afraid, filled with anger, rage -- all sorts of feelings can now be detected.

Something very deep has happened to man; a wound, an accident -- he has lost the touch of feelings.

If you talk to trees, to birds, to animals, long enough, and you don't feel foolish, because the mind will interfere and say that this is foolish; if you don't listen to the mind and by and by you bypass it and connect directly, a tremendous energy of feeling will be released in you. You will become totally a new sort of being. You had never known these ways were possible to be.

You will become sensitive -- sensitive to pain and pleasure. That's why humanity has stopped the functioning of feeling: because when you become sensitive to pleasure, you also become sensitive to pain. The more you can feel happy the more you can feel unhappy also.

That fear, that one can become very unhappy, has closed you, has helped human mind to create barriers so that you cannot feel. When you cannot feel -- both ways are closed: you cannot become unhappy, you cannot become happy.

But try! It is a prayer. Because it is heart to heart. First try with human beings -- just with your own child, sit silently with the child. Allow feeling. Don't bring the mind in. Sit with your wife, or with your friend, or your husband, holding hands together in a dark room, not doing anything, just trying to feel each other. In the beginning it will be difficult, but by and by you will have a different mechanism functioning within you, you will start FEELING.

Almost one third of persons, that is thirty-three per cent of persons, can revive their heart very easily. It is not dead in them. For the remaining others it may be difficult.

One third of all people are body oriented, one third are heart oriented, one third are head oriented. Those who are heart oriented, thirty-three per cent, they can revive prayer very easily. Those who are head oriented, it will be difficult for them to have any feeling. For them prayer does not exist.

Buddha himself, and Mahavir, are head oriented people. That's why prayer was not a part of their religions. They have not taught about prayer. They were intelligent people, well-trained intellectually, logically. They developed meditation but they have not talked about prayer.

Nothing like prayer exists in Jainism, cannot exist. It exists in Islam -- Mohammed is a heart oriented person, he has a different quality. It exists in Christianity -- Jesus is a heart oriented person. It exists in Hinduism, but not in Buddhism or Jainism, nothing like prayer there.

And one third of people are body oriented. They are the potential CHARWAKAS. For them no prayer, no meditation -- only indulgence, only indulgence in the body, that is their only way of being happy, their only way of being.

So if you are a heart oriented person, if you feel more than you think, if music gives you deep stirrings, if poetry touches you, if beauty surrounds you, and you can feel, then Prayer is for you -- you have to go through prayer.

Then start talking to birds and trees -- and the sky, it will be helpful. But don't make it a mind talk, let it be heart to heart. Be related.

That's why people of the heart think about God as father or as beloved; some relation. The head oriented people are always laughing -- what nonsense you are talking! God, the father? Then where is the mother? They always make a joke out of it because they cannot understand. For them God is truth. For the people of the heart God is love. And for the people of the body, the world is God: their money, their house, their car, their power, their prestige.

A man who is body oriented needs a different type of religion. In fact only just now in the West, particularly in America, a new sort of work has started which is for the body oriented man. That work is towards body sensitivity. Many sensitivity training groups are working. A new sort of religion is being born -- for the first time.

In the past there have been two types of religion: meditation oriented -- Buddha and Mahavir; prayer oriented -- Mohammed, Jesus, Krishna and Ram but there has never been-a body oriented religion. There have been body oriented people but they have always said that there is no religion, because they denied prayer, they denied meditation. These are the epicureans, CHARWAKAS, the atheists who say there is no God, only this body and this life is all. But they never created a religion.

For the first time in America now a new approach towards entering into the innermost core of life, is gaining hold, and that is body-sensitivity training. It is good, it is beautiful, because there are body oriented people, they need a different type of religion. They need a religion which allows their body to function in a religious way. For these people tantra can be very helpful. For these people prayer and meditation will not be helpful. But there must be a way from the body also towards God, has to be, because God has come to the body; the body must have a way to reach to God.

These are the three types of religions. You have to find out what type you belong to. And this is not very difficult; if you watch for three weeks continuously in different ways, you can have the feel of it.

If you are body oriented, don't be discouraged, there are ways you can reach towards God through the body, because the body also belongs to God,' you can reach through it. If you feel you are 'heart oriented -- then prayer. If you feel you are intellect oriented -- then meditation.

But my meditations are different in a way. I have tried to devise methods which can be used by all three types. Much of the body is used in them. Much of the heart. And much intelligence. All the three are joined together, and they work on different people in a different way.

If a body oriented person comes to me he immediately loves the methods -- but he loves the active parts, and he comes to see me and he says: Wonderful, active parts are wonderful, but when I have to stand silently -- then there is nothing. He feels very healthy through them; he feels more rooted in the body.

