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First Question



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The first question:

Question 1


ANAND VEETRAG, BEING NEVER DEVELOPS. BEING SIMPLY IS. There is no evolution. There is no time involved in it. It is eternity. It is not becoming. Spiritually, you never develop, you cannot. As far as the ultimate goal is concerned, you are already there. You have never been anywhere else.

Then what is development? Development is only a kind of awakening to the truth that you are. The truth does not grow: only recognition grows, remembrance grows.

That's why I have not talked about the development of being. I talk about all the hindrances that are preventing your recognition. And knowledge is the greatest hindrance. Hence I have talked about it extensively. It is the barrier.

If you know that you know, you will never know. If you know that you know, what is the point of knowing? You can go on sleeping and dreaming.

The moment you recognize that you don't know, that recognition of ignorance goes like an arrow into the heart, pierces you like a spear. In that very piercing, one becomes aware -- in that very shock.

Knowledge is a kind of shock-absorber. It does not allow you to be shaken and shocked. It goes on protecting you. It is an arm our around you. I speak about knowledge, against knowledge, so that you can drop the arm our, so that life can shock you into awareness.

Life is there ready to shock you every moment. Your being is there inside you ready to be awakened any moment, but between these two there is knowledge. And the more of it there is, the more your self-awakening will be delayed.

Become unknowledgeable.

And never think of spirituality as a growth. It is not a growth. You are already Gods, Buddhas, from the very beginning. It is not that you have to become Buddhas: the treasure is there -- only you don't know where you have put it. You have forgotten the key, or you have forgotten how to use the key.

You are so drunk with knowledge that you have become oblivious of all that you are. Knowledge is alcoholic; it makes people drunk. Then their perception is blurred, then their remembrance is at the minimum. Then they start seeing things which are not, and they stop seeing things which are.

That's why, Veetrag, I have not talked about how to evolve your being. Being is already as it should be, it is perfect. Nothing is needed to be added to it, nothing can be added to it. It's God's creation. It comes out of perfection, hence it is perfect. Just withdraw all the hindrances that you have created.

And our whole society goes on working, endeavouring, to create hindrances.

A child is born. Immediately we start creating hindrances in him. We create comparison m him: "Somebody else is more .beautiful than you, and somebody else is healthier than you, and somebody else's child -- look! look at his marks, at his grades, at his intelligence, and what are you doing?"

We start creating comparison. Comparison brings inferiority and superiority -- and both are illnesses, hindrances. Now the child will never think about himself; he will always think in comparison to somebody else. The poison of comparison has entered in him. Now he is going to remain miserable. Now the bliss of being will become more and more impossible.

Everyone is born unique. No comparison is possible. You are you, and I am me. A Buddha is a Buddha, and a Christ is a Christ. And no comparison is possible. If you compare, you create superiority, inferiority -- the ways of the ego. And then, of course, great desire arises to compete, great desire arises to defeat others. And you remain in fear of whether you are going to make it or not, because it is a very violent struggle: everybody is trying the same -- to become the first!

Millions of people are trying to become the first. Great violence, aggression, hatred, enmity, arises. Life becomes a hell. If you are defeated, you are miserable. And there are many more chances of being defeated. And even if you succeed you are not happy, because the moment you succeed you become afraid. Now somebody else is going to take it from you. The competitors are all around, violently after you.

Before you succeeded you were afraid whether you were going to make it or not; now you have succeeded, you have the money and the power, now you are afraid -- somebody is going to take it away from you. Before you were trembling, now you are trembling. Those who are failures are miserable, and those who are succeeders, they are miserable.

In this world, it is very difficult to find a happy man -- because nobody is fulfilling the condition of being happy. The first condition is: drop all comparison. Drop all stupid ideas of being superior and inferior. You are neither superior nor inferior. You are simply yourself! Three exists NO ONE like you with whom you can be compared. Then suddenly you are at home.

