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The Energy Enhancement Book

by Satchidanand

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Introduction *

1. The Brain and it’s Functions with regards to Meditation. *

Chakras and Computer Processors *

Chakras and Communication, the Ancient Symbol of the Tower of Babel or Babble *

The Antakarana *

GooRoo *

The Light of the Soul *

2. The Integration of the Chakras I *

The following Zen story illustrates this integration of the functions: *

Intellect is not Intelligence *

Pressing the "Mind Off" Button *

3. The Meaning of Ancient Symbols. *

The Yin Yang Symbol and the Five Elemental Paths of Chi, taught in Energy Enhancement Techniques *

The Fifth labour of Hercules. *

The Worm Ourobouros *

The Zen Circle *

The Swastika *

The Spiral Altar Columns of St Peters in Rome. *

The Whirling Dervishes of Jallaluddin Rumi. *

Mercury *

The Staff of Aescepulus and Jacobs Ladder. *

The Pyramid and the Om or AMEN. *

The Sphynx or Centaur *

The Symbol of St Michael and St George and the Dragon. *

Alchemy and VITRIOL - The secret of the philosophers stone. *

(Picture of Art Card of Tarot Pack) *

The Ankh, Squaring the Circle, the Sword in the Stone and the myth of King Arthur. *

Energy Enhancement Meditation and The Squaring of the Circle *

A partial teaching of Meditation 1- the Spine must be in Alignment. *

Another Partial teaching on meditation- 2 - Sitting and Grounding in Meditation – The meaning of the Sword in the Stone *

The Sword in the stone *

The myth of King Arthur and the Second Initiation on the path of Enlightenment *

The Second Initiation of the Second Chakra *

The Chalice - The search for the Holy Grail. *

The Pentagram *

4. Energy Enhancement and the Chakras *

The Functions of the Mind - The Chakras. *

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs a plagiarism of the Chakras. *

A Table of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the Chakras. *

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs – The Psychological Expression of the Chakras *

Chakra Body Position and associated Endocrine Gland together with illnesses associated with the Chakra. *

Energy Enhancement and Enlightenment. *

Humility - If you are not Enlightened you are Sick *

"And after all that", says the first Sutra of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, "here are complete instructions on how to be happy. *

This whole world is a factory for the production of Enlightened beings.- The Tests of Enlightenment *

Energy Enhancement Techniques *

Preliminary Techniques *

Meditation, Samadhi and Samyama *

What is Enlightenment? *

Energy Enhancement teaches how to gain more Energy. *

5. The Integration of the Chakras II *

The Hexagram or the Seal of Solomon and the Enhancement of the Energies. *

The Lower Triangle *

The Upper Triangle *

The Integration of the Triangles *

The First Initiation. *

The Second Initiation *

The Third Initiation. *

Buddhas Desire, Pain, Old Age and Death and its Relationship to the Three Initiations of Integration. *

Selfish Desire is the blockage of the Third, Manipur or Solar Plexus Chakra. *

Pain is the blockage of the Second Chakra. *

Death is the major function of the Base Chakra. *

Integration Bottom up and Top Down. *

6. The Paradigm Shifts of Human Evolution as the Chakras Open with age and Wisdom. *

1. The Birth of the Physical Self at 4 months. Chakra 1, The Base Chakra Opens. *

2. The Birth of the Emotional at Self-15-24 months. Chakra 2, The Relationship Chakra Opens, The Spoilt child emerges.. *

3. The Birth of the Conceptual, Intellectual Self from 7 Months to 7 Years-Chakra 3, The Lower Intellectual center, The Solar Plexus Center. *

