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Buddhas And Fools

Second Question



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The second question:

Question 2


It is beautiful to be filled with the sense of wonder, but remain alert because immediately you will lose it. If you start thinking from where the thoughts come and to where they go, the sense of wonder is already lost. To remain with the sense of wonder without allowing thinking to enter, is what meditation is all about.

Jesus says again and again: Only those who are like children, will be able to enter into the kingdom of my God. What does he mean? What does he mean by 'like children'? He means the sense of wonder. Children remain with the sense of wonder. Remember the word 'remain' -- they don't move from it; they move from one wonder to another, but they remain with the sense of wonder. Your mind distorts wonder immediately. For a single fragment of a moment you were in a state of wonder but the next moment the thinking has entered, you have started to think: From where do these thoughts come? Where do they go? Now there is no sense of wonder. Questions kill the sense of wonder because questions are already on the way towards answers. A question is an arrow, the target is the answer, and if you can receive the answer it will be the death of wonder. If you question, you have already moved, moved towards the answer, and if you get the answer the wonder is lost. That's why the more humanity becomes trained and disciplined in scientific answers, the more the sense of wonder is lost.

In fact to find a man of wonder is now almost impossible. Even if you think that you are wondering it may be that you are thinking that you are wondering. The greater possibility is that you think about the wonder also. The sense of wonder is a totally different dimension, it has a totally different quality -- the sense of wonder is to remain with a wondering eye, a wondering heart, with no questions arising.

The flower is there, the butterfly is there, the trees are there, the clouds move, the whole world is wonderful, only you have lost the sense of wonder. Just look with the eyes absolutely silent, with no questions roaming inside the mind -- that means that you are not seeking any answer. If you are seeking an answer what are you doing? You are trying to kill the sense of wonder.

You are not at ease with wonder, that is the meaning of the question. You would like to know.

From wonder arises two possibilities: one is of philosophy, another is of religion. If the wonder becomes a questioning you move into the dimension of philosophy and then you will be lost because it reaches nowhere, it simply destroys you. One question will lead you to one answer, one answer will lead you to a thousand questions, and so on and so forth; and the more you question and the more answers you have, the more divided and fragmentary you become. The one is lost, the one becomes many.

From the same point goes another path, that of religion. You remain with the sense of wonder, you don't enquire, you don't turn and convert the energy of wonder into a question; you allow the wonder to be there, you are at ease with it, absolutely at home with it. You remain with the wonder and it becomes your friend, your companion. You move with it, you sleep with it, you open your eyes in the morning and the wonder is there, you close your eyes in the night and the wonder is there. You breathe in and you breathe in wonder, you breathe out and you breathe out wonder -- it becomes your whole being. Then you are a religious man. A religious man is one who lives with wonder, who is at home with wonder, who is not in any hurry to destroy it. That's how he comes to know not the answers, but the mystery everywhere. The mystery is not an answer. You come face to face with the mystery only when you have stopped questioning. Wonder leads to mystery, the sense of wonder grows and grows and grows and the whole of life becomes a mysterious romance. If you want a religious term for it, then it is God.

If you are not on good terms with the term 'God', forget about it, mystery will do. Because God is not a person, God is a mystery that cannot be solved, it is something which you can be in. You can know it in a certain sense, in a sense totally diametrically opposite to ordinary knowledge. Your heart can know it, you can love it, and through love you can know it, but not through questioning. You live in it and you allow it to live in you -- then everything is mysterious, even the leaves of grass are mysterious, everywhere is the signature of mystery, you cannot move without coming across God.

Then you don't ask where God is, then you don't ask what God is -- you know.

Remain with the sense of wonder. It is difficult, almost impossible, because your mind has been trained to enquire, to question. It is like an itch -- you cannot remain with it, you want to scratch. But try. Start with itching. If someday you find that your foot is itching, don't scratch it, just wait, remain with the itch. How long can it persist? By and by it subsides, dissolves, and leaves no marks, no scars behind.

Remain with the sense of wonder, even if a deep patience is needed -- because the whole mind will feel restless and will say: Ask, enquire. Why this wonder? From where does it come? To where does it go? How is it? Why is it? A thousand questions will arise, but remain with the sense of wonder, don't allow these questions to disturb you. Even if they are there, remain indifferent to them: be attentive to the sense of the wonder and non-attentive to the questions, and soon you will see that the sense of wonder has disappeared into a sense of mystery. The sense of wonder is just like a small wave and the sense of mystery is oceanic, it is the whole ocean. The wave disappears, subsides.

