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What Type of Heaven is This?

Second Question



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Question 2


When you say WHEN ALL I KNOW OF LOVE IS ITS ATTACHMENTS, HOW CAN I DROP THEM? you are not rightly understanding your mind. If you really know that they are attachments, they drop. Then there is no question of HOW to drop them. The HOW comes only when the understanding is not ripe.

If you simply see that something is rubbish, you throw it! You are asking me: I know that these diamonds are not real diamonds, they are just false, imitations, how can I drop them? -- you are asking this.

If you have seen to the fact, if you have realized the truth that they are false, is there any need to drop them? Is there any question possible of how to drop them? You simply drop them! That dropping is not even an effort on your part -- it happens. Knowing well that this is useless, it drops. I would like to say: it drops itself, not that you drop it. When a falsity is known as falsity, it drops. When untruth is known as untruth, it drops.

How do you drop your dreams? You know they are dreams -- they disappear. The moment you know that this is a dream it has already started disappearing.

You say: WHEN ALL I KNOW OF LOVE IS ITS ATTACHMENTS... No, you don't know, you are confused; you have been hearing me too long. I go on saying that what you call love is attachment, and I have put the idea in your mind that what you call love is attachment -- this is not YOUR understanding, this is my understanding. For you this is just information. Somebody else has told you. You may love me, you may trust me, so you take it for granted it must be true. But truth cannot be taken for granted, one has to grow into it.

Truth is not information. It is not something that can be transferred from one hand to another. Even if I try to transfer my truth to you the moment it reaches your hands it will be a falsehood. That is the very nature of truth: untransferable. You have to grow into it. It is your own maturity, it is your own realization.

So remember: listening to me, always remain alert.

There are many pitfalls; and the greatest is, that listening to me continuously you may start thinking that whatsoever I am saying IS TRUTH FOR YOU. It is truth for me, otherwise I would not have said it, but it is not truth for you. Remain alert -- it is KNOWLEDGE. It is not yet knowing and understanding.

Knowledge is borrowed, knowing is your own flowering, blossoming. Knowing is yours authentically, knowledge is always from some source: Vedas, Bible, Koran, ME. It is always from somewhere else.

And this is the intrinsic nature of knowledge: borrowed, it burdens. It never makes you free. Only knowing frees you, liberates you. Jesus has said: Truth liberates. But not another's truth. Otherwise all Christians would be liberated already.

A Christian is not liberated. In fact the truth of Jesus has become HIS bondage. A Christ is a liberated soul but a Christian? He lives in a prison; of course, decorated in a Christian way. A Hindu lives in another prison, decorated with Hindu deities, and pictures and images and mantras. A Jain lives in a Jain prison. Their prisons differ, but the bondage? The bondage is the same. Your fetters can be different. It is even possible your fetters may be more valuable than others' fetters -- you may have golden ones, but that doesn't make any difference -- you are not yet liberated.

Truth liberates. Whose truth? How can MY truth liberate you? Your bondage is yours, how can MY truth cut YOUR bondage? YOU have created your bondage out of your ignorance, you have to create your own liberty out of your realization of truth. Nobody else can liberate you. Only you, and ONLY YOU.

And never cling to the hope that somebody else can liberate you. If that was possible than a Buddha would have been enough, a Jesus would have been enough, a Krishna would have done the whole thing. There would have been no need.

This is the difference between scientific knowledge and religious KNOWING. When some Einstein discovers a scientific truth, once discovered it is discovered for all. Then there is no need to discover it again and again -- that would be foolish! Then even a small child in school can learn the truth of the theory of relativity. But the Buddha's truth? My truth? -- No, it cannot be learnt that way.

That's why there is no possibility of religious teaching. Awakening is possible, teaching is not possible. And all great religious teachers were not teachers at all -- they were Masters. They were trying to create devices in which YOU awaken. They were not trying to give you some information.

Buddha discovered HIS truth. That truth disappears with Buddha. Nothing is left of it. Only words in the air. Those words you can collect, you can become very knowledgeable, a great pundit, a great scholar. But Jesus did not say that scholarship liberates. It decorates your prison in a beautiful way. You can live more comfortably in it. But it does not liberate.