4. The Birth of the Role Self and the following of Scripts, from 6-7 until 11-15. Chakra 4, The Heart Chakra. *

5. The Worldcentric or Mature Personality. The fulfilment of the Heart Chakra – The Fifth Chakra Visshuddhi Chakra. *

6. The Bodymind integration of the Centaur, the sixth Chakra, Ajna Chakra. *

7. The Psychic- sixth Chakra with the Crown Chakra. *

8. The Subtle, Alta Major Chakra with the Crown Chakra. *

9. The Causal- The Crown or Sahasrara chakra. *

10. The Non-Dual – Crown Chakra. *

The Evolution Gap in Society. *

The problem is that they are just not enlightened! *

7. The Base Chakra - Muladhara Chakra *

The Negative Programming of Fear *

Illness is not following your Soul Path *

What will you do after you have conquered the world *

8. The Blockages of the Base Chakra. *

Fear is the basis of mans inhumanity to man. *

The Base Chakra, Food, Money and Society *

This Planet is a Factory for the production of Enlightened beings. *

The Sangha, our Soul Group *

Insecurity and the Body *

The test is not to behave in an inhuman manner no matter what the provocation. *

Tests - Don Juan would not be in that situation *

Practice makes perfect. *

9. The Second Chakra - Swadhisthana Chakra *

The Mastery of lower chakra Connections *

The Story of Attachment *

To go Beyond *

10. The Blockages of the Second Chakra - (A Descent into Hell). *

Energetic Food for the Child *

The Need to become Weaned *

The Gathering of Pain in the Second Chakra *

Parents Feed Children with their Energy *

Addiction to being fed Energy *

Energy Enhancement techniques teach how to connect to infinite external energies. *

Some healers use the same second chakra energy level. They are stuck at that level. *

Bereavement *

11. Strategies to steal Energy from others *

The Aloof Strategy. *

The Poor me Strategy. *

The Interrogator or Star Strategy. *

The Violator Strategy. *

Four strategies we all need to know about go in higher pairs of severity. They easily slip from one to the other. *

The sins of the Father will be passed on to the children unto the ninth generation. *

Learn how to connect with the Universal Energy Field in EE Level 1. *

Learn how to Totally destroy these strategies in EE Level 2. *

The Use of Strategies outside the Family *

A high organisation or high society is one in which there is less or no fear in its actual mechanisms. *

12. The Discovery of Sex *

Addicted to Sex *

Control of the Energies of Sex *

The Energy needed to Create a Child *

Energy Enhancement and the Function of the Orgasm *

Frigidity and Penile Flaccidity *

The Tantric answer to Energy and Semen loss. *

13. The Electra and Oedipus complexes in the making. The Seduction Strategy. Sexual Abuse. *

Sexual Abuse and Rape *

Energy Enhancement and the Dissolution of Pain *

The Sexual Abuse Strategy. *

A Story of Sexual Abuse *

Energy Enhancement Protection and Energy Control. *

Energy Enhancement, the Heart and the Second chakra. *

The Opening of the Heart *

The Removal of Pain in the Second Chakra through Breath Training or Meditation – Energy Enhancement. *

14. The Third Chakra - Manipur Chakra *

Competition in the Family. *

I have heard there was a famous politician. *

Jealous people are called monkeys. *

Then there is anger. *

15. The Higher Chakras *

Ajna Chakra *

Ajna chakra is also completely amoral. *

The Open Society and its Enemies *

The Crown Princes of Germany *

Hitler *

Stalin and Mao *

Pol Pot *

Spin, the Battleground of the Mind. *

Margaret Thatcher, Milton Freidman and JK Galbraith *

The Psychpathology of Leaders- Hasnamus. *

What have you done, Mr Sufi? *

16. Love, the Heart Centre and Society *

The Problems of Evolution of the UK Society. *

The Wisdom Connection *

"The house is burning down, yet you are still lying in bed." *

The man and his wife. *

17. For example - Cancerous pollution *

18. The Mastery of Crown Chakra Connections *

What matters is the height of your connection. *

Sahasrara Chakra *

The Hundred Foot Pole again. *

Ickarus and Daedalus. *

One Last Question *

CHAPTER 5 The Integration of the Chakras II

Each chakra has its own function. In total, they comprise the mind. They communicate together along the communication bus, the wiring, of the spine. The spinal chord is connected to the brain. It is made from the same type of cells as the brain. It is surrounded by the same fluid as the brain. Most people are fragmented. They are composed of many different parts, some of which are not functioning. When even the parts are not functioning, how can they start to communicate together? How can they come to that fuller functioning, when they start to function in groups, as a gestalt?

