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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - The Planetary Life - A Center in the Solar System
All that we have here been considering takes place within the etheric body of the planet, for all these centers exist etherically, and only etherically, and are not affected by the fact that the "units of energy" in Shamballa or in the Hierarchy may be functioning in physical vehicles. Some are and some are not. The conditioning Lives in both these Centers work entirely through etheric means, wielding and controlling energies; the Human Center, with its "units of energy," works largely at present upon purely physical levels or in the medium of that type of substance which we call "material"; men work with outer forms, with the tangible elements and with material factors. The "units" in the other Centers work with substance and not with matter. This is an interesting and vital distinction. The Hierarchy is existent upon the buddhic plane, which is the first of the cosmic ethers, and it works from there, impressing mental matter. Shamballa works on the levels of the three highest ethers whilst Humanity works primarily in the three worlds [189] of the dense cosmic physical plane. The New Group of World Servers has in it "units of energy" who can work both with matter and with substance.

There is here a most interesting distinction and one that is seldom grasped. Esoterically speaking, the word "matter" or material is given to all forms in the three worlds; and though the average human being finds it difficult to understand that the medium in which the mental processes take place and that of which all thought-forms are made is matter from the spiritual angle, yet so it is; substance - technically speaking and esoterically understood - is in reality cosmic etheric matter, or that of which the four higher planes of our seven planes are composed. From the human angle, ability to work with and in the cosmic etheric substance demonstrates first of all when the abstract mind awakens and begins to impress the concrete mind; an intuition is an idea clothed in etheric substance, and the moment a man becomes responsive to those ideas, he can begin to master the techniques of etheric control. All this is, in reality, an aspect of the great creative process: ideas, emanating from the buddhic levels of being (the first or lowest cosmic ether) must be clothed in matter of the abstract levels of the mental plane; then they must be clothed in matter of the concrete mental plane; later, with desire matter, and finally (if they live so long) they assume physical form. An idea which comes from the intuitive levels of the divine consciousness is a true idea. It is noted or apprehended by the man who has, within his equipment, substance of the same quality - for it is the magnetic relation between the man and the idea which has made its apprehension possible. In the great creative process he must give form to the idea, if he possibly can, and thus the creative artist or the creative humanitarian comes into being and the divine creative intention is thereby aided. [190]

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