Truth has to be individual. It has to be basically YOUR OWN, only then it cuts the knot, otherwise not.

So you must have got confused. I go on talking to you while I am talking I am not really giving you some information. In fact I am just creating a device around you so that in that device, in that situation, you can become more alert.

For example, this question -- why am I answering this? I am not giving you an answer, I am creating an answering situation. And that has a qualitatively different dimension. I am simply creating an answering situation in which you can see the fact that: Yes, your own truth can liberate you, nobody else's; in which you come to realize, become aware, that: Right! How can anybody else's truth liberate me? Nobody has created your bondage, nobody can create your freedom. You create your bondage, only you create your freedom.

WHEN ALL I KNOW OF LOVE IS ITS ATTACHMENTS -- NO, you don't know what love is, you know only attachments; and those attachments you don't know AS attachments, you know them as love, that is where the whole thing goes wrong. If attachment is known as attachment it drops. And I would insist again, IT DROPS -- -you never drop it.

Just seeing the fact that this is an attachment, that attachment is a bondage -- a beautiful word for bondage -- that attachment is not love... just seeing the ugliness of attachment -- it drops; then arises love. The same energy that was becoming attachment, released from attachment becomes a totally different energy; it becomes love.

But this has to be YOUR understanding. So WATCH. When you are attached to a person, or you feel you love -- just watch: Are you possessive? If you are possessive you are trying to kill the person, because no person can ever be possessed, only things can be possessed, not persons. How can you possess an alive person? You can possess a house, you can possess a car, you cannot possess a human being. How can you possess a child or a husband or a wife or a beloved? No. The very effort to possess says that you are trying to kill the person and change the person into a commodity, change the person into a belonging, a possession.

And all lovers go on doing this. That's why there is so much conflict. Love is always -- the so-called love of course -- always a continuous fight between the lovers: both are trying to possess the other.

Through possession jealousy arises, the fear that the other may move, move to somebody else, the woman may not love you, or the man may start loving another woman. Then jealousy arises. Jealousy is the shadow of possessiveness. And when jealousy arises, fear arises. All the beauty of love is lost, the whole thing has become a disease, an illness.

Love never possesses, because love knows that love is possible only in total freedom. When the other is totally free, only then love is possible. Love is a happening of total freedom. When the other is not in any way in bondage, but free to give, free not to give, TOTALLY free -- only then giving is beautiful.

When somebody comes and gives his or her love to you without asking, without demanding anything in return for it, it has a beauty, it is not of this world, it has an unearthly quality to it, it is sacred.

That's why every love in the beginning is beautiful: because in the beginning there is no expectation, in the beginning there is no possessiveness. You meet somebody, a stranger in the train -- how can you possess? How can you bind the other to you? How can you become attached? How can you be jealous? No, the thing is so new. In the beginning every love gives a beautiful fragrance, a benediction, but the more you know the person the more the cunning mind starts creating politics. Attachment is politics, love is religion.

To possess another person is political. To possess a whole country is the effort of the politicians. To possess another being is the effort, on a small scale, of being political, to dominate, to dictate, to control, to manipulate; your ego is enhanced. You start killing.

The more love settles, the more love dies. Something else arises. Then there is only a corpse, a dead memory. Something was beautiful -- every lover thinks: What happens? what goes wrong? Something is beautiful in the beginning, then where does everything go wrong? The moment the mind enters in -- the mind is the greatest politician there is.

In the first moments of love the mind is not functioning, it is stunned. The heart functions. Not knowing the ground, not knowing the other -- exactly who he is, how he is, what he is, how can you manipulate? No, manipulation has not entered yet. You are moving in an uncharted territory, with no map; you are moving into the unknown.

The beginning is innocent, it is virgin. Then, the more you feel at ease, settled -- things have settled, now you know the other is there, and you are there, and you are committed to each other -- now the mind enters from the back door. It tries to possess the heart; now love becomes attachment, possessiveness, jealousy, fear -- everything goes ugly. When love goes ugly it goes the UGLIEST.

When you fall from a peak you fall to the very bottom of the well. The higher the peak, the greater will be the valley. Because of this, social thinkers settled for marriage. All old cultures settled for marriage -- don't give the first glimpse at all, because that first glimpse will give always a comparison.