The purpose of this Chapter is to show how these chakras can begin to group together when they come to full functioning. When this happens, more energy flows through each chakra and along the spine. More energy flowing creates a lot of spiritual light. The natural aim of humanity is to evolve towards this. To become Enlightened!

Previously I discussed the functions of the lower chakras. I described the major blockages of the chakras. The first Level of Energy Enhancement is to work on each of the lower three chakras to get rid of these blockages to their full functioning. Also to work a little on the communication between them. The Spine.

Hatha Yoga is a preliminary practise to Energy Enhancement and works on each of the Chakras in turn.

As we start to use the breath as a tool to get rid of the negative energies in the chakras, so we begin to improve their functioning. Blockage shows as stiffness and tension in the body. As we progress this stiffness begins to disappear, giving us feedback as to exactly what stage we are at.

Usually our bodies are only 80% perfect. We still need to work on that 20% of imperfection. Some people are very flexible but are held back by not yet having worked on the communication aspect of the chakras. Perhaps their higher chakras have not yet come to full functioning. Hatha yoga is a good start. I prefer Yoga to Massage, Rolfing, Feldenkreis, Aromatherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Herbalism, Iridology, etc, etc, because it is something we can do for ourselves. When things are done to us we cannot maintain the progress given to us and soon slip back to our previous state.

Unless we support these techniques by some other regular practice which we do for ourselves. All the above practices benefit the people learning them and practicing them, mainly.

When things are done to us they give us a boost. They show us what is possible. They can give us the faith and enthusiasm to move onwards on our own path. So all of the above practices are good if supported by your own practice.

Usually the easy path is the path to hell. We actually need to work for a long time, regularly and with enthusiasm to make real and lasting progress. We do this because we need to know, deeply, within ourselves, intuitively. It cannot be a surface, facile knowing. Intellect and knowledge are not enough. Our wiring needs to be in place. Our chakras need to be working correctly. The juice needs to be flowing.

Energy Enhancement techniques begin with Hatha yoga. Not just working on parts of the body, the chakras, but also boosting the positive Energy in them with pranayama techniques, chanting and Mantra Yoga which are far more powerful than physical yoga alone. All of the techniques above are helpful to get over major blockages.

Energy Enhancement also can use techniques taken from Dancing to show us how to use our movement centres and free up movement centre blockages. This teaches us grace and economy in movement. This is something that Hatha yoga does not teach. Also helpful are the gentler Martial Arts working with Energy or Chi like Aikido, Chi Gong or Tai Chi. These help to loosen up the breath and emotions and educate the movement centre.

After all that. To move forward we need to learn and practice some meditation technique. Energy Enhancement uses meditation and gives that technique in our first Stage of teaching. We usually practice meditation alongside our Hatha Yoga. Again, feedback on our spiritual state is seen by how well we can sit, breath and allow our minds to clear.

Meditation is based on sitting, moves forward into breathing correctly and finishes with a clear and steady mind. Just sitting in a steady and comfortable position can start to ease out tension from the lower chakras. Just sitting provides us with feedback on how we are doing in our spiritual practice. Our breathing shows us our emotional steadiness and the work with the mind progressively makes it more energetic, clear and powerful.

Energy Enhancement also gives techniques symbolised by VITRIOL from Alchemy, the Sword in the Stone from the Arthurian Myth and the Yin Yang sign of Taoism, amongst many others. The aims of these techniques are to further clear tension from the lower chakras by powerful techniques of grounding, and to improve the communications between the chakras through the Circulation of the Energies.

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The Hexagram or the Seal of Solomon and the Enhancement of the Energies.

SolomonSeal.jpg (5157 bytes)This powerful symbol contains within it the seven chakras. It also shows how they work in pairs to energise each other. It shows the order of the Integration of the Chakras on the path of Enlightenment. The pairing happens in stages at first but eventually the three pairings work in parallel, progressively towards Enlightenment.

There are Three triangles of Energy within a human being.