With the sense of wonder YOU are there. When the sense of wonder subsides into mystery you are no longer there, only an oceanic feeling, a oneness with totality remains. The separateness has disappeared.

This is beautiful. The questioner says: AS I WATCH MY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS I AM LEFT WITH A SENSE OF WONDER. Remain! Remain with it, make it a constant companion. There is no better friend in the world to be found, there is no greater guide to be found -- wonder leads to mystery. Wonder is the door to the mystery and the mystery leads you to the infinite, to the Divine, to God -- or you name it. But don't start thinking immediately. I know it is arduous, but I also know it can be done -- I have done it so I know both. It is arduous, it is almost impossible -- you struggle and again and again the questioning comes and you forget. And you are so fast asleep that to remember a certain thing is very difficult.

Just the other night I was telling a Sufi story. A great king who had been successful in all the ways of life finally started feeling frustrated.

It happens, it is natural. When you have succeeded in everything suddenly you feel that you have failed, because when you were not a successful man there was a certain hope that when you succeed everything will be okay, everything will be beautiful. But when you succeed completely, you fail absolutely because now there is no hope. You become hopeless. Everything that you wanted is there, but something within you remains unfulfilled. Now what to do with this unfulfilment?

A man who is a failure can hope that someday when he succeeds, this constant emptiness, this hollowness within, will be fulfilled. He can hope, he can dream. A poor man can hope, a poor man can dream, but for a rich man all dreams are fulfilled. He becomes hopeless.

The king was feeling very frustrated, as only kings can feel. That's why I say: Nothing fails like success. It fails absolutely. He started searching and he came across a Sufi master. When he went to see him he said: I am ready to do anything, and you must know that I am a man who has never been a failure in anything; whatsoever I have done, I have done it and I have succeeded. The Sufi said: You may have succeeded in the world but that very success proves that you may not succeed here, because different laws apply to the world about which you are enquiring. A man succeeds in the world if he forgets himself completely. That is the rule. A politician succeeds if he forgets himself completely -- then you cannot compete with him. If he is obsessive and almost mad, he succeeds. A man succeeds in getting riches if he is completely mad, obsessed, neurotic. You cannot compete with a neurotic man. If you have any sense left you will not be able to succeed in the world: in the market only madness succeeds. One has to forget oneself completely, that is the rule, the law.

'But,' said the Sufi, 'here, in our world, just the opposite is applicable: one has to remember oneself.' The king laughed. He said: Whatsoever the rule is, I have never failed anything. You say and I will do. The Sufi said: Okay, then this is the examination you must pass, just five minutes are needed. If for five minutes, only for five minutes, you can remember a certain thing that I will say to you, you can become my disciple.

The king said: What is to be done? The Sufi said: Whatsoever I say for these coming five minutes, you have to say, 'Yes sir, I believe you.' The king said: Okay, start! The fakir said:. I am the greatest man in the world. A little suspicion arose in the mind of the king but he said outwardly: Yes sir, I believe you. Then the fakir said: When you were born I was present there. This was even more doubtful, because the king was older than the fakir, who was a young man. Now it was certain that he was lying, but still he tried to remember. It was hard. Now he was losing the track, but still he said: Yes sir, I believe you. Then the fakir said: And your father was a beggar. The king forgot completely and he said: You liar! I don't believe a single thing you are saying!

Five minutes were too long, only one minute had passed, and the fakir said: You have forgotten. You couldn't remember even for five minutes?

Remembrance, even for a single minute, is difficult, I know, but if you can remember even for a single minute it pays tremendously. So when next time you feel the sense of wonder remain with it, retain it. It will be difficult, but if even for a single minute you can retain it, it will give you much. A deep silence will surround you, and by and by, the more you taste, the more you allow it to happen, the more possibilities will open. A day comes when the sense of wonder dissolves into mystery -- and with that sense of wonder you also dissolve.

Yes, Jesus is right: Only children, those who have a sense of wonder, childlike people, only they will be able to enter into the kingdom of God.

There will be a temptation to think, your mind would like to reduce your wonder into thinking, but resist that temptation. If you can do it you have the key.


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