And we start poisoning the children's minds with knowledge. We start teaching them things that they don't know. We teach them about God. We are teaching them a lie. This God is not going to be a true God -- they don't know. We are forcing them to believe. And belief will become their knowledge.

And belief CANNOT really become knowing; it will be only a pretension. Their whole life they will think they know, and they will never know. The foundation has been laid in untruth.

We teach children that "You have an immortal soul." What nonsense you are teaching to them! And I am not saying there is no immortal soul, and I am not saying that there is no God, mind you. I am saying these things should not be taught as beliefs. They are existential experiences. The child has to be helped to explore into his inner world.

Rather than helping him in exploration we hand him ready made knowledge. That ready-made knowledge becomes his greatest problem. How to drop it?

That's why I have spoken extensively on the stupidity of knowledge. It is ignorance masquerading as knowledge. The moment you drop it you will be again a child -- fresh, alive, vibrant, curious; full of wonder will be your eyes. And your heart will start throbbing again with the mystery of life. AND the exploration begins -- and with that, the awareness. More and more you become aware of this inner consciousness that you have been carrying all along, but it has become too much stuffed with knowledge. So whenever you go in, you never find consciousness; you always find some content floating in consciousness. Knowledge is like clouds in the sky.

Right now, there are so many clouds in the sky. If you look at the sky you will not find the sky at all, only clouds and clouds.

That is the state of a knowledgeable man's mind: thoughts, scriptures, great theories, dogmas, doctrines, float like clouds, and he cannot see the pure sky.

Let these clouds disappear. And they are of your own making; they are there because you are clinging to them. They are there because you go on holding onto them. Loosen your grip, let them go, then there is a pristine clarity of the sky, the absolute infinity of the sky. That is freedom. That is consciousness. That is TRUE knowing.

A great Western philosopher, one of the greatest, David Hume, has written... hearing again and again from the great mystics, "Know thyself!" he says, "I also tried one day to know myself. I closed my eyes and went in. I found a few desires, a few thoughts, memories, dreams, imaginations... and things like that. But I could not find anybody else there. I could not find myself."

This is the true depiction of almost everybody's mind, except a few Buddhas. If you go in, what will you find? Contents, clouds moving around. And even such an intelligent person like David Hume could not see the point: Who is it who is looking at the contents? Who is this awareness that is finding a few memories, desires floating around? Of course, THIS witness cannot be a desire. THIS witness cannot be an imagination. THIS witness cannot be any thought. All is passing in front of this witness. And he was looking for the witness! Now, you cannot look for the witness as an object. The only way to know the witness is to drop ALL content and become utterly empty. When there is nothing to see, your capacity to see turns upon itself.

That's what Jesus calls conversion. When there is nothing e!Be to see, one starts seeing oneself. When there is nothing to hinder, the consciousness is pure, and in that purity it becomes self conscious .

And when I use the word 'self-conscious' I don't mean your self-consciousness. Your self-consciousness is not self-consciousness -- it is just ego-consciousness. You don't know who you are; how can you be self-conscious? Your self-consciousness is a disease You become self-conscious only when you are facing people. If you are to deliver a speech you become self-conscious. And because of that self-consciousness, you become SO disturbed, almost paralyzed. Or if you are playing a part in a drama, you become self-conscious.

Your self-consciousness is nothing but the desire of the ego to perform a dying so perfectly that everybody appreciates it. When I am talking about self-consciousness I mean when all has disappeared and there is no other content left the mirror reflects itself.

It is like when a small candle is burning in a room. It reflects the walls, it reflects the furniture, it reflects the painting on the wall, it reflects the roof For a moment think: the walls have disappeared, the painting is no more, the roof has disappeared -- ALL has disappeared, only the small candle is burning. Now what will it reflect? It will only reflect itself; it will only be self luminous.

This is the state of being.

Drop knowledge. Drop comparison. Drop false identities And this WHOLE process is negative! Drop this, drop that... and go on dropping. Go on dropping till nothing is left to drop... and then it is there, God is there.


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