The Lower Earth Triangle

Solomonlower.jpg (5185 bytes)The Lower Triangle of the Seal of Solomon is grounded in the Earth. It cannot raise its eyes above the horizon. It has all the faults and all the virtues of the three chakras of which it is composed. The animal man. The lower triangle consists of ;--the Base chakra-hips, - Mooladhara, Dark Red.   Second Chakra- abdomen,- Swadhisthana, Yellow, and Third Chakra-solar plexus- Manipur, Orange like the sun. The beast part of the Sphinx and the Centaur and Pan.

Animal-like, when these chakras are filled with the pain and bad memories of the past and all our past lives then they are blocked. They cannot perform their natural function of supplying energy to the upper chakras. When they are filled with negative energy then they are called the selfish ego. That which is separate from the higher chakras, the Soul.

Only techniques like Energy Enhancement which first works to eliminate all the negative energies from the lower chakras can start to rise higher.

This is the Grounding of negative energies of the First Level of Energy Enhancement.


The Upper Heaven Triangle

Solomonhigher.jpg (5021 bytes)The Upper Triangle of the Seal of Solomon shows the person who has their head in the clouds. They do not feel as if they were meant to be on this planet. They think wonderful thoughts but are powerless to ground them. Powerless to make them reality. They float through this world disdaining the stupidity, cupidity and earthiness of the majority.

The Upper Triangle Consists of the Seventh Chakra, Crown chakra - Sahasrara, White, The Fifth chakra, Throat chakra - Vishuddhi, Blue, and the Sixth chakra, Ajna chakra, Lilac.

This shows the Angelic man. The human head of the Sphinx and the Centaur. The Higher Self. The Soul. The Monad. The Source.

Again, what is needed first is the Grounding of Negative Energies. They are not Earthed,Grounded in the land. They have not got their feet on the ground. They are De-Feet-ed before they start.


The Integration of the Triangles

The great task is to bring both of these triangles together. On their own they are much less than when they are united. To put the head on the beast. As in the symbol of Krishna the Master, and Arjuna the charioteer in the Bhagavad Gita. The joining of the triangle means to have a master, the Soul, controlling the charioteer, the intellect, driving the horses, the emotions. It is the great marriage of the earth and the heavens creating an androgyne figure and the birth of the child, Horus. The great union of Yin and Yang.

SolomonSeal2Init.jpg (5110 bytes)The Master or control chakra for both these triangles, bringing them both together, is first the Heart centre and then the Heart centre in the Head, the Alta Major centre Ajna chakra or the Brow chakra - The Third Eye.

At the energy moves towards the Second initiation the heart is only at the frequency of the Second (Abdomen, Yellow) moving energy up into the Fifth (Throat, Blue) the mixture of their colours, Yellow and Blue, allows the heart to be a nice Green Colour.



SolomonSeal3Init.jpg (5091 bytes)However, as the energy rises towards the Third Initiation the energy starts to rise more from the Base (Hips, dark Red) to the Heart centre in the Head - a mixture of the Heart Centre in the Head, the Alta Major Centre at the back of the head which is Magenta or deep pink and the Ajna Chakra, brow Chakra, which is lilac in colour. And also into the Crown chakra, mainly, the connection with the soul which is white. A mixture of Dark red, base, and Crown, white, is the Third initiation Pink colour of the Heart

The interlinking of the above two triangles and Ajna Chakra compose the Hexagram. It is a symbol of union. Of Enlightenment.


The Chakras, the Seal of Solomon,

And their Integration

SolomonAll3inits.jpg (42082 bytes)

The Higher Triangle consists of Sahasrara chakra, Ajna chakra and another chakra at the back of the head - The Alta Major centre. They start to work together when the Base chakra starts to function.

Under the action of first the Heart and then Ajna Chakra, the three pairs of chakras start to communicate

This interlinking within the Hexagram shows the pairing of the chakras as they start to function at a higher level. Each pairing increases the power passing through the Heart centre in the head. The pairings start to occur in the order below. Then the enhancement of their energies progress all at the same time, in parallel. They eventually get confirmed, cemented, crystallised in their function in the order below. From this confirmation or initiation there is no slipping back. When the third pairing is confirmed, this is generally known as enlightenment.

First Initiation, the Solar plexus powers the Heart.

Second Initiation, the Second chakra powers the Throat.

