J:) Rocking steady MAY 11TH TO 17TH

Now I must think this is good progress, the deep blockages are exploding to my face and yesterday it took me for a ride but now things are looking good. I am moving on towards the light, I am not stoppable by any blockage, they may take me for a moment but the light of the spirit will shine upon them. The war will be won. I must face everything and it may get worse before it gets better but it will get better.
Energy enhancement works!
Today again good meditation and now Im of to do more in the beatiful spring time nature by a lake.
Sorry about complaining yesterday.

I just finished The Secret and it really made an impact. It was the right thing for me to look. All this is bringing something very important in to the light for me. I am starting to see an error in my way of thinking, a harmful thought form that is causing fear and insecurity.
I have a good feeling that all my blockages can be dissolved.
Last night I saw two lions in my dream, I was very afraid of them. I wanted to escape but they come in my and sit by me..
Thank you

Today in my meditation a dream of last night come up. A baby locked in a box and as it was opened the box was full of water and sand, baby was still alive but in bad shape. It come to me in my meditation and I take the baby up to as high as I could, it felt like it did not want to go but I talked to it and encouraged it to stay and stayed for a while to make sure it stay there.
Allso I have been installing the power towers.
Few questions. You said in the introtalk that attack is the best defence. I feel that I am having big broblems with the energy of my room mate. I feel disgusting ego energy from him and I dont know what do about it? It makes me feel egoistic feelings too!
Allso about hallusinogens, is it possible that by taking them again with suffisient energy I might be able to clear out some blockage that I have created or picked up when using them?

Hello Johannes,

I was in Uruguay yesterday! Nice trip and the discovery of an Indian restaurant in Buenos Aires..

1. Baby is trauma formed sub-personality. Needs to be grounded of all its NKM and sent to various chakras above the head to be re-integrated. One of the secrets of Level2. You are getting it by yourself by intuition. Good.
2. Protect yourself against these energies from your friend by practising all our protection intitiations.
3. Long term you need to leave him and earn enough money to improve your life. You need to improve your life after the EE Course, do not get distracted for the moment.. unless necessary.
4. Halucinogens are a bad path at your stage. You do not need them. One of the ways in which the world is controlled is through the conscious poisoning of all drugs. Even pure, they will, momenterily give you more energy from your reserves but they will Fuck up your energy system for a while. The main point is that by connecting with the soul you have access to even more energy than hallucinogens can give in a way that evolves you. At your stage you are learning how to create good habits in a way which supplants the bad habits. The thirst for drugs is from an inner child which wants to stop your progress and thus save himself.
5. The means of attack come in Level 2. Then you become a Level 2 Avatar!

Love and Light,


The other night I saw a dream about killing somebody. I dont quite remember but I think this person was about to reveal something about me that I wanted to keep secret and decided to murder him! In the darkness of the night I attacked and stabbed him or her im not sure, with a three pointed stick to the heart. After I went about to meet other people but allthe time concius that I had killed him. I felt like now after this I will have a dark secret to carry with me and it felt like something very heavy. As I thought about it a strong energy came to my chest, ery strong painfull feeling and I felt it even through the dream in my body.
Last night I saw a dream about a woman who I wanted to have sex with but something was allthetime preventing this to happen untill the woman disintegrated in to energetic strings wrapped around my body and into energy in my energy lines.
What is this? I think I must ground this in my meditation?
Om Shanti

Hi Johannes,

We talk about these things later in the course.

You are having direct realisations of stuff we learn how to ground later.

You can start to do this work of grounding and sending up using Level 2, Initiation 1 techniques as they occur in your life/dreams.

So, put this in your spiritual diary as something to be worked on.

You can even start now with what you have got.

Your abilities gained in past lifetimes are far in advance of what you think you know now.

However, these abilities are locked away in blockages in your psychic body which need to be healed and integrated with the Soul and Higher, before you - the Soul - can consciously start to use them.

This is how we retrieve our talents for conscious use.

The personality which murdered is one of your blockage personalities from past lifetimes. He needs to be healed grounded and integrated with the soul.

The energetic strings are the Psychic Sexual Connection - energy connections which every human being uses to gain partners and to give and receive energy. If the person - sub-personality, who uses this ability is contaminated with traumatic Negative karmic Mass, then this ability will be used in a selfish, energy vampire way. Again, this blockage - either in you or in some other person - an ancient lover, someone whose sub - personality likes you or hates you, needs to be healed and integrated, with the benefits of retreiving all your or her psychic talents for use by your soul.

Interesting stuff hey!

As you continue, you will need to get better at healing blockages.

More initiations.

Do them Well.

Do them quickly!

Lots of Love and Light,

Now there was a part that i didi not tell you about the dream the other night, after the woman had turned in to energy the dream swapped to me being in a dirty garage and there was a man there tuning a motorcylce, it was upside down and he was giving it rews and said to me that this is very poverfull machine, tuned to the max. Then he took hold of my hand and said: do you think you are going to get out of here without screaming? and started to drag my hand closer to the gearwheel as it was rewing. My hand started to burn and then to bleed, as I got free he said now we make you run for your life.
Last night I saw a dream about being in a party in Burma in some military installation and there was a lizard on the floor with another lizard or snake on its back biting it, the tail of the ugly lizar in tha bottom had already been biten of but it was stil moveng and the one on top just kept on biting it from the neck. Then I go to toilet and i am feeling disgusting in my throat and i throw up a piece that looks like shit in to the sink and the water in the sink is just standing and not going anywhere. After that i find that I have no clothes on and people are yelling from the door that I have to hurry up, I dont understand wwhy i have no clothes on and feel imbaressed and find my under wear on the dirty wet floor. I hope nobody is looking at me through the cracks in the wall.
No i feeel like i am under attack by foces working through certain people. I dont think these people know whats up themselves.
Can this be true? there is a heavy pressure on me that feels like its not coming from my self.
I am doing level2 init.1 as good as i can. They got me through the gas i can see now.
Through my intuition I can understan a bit of these dreams and it dont look too rosy. They even managed to get this fucking metal in my hip and its affecting my meditation and life. But all this must be very good signs in deed. The liberation will be really something! Many pain and fear and nightmare by the road to light, to god, to freedom, to fullfilling my destiny. This is everthing that I have ever asked for.
Om Mani Padme Hung

Hello Johannes,

The Monkey on the back.

The blockages use fear to stop your confidence and positivity.

Because they are using such obvious tactics it shows how they are afraid.

Keep positive and focussed and remove all the blockages using Level 2.

You can use any image in your dreams to find the blockages.

Write each dream in your spiritual diary and use the images next day to find and heal and integrate them.

One very useful technique is to use the stoppage of time.

As the blockage protections circle around the blockages at the speed of light and thus create a force field of protection around them.

As you stop time, the protection resolves into one point stationary.

This stops all protection.

There are many circles of protection around the blockages.

Thus you need to stop time an infinity of times to get through every circle of protection into the blockage core.

Love and Light,








J:) Rocking steady MAY 11TH TO 17TH

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