Marriage means living together with a person without the initial glory and the initial innocence of the experience. There is no peak in marriage, it is an arranged affair. You never fall to the valley. Marriage is secure. Love is dangerous.

But I am in favour of love because I am in favour of danger. Life is dangerous, death is secure. Marriage is like death, absolutely secure -- no problems will arise. But it is death, even if no problems arise. It is not alive! With love, millions of problems will arise, but that's how life grows -- facing, encountering, suffering, growing, moving through the dangerous valley, falling many times and getting up, and trying to reach the peak again and again and again. Through this whole effort one grows.

Love has disappeared from the world because-of the mind. People became aware that if you fall in love, allow people to fall in love, soon they become miserable. A married person is never miserable; never happy of course, but never miserable either. He has settled for the plain ground, he moves on the super highway -- everything clean, settled. No danger. He never moves in the forest, in the unknown. He is always moving with a map, and on every crossroad there is a milestone showing the way, where to go and what to do. He lives like a channel, not like a river -- flowing and moving and searching, and not knowing where the ocean is.

Remember, when you are in love be very alert, nothing else needs more alertness. If you want the purity of love to grow don't allow the mind to interfere; live in the unknown, don't try in any way to secure the future. This moment should be the only moment. Here-now should be the only space. This moment you are in love -- perfectly beautiful; be in love. Don't think of the next moment, what will happen. Nobody knows. And nobody can plan it. And all planning goes wrong.

Life remains an unknown affair -- and that's why it is so beautiful. The next moment always comes as an unknown surprise. Don't try to make it predictable. A beloved is unpredictable, a wife predictable. The moment a person becomes predictable he is dead. When humanity becomes more aware, marriage will disappear. Not that people will not be together, really only then people will be together; now they live together but they are not together. They live in the same house but they don't live in the same home. They are physically together, spiritually far apart.

Vast distances exist between people. No communication, no communion. They may be making love to each other -- that too is a physical thing. And when love is only physical it is as if you have an aeroplane with four engines and one engine only is functioning. Lopsided it goes, and always in danger of falling. When all the four engines function -- this is what I have told you again and again: one engine is sex, another engine is love, third engine is prayer, fourth engine is meditation. When all the four function in tune, in a deep harmony, then you know what it is to be here, what it is to BE!

Then you become religious -- not that you go to a temple or a GURUDWARA or to church; suddenly, when you are functioning in deep harmony, your whole being a musical concert, an orchestra, all notes falling together, meeting and merging into one whole, when you are a unison -- this is what we have called in India SAMADHI, to attain to the absolute at-homeness, togetherness, of your being -- then you feel grateful, then you simply bow down. Not that there is a God and you are bowing down to him no, you simply bow down out of gratitude -- not that there is a God, but because there is gratitude.

Remember the emphasis I give to gratitude, not to God. All concepts of God are childish, anthropomorphic. Man has created God in his own image.

Not that there is God, but suddenly when you function beautifully, and you feel so good, and a deep well-being surrounds you, a deep gratitude arises like a pillar of light within you. It penetrates all the skies; it goes to the highest, it goes to the deepest; suddenly you bow down -- not before anybody, remember, you simply bow down in deep gratitude because you don't know now what to do -- such benediction! such blessedness! such ecstasy -- what to do? You simply bow down in deep gratitude BEFORE THE WHOLE. You become a godly person.

H. G. Wells has said about Buddha and I love to quote it again and again, that there has never been a man MORE GODLESS AND MORE GODLY. He has said about Buddha that Buddha is the most godless and the most godly man in the whole of human history. He is. He does not believe in any God, but you cannot find a more divine being.

Absolute gratitude. A deep thankfulness.

Remain alert, because if love becomes attachment you will never function in your totality. The energy has moved in a wrong way. Don't a]low love to become attachment, remain alert! Allow love absolute freedom, even if sometimes it is painful -- it is. But that pain is also beautiful.

When you suffer for freedom, that suffering is good. When you are comfortable because of bondage, that comfortableness is bad.