Third Initiation, the Base chakra powers the Head.

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The Symbol of Energy Enhancement

and The Synthesis of Light (SOL)

Copyright © 1999 [The Synthesis of Light Limited (SOL)]. All rights reserved.

Sol47.gif (55839 bytes)


The Symbol

The Hexagram symbolises the union of the Earth with the Heavens. That which is above with that which is below.


It is composed of two triangles.


Each tip of the triangles encloses a coloured circle which symbolises an Energy center or Chakra which is a parallel processor of the brain including all the unconscious functions.

Sol47.gif (55839 bytes)

The Upper Triangle contains that which is above:-

1. A white circle symbolising Sahasrara Chakra or the Crown Chakra. Its function is to connect with the higher self, ascended masters and The Universal Spirit.

2. A violet circle symbolising Ajna Chakra or the Brow Chakra or the Third Eye. Its function is that of the intellect, the Master control center of all the chakras and Psychic powers.

3. A blue circle symbolising Visshuddhi Chakra or the Throat Chakra. Its function is that of Purity and of creativity for the benefit of all.


The Lower Triangle contains that which is below:-

1. The red circle symbolises Muladhara Chakra or the Base Chakra at the base of the spine. Its function is to connect us with the vast energy of the earth to make us feel secure and in our place in the universe, to stabilise us, to ground our fears and our negative energies.

2. The yellow circle symbolises Swadisthan Chakra, the Sacral Chakra in the abdomen. Its function is that of relationships and of the personal creation of children. It is the sexual chakra.

3. The orange, sun-like circle symbolises Manipura chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra. Its function is power. The power to command, the power to obtain that which is neccessary.

Sol47.gif (55839 bytes)

The Center of the Symbol

The Pink circle in the centre symbolises the heart centre (Symbolised by the 12 lotus petals) which draws together the two triangles. With the heart in the centre, only the initiate is symbolised. However, the symbol also includes the Adept when the Heart centre is swapped with Ajna chakra, making Ajna Chakra the centre of the Symbol.

The awakening of the Heart is the first stage of awakening without which nothing else can happen.


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The Symbol also shows the order of the Three Initiation of the chakras towards the enlightened person.

This needs to have Ajna Chakra in the centre.

Sol47.gif (55839 bytes)

1. The First Initiation

is from the solar plexus to the heart (A line between the Solar plexus and the Heart on the left of the symbol). The transmutation of irritation, anger and personal desire and wanting towards unselfishness and the knowledge of the law that whatever is given in one direction comes back from another direction.

As we give, so do we receive.

Sol47.gif (55839 bytes)

2. The Second Initiation

Energy moves freely from the abdomen to the throat (A line between the two circles on the right of the symbol). From the personal creation of babies in the Second Chakra to the Creativity for the benefit of all in the fifth chakra. The transcendance and mastery of close personal relationships.

Sol47.gif (55839 bytes)

3. The Third Initiation

is from the base into the three head chakras (A line in the centre of the symbol from the base chakra, through Ajna chakra in the centre up to Sahasrara chakra above). A line from Earth up to Heaven. A change in the direction of the energy symbolising the awakening of Kundalini Energy and the connection with the Higher Self and the Universal Energy.


The Heart Chakra Lotus

In this symbol, each of the 12 petals contains a different religious symbol. This signifies "The Truth is one. The paths are many." In the East 12 petals on the Lotus, chakra symbolises the Heart Chakra.

Sol47.gif (55839 bytes)

This is the Heart of religion in the awakening of the Heart.

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The First Initiation.

The Solar Plexus to the Heart and the First and Second Levels of Energy Enhancement.

The Solar Plexus, as it loses the blockages of selfishness, anger, control and jealousy, so its energies start to rise to the Heart. We start to understand that as we help others, so we ourselves are helped. Swami Satchidananda says "Who is the happiest person? That person who tries to make everyone around him happy. He is the happiest person." So the heart centre works with relationships, forgiveness, unselfishness, groups and society. The Second Level of Energy Enhancement works with this pair of chakras.