If a heart oriented person comes to me the cathartic part becomes more important for him; the heart is released, relieved of burdens, and it starts functioning in a new way.

And when a third type, the type who belongs to intelligence, comes, he loves the last parts when he is just sitting or standing silently, when it becomes meditation.

Body, heart, mind -- all my meditations move in the same way: they start from the body, they move through the heart, they reach to the mind -- and then they go beyond.

Through body you can relate to existence. You can go to the sea and enjoy swimming in it -- but just become the body; without feeling, no thinking, just being 'of the body'. Lie down on the sands and let the body feel the sands, the coolness, the texture. Run -- just now I was reading a very beautiful book ZEN OF RUNNING -- that is for body oriented people.

One man has discovered that by running there is no need to meditate, just by running meditation happens. He must be absolutely body oriented. Nobody has ever thought that by running meditation is possible -- but I know, I used to love running myself. It happens.

If you go on running, if you run fast, thinking stops, because thinking cannot possibly continue when you are running very fast.

For thinking an easy chair is needed, that's why we call thinkers armchair philosophers; they sit and relax in a chair, the body completely relaxed, then the whole energy moves into the mind.

If you are running then the whole energy moves into the body, then there is no possibility for the mind to think. And when you run fast, you breathe deep, you exhale deep, you become just the body. A moment comes when you ARE the body, nothing else. In that moment you become one with the universe because there is no division. The air running past you and your body become one. A deep rhythm happens.

That's why games have always been so attractive to people. And athletics. And that's why children love so much dancing, running, jumping they are bodies! The mind has not yet developed.

If you feel you are the body type, then running can be very beautiful for you: a four, five mile run every day. And make it a meditation. It will transform you completely.

But if you feel you are a heart oriented person then prayer will be needed. Talk to birds, try to have a communion. Watch! Just wait, sit silently with a deep prayer that they should come to you, and they will start coming by and by. By and by they will be sitting on your shoulders.

Accept them. Talk to trees, to rocks, but let it be a heart talk, emotional. Cry and weep and laugh. Tears can be more prayerful than words, and laughter can be more prayerful than words, because they come deep down from the heart.

No need to verbalize -- just feel. Embrace the tree and FEEL, as if you are becoming one with it. And soon you will feel that the sap is not running only in the tree, it has started to run in you. And your heart is not beating only in you; deep down in the tree there is a response. One has to do it to feel it.

But if you feel that you are a third type, then meditation is for you. Running won't help. Then you will have to sit like Buddha, silently, just sitting doing nothing. Sitting so deeply that even thinking looks like a doing. And you drop it. For a few days the thoughts will continue, but if you go on sitting, just watching them, without any judgement for or against, they stop visiting you. They stop by and by, gaps come, intervals happen. In those intervals you will have the glimpses of your being.

Those glimpses can be had from the body, they can be had from the heart, they can be had from the head. All the possibilities are there because your being is in all the three and yet beyond the three. It is the same distance from all the three points -- and it is the fourth point; that's why in the East we call it TURIYA, the fourth.

You can approach it from anywhere. So when somebody comes to me and says: I don't believe in God, I say: Don't worry. Do you believe in your body? That will do. Because the body belongs to God.

And I cannot see that there is any possibility of the fourth type. There is not.

Religion becomes universal, available to everybody. Wherever you are the door is open; and NO DOOR IS closed. In the past the tendency has been to deny the other -- if Buddha thinks that by meditation, a no-thought state of mind, one reaches, then he will deny the possibility of heart. The possibility of the body has ALWAYS been denied.

I don't deny anything. I look at you -- wherever you are you are related to God. Some possibility is there, some door opens exactly where you stand. Nobody can be out of the possibility. Everybody can start working in himself. No belief is needed; as you are you are accepted.

That's why it becomes a little difficult for people to understand me, because I go on accepting. I have no condemnation and no rejection. Because I see that God accepts you, then who am I to reject you? He goes on breathing in you, he goes on living in you; you may be an alcoholic or a drug taker and he has not left you yet, so whom am I to tell you that you are not accepted?

You may be a thief, you may be immortal, but as I see it God has become a thief in you, that s all. Between the thief and the God there must be a bridge, otherwise how can you exist? And you have been existing beautifully. So there must be a way -- it has to be found, that's all.

Nobody is rejected, and for everybody there is every possibility to grow. You have to find out your type; and if you cannot find out your type, that too is not to be made into a worry. That means you can do a synthetic technique of meditation, in which body, heart and mind are all involved.

But start feeling, being. Start on the way. Don't go on just listening because that can be an addiction; you can enjoy it, and forget about it. Then words which would have become a transformation will only become a little information.


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