I have heard one story, that one man, a great priest, dreamed one night that he was in a beautiful place, sleeping under a tree, a cool breeze passing, subtle fragrance of flowers, birds singing; he couldn't imagine a more heavenly moment. He looked around -- it was really peaceful, beautiful. He thought in his mind he must be in paradise! But he was feeling hungry, so he thought: But where to get food? I am feeling hungry. Suddenly an angel appeared, with delicious food, and he was so hungry that he didn't bother to ask: Where is this food coming from, and who are you? He ate. Then he wanted water, the water appeared from another angel; then he was feeling like sleeping again, very tired, so he said: But where to sleep? There is no bed. A bed appeared out of nothingness, out the blue. He slept. When he awoke again he became a little afraid. What was happening?

Now he wanted to do something. He was feeling full of energy; so he again said in his mind: Please send some angel, I would like to do something. An angel appeared. He said: I would like to do something, now I am full of energy, rested. The angel said: That is difficult. All you ask for we can provide, but doing is not allowed here. You cannot do anything -- you can rest! You can be comfortable, as comfortable as you like. Whatsoever you need, you just ask, and it will be supplied.

A few days passed, then the man was feeling very very bored: not able to do anything and everything supplied -- on order, immediately, with no time gap. One day he said: What type of heaven is this? It would have been better had I thrown into hell. The angel appeared and said: Where do you think you are? This is hell.

I like this story. Hell must be very comfortable. must be absolutely comfortable, so that no life is needed. Everything is supplied and you become dead, you vegetate; you don't live.

Don't try to make your life just comfortable. That's how love becomes attachment -- you are afraid of changes. The beloved may leave. Tomorrow it may not be the same, so you make arrangements. You go to the court to get registered, so that when tomorrow the beloved wants to leave, or the husband wants to leave, the court will force them not to leave.

In every country marriage is very easy, divorce difficult. It should be just otherwise. Marriage should be very very difficult. People should be put on a probation period, so that you wait for three years, then get married -- there is no hurry. And divorce should be immediate.

But no, marriage is absolutely easy; if you want to get married you just go to the court, say so, and you are married. Nobody bothers, because it is for you to enter hell -- if you want to, you go; but if you want to get out of it, then the whole law and the force of law will prevent you.

Society lives for comfort. Only rare individuals choose suffering -- to grow. Society is a collective death; dragging somehow.

Don't allow your love to become an attachment -- but what will you do? Remain alert, nothing else can be done. Just be intensely alert; that intenseness of consciousness is a fire; in that fire, love remains pure; it does not become a bondage, and it doesn't try to manipulate the other. Then love becomes the door of prayer.

If it falls, it becomes hell and becomes attachment, possessiveness, jealousy, and then you suffer, then it is a nightmare. Then it is better not to fall in love. Remain alone and suffer alone. Why create suffering for anybody else?

When you bring the other in, when you move in a relationship, remember, the relationship can grow only in freedom. Never become a slave and never try to make anybody a slave. This should be the credo.

And you say:

ALL I CAN SEE IS THE EGO CLINGING TO WHAT IT BELIEVES IS LOVE -- that too is not your understanding. If you can see the ego, you have transcended it. WHO is seeing the ego? WHO is seeing the ego clinging? You must have transcended, you must have become a witness. And when one becomes a witness the ego disappears just like a dewdrop disappears in the morning sun.

It simply disappears. It cannot remain in the light and the fire and the heat of witnessing -- it simply disappears. It is a night phenomenon. It can live only in darkness.

No, it is the ego who is seeing, nothing else has happened.

It is very difficult to see the ego, because it is very subtle. The most subtle thing in the world is the ego, subtler than atoms, electrons, subtler than any energy, because it is so elusive you cannot get hold of it. In fact it is non-existential, that's why you cannot get hold of it. But if you become alert -- the more alert you are, the less ego is there to see -- a moment comes when you are perfectly alert, the whole energy is transformed, there is no ego.

So don't go on gathering knowledge from me. That won't help; rather it will hinder you. Because you will think that now you know, and you don't know. Always remain alert of your ignorance, because ignorance has possibilities, knowledge none. If you are ignorant you can become one day a knowing one, but if you become knowledgeable -- all doors are closed.


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