At the moment, 50% of the people in this society have started this pairing without any work at all, except that of their own evolution. Energy Enhancement starts to work consciously with this pairing. The heart starts to function at a higher and higher level quite naturally. We donít have to force ourselves. The aim is one of opening the heart.


The Second Initiation

The Second chakras energy to the Throat and the Second Level of Energy Enhancement.

SolomonSeal2Init.jpg (5110 bytes)The second chakra is the chakra of personal creativity. TheCoupleBereavement.jpg (156414 bytes) great task of bringing children into the world. The child grows in the belly of the mother and is created under the energy of the second chakra.

However it also leads, uncontrolled, to possessiveness, selfish desire, wanting and abuse. Last but not least, it leads to the pain of attachment. Of the pain we store in the second chakra as we do not get what we want. As we suffer the pain of bereavement as our parents, children and friends die. As we suffer the pain of broken relationships as our lover leaves us or of divorce.




ChakraPersonGreen.jpg (57171 bytes)The control of the Energy rising to the throat means the release and dissipation, dissolution, of pains from the past. It does not mean celibacy. It means a conscious choice of where we put our energies. Of the ability to be free from pain, selfish desire and wanting. Of being free from our robotic nature. Free to use our energies in any way we wish. Only the movement of the energies from the base to the head shows us these energies should be used in the service of the higher self, totally unselfishly.

The Fifth chakra, the throat, is the chakra of creativity for the benefit of all. Whenever we work hard at something creative, it is be sure that energy is coming out of the throat. Picassoís girlfriends used to complain when he was creating pictures. Sometimes weeks would go by whilst he painted and never a thought of making love.

He had a strong sexual drive and many girlfriends, but when he worked, he never gave a thought to them. In the same way, some wives get jealous of their husbands job. Some call themselves golf widows. As we get older, if we are successful, we naturally gravitate towards the control of our sexual energies. We do not need to force it. Repression of natural energies creates disease and anger. No wonder successful armies use sexual repression as a technique of war.

Whenever energy is coming from the second chakra, it can no longer rise to the throat. The Aim of raising these energies higher needs training because of one or all of the following reasons:-

First, because we like the effect of using the second chakra and cannot "see" the problems created by using it inappropriately. We are used to the connection. We are used to the battle for energy in relationships and can see no other way of being.

Second, because of the use of the second chakra in relationships and in families, this use then becomes competitive. First of all between people, as we compete for peoples attention in ways both fair and foul. And then of course the competition is between the energies of relationships and of creation for the benefit of all. This is the reason why relationships are banned in sport. Why they are banned in some spiritual organisations, for example some Christian Priests and monks. Some Hindu Sannyasins, the Brahmacharyas. They say that the energies required to do their jobs. To raise their base energies towards enlightenment, requires that they do not stop off on the way in energy competitive relationships. They are correct because the energy needs to be able to rise higher, in a conscious fashion. It can be a good exercise to try this out for a while. However, usually, constant repression causes anger, bigotry, misogyny, homosexuality in men and women, and war if used before this pathway of energy becomes natural.

Relationships should not be competitions over energy. This is one of the major reasons why so many relationships continue to break up in this modern society. The divorce rate can only rise as more and more people get upset at the competitive dramas of their partners and themselves. Energy Enhancement gives the vision of a new way of being in relationships. It shows how to connect in a way which is not competitive.

Third, Because of the way we are brought up, competing for the energy of theCoupleSwad.jpg (151323 bytes) second chakra in relationships, we can see no other way of being. Most people think of the energy of the second chakra as love but true love comes from the heart. The energy of the second chakra is energetic food for the use of creating children and feeding them afterwards. Its use creates a very nice feeling. Nature wants us to use it in this way. However its use can become addictive. Those who give cannot create as much and cannot think so clearly. Those who take become stronger, can create more and can think more clearly.

Rich old merchants of mediaeval times took a young wife so they could live longer. So that they could Vampirise their young wifeís energy. Some people use dramas or even black magic to take energy. I previously mentioned the dramas and strategies that many people use to get energy. The people who become Aloof of Interrogators. The people who become Poor Meís or who become Intimidators, Threateners or the Violent. People can go even more extreme. They can become Sado-Masochists and sexual murderers as the addiction for the energy of the second chakra expresses itself in sexual relationships.

Fourth, if we cannot prevent other people connecting with us and so draining our energies.

Any drama comes from this need to give, take or compete for the energy of the second chakra. Some people can vampirise you. They can take your energy in a glance.

All dramas from Sub-personalities go too far. All competition for energy is violent. It comes from a perceived shortage of energy, a fear of not having enough, but mostly this giving and taking energy is done on an unconscious and robotic, automatic level. However, some people have the ability to take energy from others consciously.

In either case, the methods of protection given in the Levels of Energy Enhancement show you how to prevent people taking your energy. They show you how to give it appropriately also.


Fifth, our second chakra is usually already damaged. It holds so much pain that it has not got a lot of energy. We do not want to go near that pain. We subconsciously, robotically, avoid it. We do not want to use the second chakra in any capacity. Thus Frigidity and its Male Opposite. We need to heal it by gradually dissolving the pain.


We need to understand that if the energy of the second chakra is used in any other way than its legitimate use. That is for children and healing. Then this use can lead to pain for yourself and others. Energy Enhancement gives techniques we can use to change this painful situation.

1.We need to learn how to dissolve the pain from previous relationships.

2. We need to learn how to remove the need for competition for the energy of the second chakra by learning how to access the Universal Energy field. This completely removes any need for the previous methods of competition.

3. We need to heal the internal damage caused by the previous two problems.

Energy Enhancement Techniques teach this and more in its Three Levels.

When we have conscious control of where we place our energies, then we can allow them to go into the second chakra or the fifth. This control is shown in the techniques of Energy Enhancement.

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The Third Initiation.

Third, the Base chakra powers the Head.

SolomonSeal3Init.jpg (5091 bytes)As we lose the fears of the Base Chakra. The fear of lack of security. The fear of losing food, money, house, and in the end, life itself. Our fear of Death is the last fear to go. As this happens. As we see the negativity of this fear. As we cease to react automatically to these fears. As we do this in practice when all of

ChakraPersonPink.jpg (55730 bytes)

these disasters happen to us. As we are tested with all this really heavy stuff. So the energies are allowed to rise into the head chakras.

The heart is more purified and glows Magenta, pink.

We become more intelligent. We purify our emotional animal nature. We become Soul infused beings. We become Enlightened.

More than that. Enlightenment is not enough.

Energy Enhancement teaches techniques above that of enlightenment. The Fourth Initiation. When the Soul becomes absorbed and we become a |Monad infused being.

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Buddhas Selfish Desire, Pain, Old Age and Death and its Relationship to the Three Initiations of Integration.

This is a Phrase originally spoken by the Buddha. It is the essence of the path of integration as revealed in the explanation of the Seal of Solomon

Selfish Desire is the blockage of the Third, Manipur or Solar Plexus Chakra.

Intellectually we can know that selfishness is a function of the selfish lower ego which resides as blockages in the Solar Plexus Chakra. Generosity and unselfishness for its own sake is a removal of this blockage and an opening of the Heart Chakra. Simply by Opening the Heart we can remove these blockages and this is what we do in Levels 1 and 2 of Energy Enhancement.

Pain is the blockage of the Second Chakra.

This is because of the pain of disappointment, when we do not get what we selfishly want, which then resides in and becomes a blockage to the Second, Swadhisthana, Abdominal or Relationship Chakra. The removal of this blockage is non-attachment. "Attachment leads to Pain" said the Buddha. Non attachment is an energetic process taught in Level 3 of Energy Enhancement.


Death is the major function of the Base Chakra.

All these blockages are energy blockages which stop the flow of Energy in our bodies. Where energy flow becomes less, like silt deposited where the flow of rivers becomes less, so toxins are deposited in the bodies where there are blockages. There the bodies become stiff and pain us. There is the start of Old Age. When our bodies become stiff, painful and do not allow us to follow our Soul Path, then we desire to die and our Soul allows us to die because we cannot fulfill our life path any more.

We start to die when we cannot ground our blockages. Each blockage in any part of our body is a failure of the Base Chakra and because our Base Chakra, through Kundalini Energy powers the Head Chakras, any blockage to the Base Chakra then becomes a blockage to the Crown Chakra whose major function is the connection to our souls.

This is the meaning of the Buddhist phrase Desire, Pain Old Age and Death. This explanation is also the key to the resolution of the problem.

Integration Bottom up and Top Down.

a. Bottom up we can solve this problem by focussing on freeing the blockages to the body and not doing the things which cause them.

b. Top Down we can focus on the positive aspects of the Higher chakras for the Integration.

1. The Opening of the Heart for the First Initiation.

2. Non-Attachment for the Second Initiation.

3. The connection to our Souls for the Third initiation..

C. As above, So Below.

Freeing one will free the other. The solution to the problem is to Free all the body of all the blockages by not doing things which will lead to evil and doing those things which will lead to good. This also is seen in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali As the Yamas (Things to do) and the Niyamas (Things not to do). See also the Ascending and Descending forces symbolised in the Swastika and the Altar Pillars in St Peters in Rome.

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The Paradigm Shifts of Human Evolution as the Chakras Open with age and Wisdom.

These paradigm Shifts are Human Stages of Development when a Quantum Leap of Inclusion and Development occurs which looks at the previous knowledge as only a part of what was previously known.

An example of this would be Newton’s Laws of Motion which although not invalidated by the paradigm shift of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, became known as only a part of the theory of relativity which included it as part of a greater whole.

Another example that of a child choosing between a long thin glass and a short fat glass as to which has the most liquid. No matter how many times that you pour the liquid from one glass to another. There are equal amounts in each glass. The child always points to the tall thin one when asked which holds the most liquid. A little older the child cannot understand how anyone could be so stupid as to do that. Even if they see a video of themselves doing that, they will still deny it was them.

As Jesus said, "Forgive them lord, they know not what they do."

This knowledge of paradigm shifts explains totally why this world is in the mess that it is.

Energy Enhancement shows how to evolve through every stage of these paradigm shifts.

Each shift involves:-

A fusion with the next stage. The self evolves or steps up to the new level of awareness and identifies with it.

A transcendence of the stage as it begins to move beyond it to the next stage.

An integration of the stage as the next stage is identified.

No person is ever at a stage because only 50% of the responses will come from that stage. 25% will come from the stage before and 25% from the stage after. There are also leaps forward like peak experiences caused by moments of elation, sexual passion, stress, dream-like reverie, meditation or drug induced states.

As the Human being evolves from a child some of the Stages of Development are not completed. Then later stages are sabotaged. Eventually the weight of repression will stop all further development at some low stage.

If the Stage is not completely mastered it is as if part of the personality is left behind as a selfish little personality – one of the Inner Children who start to act out their robotic programs at inappropriate times making us think "Why did I do that?". We know we are acting strangely but not why. This information is why and it is the first step towards integrating these selfish little selves back into the integrated personality. The second step and the key of their healing is to dissolve the pain, the psychic energy, which is at the core of the selfish little selves. Techniques to dissolve this pain are the essence of Energy Enhancement.

The earlier the stage not integrated, the more obvious the symptoms, the more difficult to integrate later, more evolved stages.

Society is full of people at all the stages of development. The famous statistical Bell Shaped curve will show that few people will be stuck at Stage 1 and few will reach Stage 10. The majority will be stuck and repressed around the middle.

This is why the definition of democracy is "Eat shit; 10 million flies can’t be wrong". Democracy amongst people of evolution around the middle of the bell shaped curve, unless managed as it is by the people employing the politicians, the newspaper proprietors, and the television station owners would provide a very low aim towards which to develop.

As you travel the world you see that all societies are similar in that they all consciously manage their public opinion by focussing on the side shows of the sexual escapades of politicians, like with Bill Clinton’s Sexgate, corruption in the police etc. and not on the main event which is who, which group, is really directing the policies globally.

Some people believe that 600 families control the earth and all its politicians.

Well they think that they do but I prefer to believe that Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, an emissary of those really in control like George Lucas (Lucis=Lightbringer), provides a better answer in that a higher group, The Planetary Brotherhood, is managing the 600 families.


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